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The Ringer: What’s Wrong With Aroldis Chapman?
(45 Comments - 8/22/2017 5:11:52 pm) Limited support for Gray as Yanks fall to Sox
(13 Comments - 8/21/2017 1:48:24 pm)

Yankees (66-56) @ Red Sox (70-52), Sunday, 8/20/2017, 01:10p ET
(69 Comments - 8/20/2017 6:44:22 pm) Homers off Sale hold up as Yanks hold off Sox
(26 Comments - 8/20/2017 3:26:15 pm)

Yankees (65-56) @ Red Sox (70-51), Saturday, 8/19/2017, 07:10p ET
(113 Comments - 8/20/2017 1:08:17 am) Yanks drop seesaw affair to Sox, fall 5 back
(30 Comments - 8/19/2017 7:25:34 pm)

Yankees (65-55) @ Red Sox (69-51), Friday, 8/18/2017, 07:10p ET
(124 Comments - 8/19/2017 8:12:54 am) Yanks sweep, in driver’s seat atop WC hunt
(42 Comments - 8/18/2017 7:06:13 pm)

Yankees (64-55) @ Mets (53-65), Thursday, 8/17/2017, 07:10p ET
(67 Comments - 8/18/2017 9:09:27 am) Clutch Didi, mighty Judge lift Yanks over Mets
(33 Comments - 8/17/2017 7:54:38 pm)

Look what people have to say about the RLYW!

CAIRO just takes the Marcels and changes the underlying assumptions and components in a bunch of ways that make the Yankees look better.

Wow, two stupid posts in one day. I think you’ve reached your yearly quota.

I don’t know if any of you current posters were around for that, but if so, I just can’t understand how you can call yourselves Yankee fans. Pathetic quitters is what you sounded like. Of the lame posts I could stand to read, the only person who had any confidence in the Yankees at that point was a (yeesh) Red Sox fan.
Jeter is King

Quite the attitude you have SG. Maybe you should shitcan this blog and join Steve at WasWatching? Or follow some other stupid team that has made the PS 15 of the last 17 years. Jeez… and some people think Yankee fans are entitled.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Yankees (66-57) @ Tigers (54-69), Tuesday, 8/22/2017, 07:10p ET

Yankees: Masahiro Tanaka (R): (133.2 IP, 4.92 ERA, 1.0 RA-9 WAR) vs. Tigers: Matthew Boyd (L): NR

1. Brett Gardner (L) LF .256/.347/.438, 2.8 fWAR
2. Aaron Hicks (S) CF .265/.375/.482, 2.8 fWAR
3. Gary Sanchez (R) C .270/.346/.519, 2.9 fWAR
4. Aaron Judge (R) RF .282/.413/.593, 5.9 fWAR
5. Didi Gregorius (L) SS .309/.337/.497, 3.7 fWAR
6. Tyler Austin (R) DH .250/.269/.542, 0.1 fWAR
7. Chase Headley (S) 1B .276/.357/.407, 1.8 fWAR
8. Todd Frazier (R) 3B .221/.348/.389, 1.5 fWAR
9. Ronald Torreyes (R) 2B .284/.304/.365, 0.4 fWAR
Team Total: 21.9 fWAR

1. Ian Kinsler (R) 2B .247/.330/.397, 2.4 fWAR
2. Mikie Mahtook (R) CF .293/.343/.471, 1.7 fWAR
3. Justin Upton (R) LF .282/.366/.546, 4.1 fWAR
4. Miguel Cabrera (R) 1B .259/.344/.413, 0.7 fWAR
5. Nick Castellanos (R) 3B , .246/.306/.434, 0.9 fWAR
6. Victor Martinez (S) DH .253/.323/.375, -0.8 fWAR
7. James McCann (R) C .258/.326/.439, 1.2 fWAR
8. Alex Presley (L) RF .304/.360/.384, 0.3 fWAR
9. Jose Iglesias (R) SS .245/.278/.347, 1.1 fWAR
Team Total: 11.6 fWAR

Can anyone tell me the significance of Mikie Mahtook vis a vis the Yankees?

