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Friday, July 14, 2017

Yes Network: Michael Pineda has Partially Torn UCL, Tommy John Surgery Recommended

From Jack Curry:

Cashman said Pineda has been diagnosed w/ partial tear of UCL in right elbow and will go on the DL. Will get 2d opinion. Reco is TJ surgery.

Well, that sucks. Hopefully they call up Chance Adams.

This is very likely it for Michael Pineda as a Yankee. They still won that Montero/Pineda trade, but damned if he didn’t have one of the most disappointing Yankee careers of recent (non Javy) history. So much talent and yet could never quite put it all together and/or stay healthy.

I assume he’ll be rocking a sub 2 ERA for Pittsburgh or San Diego in 2019.

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A well-rested Murphy wasting no time after the All-star break.

Okay, there must be all sort of biases here.  But are players getting injured much more these days than in the past?  And by past I mean, 30 years, 10 years, and 5 years:  modern ancient to recent.

A well-rested Murphy wasting no time after the All-star break.


However, he was probably nursing this injury the last couple of weeks, which would explain his shitty performances. So with that in mind, if the choice was between him continuing to pitch shitty because of an injury and them getting someone like Adams up, I’d go with Adams, so this might be a sort of blessing in disguise.

But no, mostly just shitty Murphy’s Law.

Well, this basically sinks the season unless the Yankees are willing to pay through the nose for a starter. That sucks.

But for a team that wasn’t supposed to be very good, they are pretty good. And, this opens up playing time for Adams (probably) who they need to see pitch in the ML. Pitching remains their biggest concern going forward, both in 2017 and 2018/19. Adams establishing himself as a semi-reliable starter would be a big step towards a reasonable rotation.

Also, since the Yankees haven’t called up Cooper yet, perhaps the Webb trade was made to open up a spot for Adams.

Well, this basically sinks the season unless the Yankees are willing to pay through the nose for a starter. That sucks.

While obviously this is not good, Pineda was fourth among the rotation in bWAR, and you have to figure Tanaka is better than 0.1 bWAR, so is this really “Sink the season” bad?

[5] Absolutely. At least in terms of competing for the AL East - they’ll remain in the WC hunt due to their offense. Pineda may have been struggling, but in a classic Pineda season he was good for another stretch of dominance. Also he still provided reasonably reliable innings. And while he was frustratingly disappointing, it’s not like he was terrible, just OK (on track for ~2 win season).

I’m curious to see Adams, but for now you hope that he can provide similar results as Pineda. And that no one else gets injured, because I don’t think anyone really wants to see Cessa getting 50+ innings.

But if Pineda is worth 2 wins for the season, then that means he’d only be worth a win for the second half and that’s presuming Adams is purely replacement level.

Is a loss of a win really that big of a deal?

It is not a good day to be Michael Pineda’s agent. I have to believe after all the injuries and inconsistency, the Yankees won’t even offer a two year deal to benefit from his recovery. But yeah, business probably will pick up after that 2019 Cy Young with the Pirates.

I’m guessing they give Cessa Pineda’s spot in the rotation and keep Cooper at least through Sunday consider the townies are throwing three LHPs and the joke that is Fenway with Chance making a spot start next week if needed and then they play it by ear.

[9] Adams can’t come up without a 40-man move. So I imagine if he gets the call it’s on a more permanent basis.

[7] Pineda was projected for another 1.5 wins. On it’s own it’s not a huge blow, but it further weakens an already questionable and definitely thin rotation. Even if Adams comes up and is excellent, it’s still a blow because the next injury hurts even more. I still think the Yankees are in the WC, I just think this ends any reasonable chance they had at taking the AL East.

Actually for some totally inexplicable reason proven disappointment Brian Mitchell is slated to start one of Sunday’s games and probably Cessa will pitch next week with Chance a possibility also.

I’m willing to bet most pitchers have partial tears and don’t even know it.

I’m willing to bet most pitchers have partial tears and don’t even know it.

I dunno about most, but yeah, I do think there’s a good chance a