--Posted at 4:22 pm by SG / 15 Comments | - (0)

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Ringer: What’s Wrong With Aroldis Chapman?

Throwing from a slightly lower arm slot, with a slightly more exaggerated elbow angle, is not per se an indicator of injury, and normally it could be attributed to a minor mechanical blip, the likes of which fellow Yankee—and new closer—Dellin Betances experienced earlier this summer. But combined with Chapman’s recent injury history, it represents a more serious sign of concern. In the book Complete Conditioning for Baseball, collegiate strength and conditioning coach Steve Tamborra writes, “There is no ideal angle between the arm and the head during the throwing motion, but pitchers tend to lower their angle when protecting a weak or injured shoulder.”

This is still just an observation, and it’s impossible to link it explicitly to Chapman’s struggles—again, his aggregate velocity and location are doing just fine, and both Chapman and Girardi contend that the lefty isn’t hurt. But it’s a new Chapman, and it’s a worse Chapman, so it’s reasonable to suppose that some connection exists.

If it’s an injury, we can count on the Yankees’ crack medical staff to get to the bottom of it.

Whatever it is, the Chapman contract is already looking like a dud.  Not as bad as the Smellsbury contract, but a dud.

I miss Mariano Rivera terribly.

--Posted at 3:06 pm by SG / 45 Comments | - (0)

Sunday, August 20, 2017 Limited support for Gray as Yanks fall to Sox

For the second straight weekend, the Red Sox were successful in their quest of preventing the Yankees from making a dent in the American League East standings. Backed by a pair of two-out RBI hits by Jackie Bradley Jr. and a strong pitching performance from the resurgent Rick Porcello, Boston once again took two out of three from New York, opening up a five-game lead in the division with a 5-1 victory on Sunday at Fenway Park.

In less than two weeks, the rivals will meet again for their final series of the regular season, a four-game set that starts in the Bronx on Aug. 31.

I’ll be happy to not have to see these dumb Red Sox again after September 1st.

I’m enjoying the Sonny Gray experience so far. He’s just a flat out good pitcher. Not GREAT, but good.

The offense, though, is terrible. Hard to talk too much about lineup construction when they only got three hits. They have way too many hitters in terrible slumps right now. One of their only hot hitters, Gary Sanchez, had a fairly blah series against the Sox. Hopefully they all pick up against Detroit. They really DO need to give Aaron Judge at least one game off. I guess it can be the game Romine catches. Let Sanchez DH and Austin can play right field.

After all the nonsense, they’re still 9 games over .500. They hold roughly around 10 games over and they almost certainly get one of the two Wild Card spots.And then who knows? Luis Severino is a pretty darn good pitcher, so him in a one-game playoff wouldn’t be an awful place to be.

--Posted at 5:24 pm by Brian Cronin / 13 Comments | - (0)

Yankees (66-56) @ Red Sox (70-52), Sunday, 8/20/2017, 01:10p ET

Rick Porcello vs. Sonny Gray

1. Gardner LF
2. Hicks CF
3. Judge RF
4. Gregorius SS
5. Sanchez C
6. Headley 1B
7. Frazier 3B
8. Austin DH
9. Torreyes 2B

Red Sox
1. Holt 2B
2. Betts RF
3. Benintendi LF
4. Ramirez DH
5. Devers 3B
6. Bogaerts SS
7. Moreland 1B
8. Leon C
9. Bradley CF

It took a bit longer than I expected for them to move Devers up in the lineup.

Through the middle of the fourth, the Yankees trail 2-0 and have already left 100 runners on base. Good results, so far.

--Posted at 2:10 pm by Brian Cronin / 69 Comments | - (0)

Saturday, August 19, 2017 Homers off Sale hold up as Yanks hold off Sox

The Yankees sensed the urgency to avoid losing any more ground in the American League East race, which meant they had to defeat heavy AL Cy Young Award favorite Chris Sale. With a couple of home run swings, they pulled off that daunting task en route to an important 4-3 victory over the Red Sox at Fenway Park on Saturday.

Tyler Austin mashed a three-run shot in the second inning and Todd Frazier provided crucial insurance with a solo shot in the sixth, as New York cut Boston’s division lead back down to four games while setting up a rubber match on Sunday afternoon.

The game has been over for hours and I know that they won and I’m STILL not sure if I believe it.

With the score 4-3, the Red Sox reached TWICE on strikeouts during the game and yet somehow NEITHER of those two runners came around to score!

It helped that David Robertson and Dellin Betances have been their only two consistent relievers as of late, but still, wow.

Sonny Gray goes on short rest in the series finale tomorrow. A win would be nice, Heck, not even for the division, per se, but for the Wild Card race. It’s pretty tight right now.

--Posted at 11:21 pm by Brian Cronin / 26 Comments | - (0)

Yankees (65-56) @ Red Sox (70-51), Saturday, 8/19/2017, 07:10p ET

Chris Sale vs. CC Sabathia

1. Gardner LF
2. Hicks CF
3. Judge RF
4. Sanchez C
5. Headley 1B
6. Gregorius SS
7. Frazier 3B
8. Austin DH
9. Torreyes 2B

Red Sox
1. Nunez 2B
2. Betts RF
3. Benintendi LF
4. Ramirez 1B
5. Young DH
6. Bogaerts SS
7. Devers 3B
8. Leon C
9. Bradley CF

Yes, Tyler Austin is the DH and Chase Headley is batting 5th. This is the worst timeline.

--Posted at 6:27 pm by Brian Cronin / 113 Comments | - (0) Yanks drop seesaw affair to Sox, fall 5 back

The rivalry has been back to its riveting best the last two weekends, and no lead ever feels safe.

The Yankees and Red Sox traded impressive comebacks in Friday night’s series opener, but Boston prevailed with a 9-6 victory that had Fenway Park rocking in the late innings—and with good reason.

With the win, the Red Sox opened up a five-game lead over the Yankees in the American League East. This, on the strength of a surge in which manager John Farrell’s team has ripped off 13 wins in the last 15 games.

As I mentioned the last time that the Yankees had a horrible loss where the Red Sox came back on them late and won, the only small silver lining about these terrible losses is that there have been so many of them that it is hard to get too upset about any one of them now. I know “there have been so many horrible losses that each individual one is that much less painful” is not much of a silver lining, but you all know it’s true. There’s no way that this loss hurt as much as it would have had this not been a common occurrence recently against the Red Sox (and other teams).

As it turned out, the whole Bryan Mitchell incident came right back to haunt the Yankees, as rather than have David Robertson, Dellin Betances and Aroldis Chapman to pitch the last three innings, the Yankees had to try other pitchers. Of course, that’s not really an excuse, as come on, Chad Green and Tommy Kahnle are both good pitchers, so being “forced” to use them instead should not be saying much. Yet both Green and Kahnle (Kahnle especially) were terrible in their inning and then Girardi, certainly showing that something is not right with his view of Chapman (which is good, as he should know that something is not right with him), brought Chapman in in the 8th inning with the Yankees trailing. Chapman then pitched terribly, with Girardi even coming out to essentially yell at him for lollygagging out there (oh, sorry, “for pointing out technical issues,” like not holding runners on and not backing up home plate).

Aaron Judge, meanwhile, had one of the worst nights you can imagine at the plate, stranding the bases loaded TWICE. Gary Sanchez hit a home run, but also had his own embarrassing moments at the plate.

Oh well, I suppose they should just be happy that after this series, they only play the Sox once more (4 games in New York at the end of the month) and then they can concentrate on the rest of the league, who the Yankees seem like they’re able to actually defeat.

--Posted at 9:20 am by Brian Cronin / 30 Comments | - (0)

Friday, August 18, 2017

Yankees (65-55) @ Red Sox (69-51), Friday, 8/18/2017, 07:10p ET

Yankees: Jordan Montgomery (L): (121 IP, 3.94 ERA, 2.2 RA-9 WAR) vs. Red Sox: Drew Pomeranz (L): (127.1 IP, 3.39 ERA, 3.3 RA-9 WAR)

1. Brett Gardner (L) LF .248/.341/.430, 2.2 fWAR
2. Aaron Hicks (S) CF .275/.381/.498, 2.7 fWAR
3. Aaron Judge (R) RF .288/.418/.608, 6.1 fWAR
4. Gary Sanchez (R) DH .277/.352/.526, 2.9 fWAR
5. Didi Gregorius (L) SS .311/.338/.503, 3.6 fWAR
6. Chase Headley (S) 1B .274/.354/.403, 1.7 fWAR
7. Todd Frazier (R) 3B .207/.320/.322, 1.0 fWAR
8. Ronald Torreyes (R) 2B .292/.313/.377, 0.6 fWAR
9. Austin Romine (R) C .220/.281/.305, -0.4 fWAR
Team Total: 20.4 fWAR

Red Sox
1. Eduardo Nunez (R) 2B .372/.402/.603, 2.1 fWAR
2. Mookie Betts (R) RF .269/.343/.453, 4.2 fWAR
3. Andrew Benintendi (L) LF .279/.361/.449, 2.0 fWAR
4. Hanley Ramirez (R) 1B .250/.338/.434, 0.0 fWAR
5. Chris Young (R) DH .244/.326/.415, -0.3 fWAR
6. Xander Bogaerts (R) SS .279/.335/.404, 2.0 fWAR
7. Rafael Devers (L) 3B .348/.416/.667, 1.1 fWAR
8. Christian Vazquez (R) C .277/.317/.377, 0.5 fWAR
9. Jackie Bradley Jr. (L) CF .255/.335/.418, 1.9 fWAR
Team Total: 13.5 fWAR

I predict that Boston will sweep this series.

--Posted at 3:14 pm by SG / 124 Comments | - (0) Yanks sweep, in driver’s seat atop WC hunt

Luis Severino bounced back from the worst start of his career while Gary Sanchez flexed his muscle by driving in five runs, helping the Yankees complete a four-game sweep of this year’s Subway Series with a 7-5 victory over the Mets on Thursday evening at Citi Field.

One outing after being rocked for a career-high 10 runs (eight earned) by the Red Sox, Severino recaptured the form that has elevated him into the Yanks’ ace this season, holding the Mets to an unearned run and four hits over 6 1/3 innings to pick up his fifth victory in six starts.
“I was ahead in the count almost all the time,” said Severino, who is 5-1 with a 2.28 ERA in seven starts since the All-Star break. “I tried to do that. I think the last time, I tried to pitch around the batters. This time, I just went after them.”
Sanchez hit a three-run homer in the first inning off Steven Matz and added a two-run single in the fourth off Chasen Bradford as the Yankees closed within four games of the idle Red Sox in the American League East chase. The Bombers are scheduled to open a key three-game series in Boston on Friday.

New York also holds a 3 1/2-game lead over the Angels for the first Wild Card spot in the AL and is four games up on the next contender, Kansas City, which leads a whopping seven teams within three games of a playoff berth.

I don’t know if I’d be bragging too much about the Wild Card if I were’s headline writers. Basically, if the Yankees continue to win, obviously, the Wild Card spot is probably there’s, but there’s a whole lot of baseball to play and a whole lot of teams who are within spitting distance of the Yankees to act like winning the Wild Card is a fait accompli. had another interesting headline that noted that August of last year is when Sanchez went off for the first time, so maybe he has a thing about August or something? I sure would love to see him continue to hit like an MVP candidate. And his defense has stepped up in a big way, which is awesome to see, as well.

Anyhow, the Yankees head into the storms of Boston this weekend. Who know how many of the games will even get to be played? Hopefully the Yankees find a way to win this series. They’re actually planning on using Sonny Gray on short rest in the finale, which is the first time that I can recall the Yankees re configuring their rotation like that in some time (they did it earlier this year to keep Tanaka from playing Baltimore, but that didn’t involve pitching anyone on short rest).

--Posted at 7:28 am by Brian Cronin / 42 Comments | - (0)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Yankees (64-55) @ Mets (53-65), Thursday, 8/17/2017, 07:10p ET

Yankees: Luis Severino (R): (143.2 IP, 3.32 ERA, 3.5 RA9 WAR) vs. Mets: Steven Matz (L): (63.1 IP, 5.54 ERA, 0.0 RA9 WAR)

1. Brett Gardner (L) LF .248/.343/.430, 2.2 fWAR
2. Aaron Hicks (S) CF .279/.385/.507, 2.8 fWAR
3. Aaron Judge (R) RF .291/.420/.614, 6.2 fWAR
4. Gary Sanchez (R) C .274/.351/.517, 2.8 fWAR
5. Didi Gregorius (L) SS .308/.334/.501, 3.5 fWAR
6. Todd Frazier (R) 3B .217/.333/.337, 1.1 fWAR
7. Tyler Austin (R) 1B .154/.200/.385, -0.1 fWAR
8. Ronald Torreyes (R) 2B .293/.313/.379, 0.7 fWAR
9. Luis Severino (R) P , 0.0 fWAR
Team Total: 19.2 fWAR

1. Curtis Granderson (L) RF .225/.328/.467, 1.6 fWAR
2. Asdrubal Cabrera (S) 2B .259/.328/.392, -0.4 fWAR
3. Michael Conforto (L) CF .282/.388/.567, 3.5 fWAR
4. Yoenis Cespedes (R) LF .278/.331/.519, 1.1 fWAR
5. Dominic Smith (L) 1B .190/.190/.333, -0.2 fWAR
6. Amed Rosario (R) SS .240/.269/.460, 0.1 fWAR
7. Travis d’Arnaud (R) C .225/.272/.398, 0.2 fWAR
8. Matt Reynolds (R) 3B , .204/.264/.306, -0.1 fWAR
9. Steven Matz (R) P .150/.150/.150, 0.0 fWAR
Team Total: 5.8 fWAR

--Posted at 3:33 pm by SG / 67 Comments | - (0) Clutch Didi, mighty Judge lift Yanks over Mets

Aaron Judge awed his teammates with one of the most impressive home runs in Citi Field history and Didi Gregorius delivered a tiebreaking hit to lead the Yankees past the Mets, 5-3, in Subway Series action on Wednesday evening.

The rookie phenom immediately put his head down and began running the bases after his American League-leading 37th homer, a titanic fourth-inning blast off Robert Gsellman. Playing his first career game in Queens, Judge joined Yoenis Cespedes as the only players to reach the third deck in left field.

Certainly great to see Judge hitting bombs again.

Good win, with a clutch double by Didi winning it. Annoyingly,  the Red Sox scored three in the bottom of the ninth off of three different Cardinal pitchers to win their game,  so the Yankees have gained just a single game in this three game winning streak. The division probably just isn’t happening. However, so long as they keep winning, they at least put themselves in a good position to take the Wild Card.

Jaime Garcia did what he does best - pitch okay. Enough to keep you in the game. That has real value. With a well-worked bullpen, the Yankees tried to coax six out of Garcia, which proved to be a mistake. Luckily, Didi came through to give them the lead back. Depending on whether you count Kahnle giving up Garcia’s run as giving up a run or not, the bullpen didn’t give up a run for two of their last three games (basically, whenever Chapman doesn’t pitch).

Robertson was a delight as a closer who didn’t dick around the whole time, but Chapman apparently not only still has the closer job, but is not even going on the DL. That sounds like it might come back to haunt them.

--Posted at 7:21 am by Brian Cronin / 33 Comments | - (0)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Yankees (63-55) @ Mets (53-64), Wednesday, 8/16/2017, 07:10p ET

Yankees: Jaime Garcia (L): (10.1 IP, 6.97 ERA)  vs. Mets: Robert Gsellman (R): (97 IP, 2.41 ERA)

1. Jacoby Ellsbury (L) CF .240/.316/.372, 0.5 fWAR
2. Aaron Hicks (S) LF .283/.387/.513, 2.8 fWAR
3. Aaron Judge (R) RF .290/.421/.609, 6.1 fWAR
4. Didi Gregorius (L) SS .308/.333/.501, 3.5 fWAR
5. Gary Sanchez (R) C .277/.352/.522, 2.9 fWAR
6. Chase Headley (S) 3B .270/.350/.397, 1.6 fWAR
7. Garrett Cooper (R) 1B .359/.366/.538, 0.3 fWAR
8. Ronald Torreyes (R) 2B .290/.311/.373, 0.6 fWAR
9. Jaime Garcia (L) P , 0.2 fWAR
Team Total: 18.5 fWAR

1. Jose Reyes (S) 2B .223/.286/.375, 0.0 fWAR
2. Michael Conforto (L) RF .282/.389/.568, 3.5 fWAR
3. Yoenis Cespedes (R) LF .280/.332/.523, 1.1 fWAR
4. Wilmer Flores (R) 3B .281/.317/.491, 1.0 fWAR
5. Travis d’Arnaud (R) C .228/.277/.402, 0.3 fWAR
6. Amed Rosario (R) SS .255/.271/.489, 0.1 fWAR
7. Dominic Smith (L) 1B .235/.235/.412, -0.1 fWAR
8. Juan Lagares (R) CF .267/.312/.396, 0.8 fWAR
9. Robert Gsellman (R) P .130/.222/.130, 0.1 fWAR

Boy that Jaime Garcia trade is sure looking like a good one…

--Posted at 4:50 pm by SG / 102 Comments | - (0) Gray handcuffs Mets for 1st win with Yanks

- Sonny Gray hurled six-plus solid innings and outpitched Jacob deGrom to pick up his first win in pinstripes, and Aroldis Chapman survived a bumpy ninth inning as the Yankees defeated the Mets, 5-4, on Tuesday evening, concluding the Yankee Stadium portion of the Subway Series.

Backed by homers from Jacoby Ellsbury and Gary Sanchez, Gray made his first home start since being acquired by the Yanks and held the Mets scoreless until Dominic Smith’s first big league homer in the seventh. Working in front of a sellout crowd of 46,474, the right-hander scattered five hits in a 104-pitch effort, walking two and striking out five.
“It was nice. The crowd was great,” Gray said. “I was just trying to go out there and pitch my game, and not let anything from the outside affect my mindset and what I really wanted to do out there. It was a fun game overall. Any time you come away with the win, it makes it that much better.”

This is why the Yankees went out and gave up a lot of prospects to get Sonny Gray. He’s just a downright GOOD pitcher. He’s probably never going to be an ace, but he absolutely keeps you in every game that he pitches and occasionally does even better than that. He makes it so that there’s one rotation spot that you really don’t have to worry about, and that’s huge.

While Aaron Judge has cooled down a lot, Gary Sanchez, meanwhile, is starting to heat up with his bat. Not only that, but notice that since he was benched one game earlier this month, he hasn’t had a single passed ball? It could be that he needed some tough love there. If he starts to put it all together, it’s like having two MVP-caliber players in the lineup between him and Judge. Those two guys could flat out CARRY this lineup if need be. Remember how Cano used to carry the lineup towards the end of his time here? Well, if Cano could do it by himself, presumably Judge and Sanchez can do it together (not to mention Hicks doing his thing, as well).

Brett Gardner is in another one of those huge slumps of his. The Yankees are trying to rest him by DHing him, but their lineup is so shitty right now that they really can’t afford to give him too much time off to rest. I guess the next time Romine catches, they should DH Sanchez and give Gardner the day off.

Anyhow, a lot of the great parts of this win were overshadowed by Aroldis Chapman coming in and giving up a two-run home run and then needing a brilliant play by Didi Gregorius from having the tying run on first with one out. I know he’s still throwing 100-101 MPH, but he’s not getting swings and misses despite throwing 100 MPH, which suggests to me that his mechanics are fucked and I think the most likely scenario is that he is nursing an injury. He clearly strained himself at the end of the game, but I don’t know if that is a new injury or not. Hopefully he gets a quick DL stint to fix his shit.

Jaime Garcia pitches tomorrow against the Mets in CitiField. Hopefully this “road trip” goes okay.

--Posted at 2:42 am by Brian Cronin / 25 Comments | - (0)

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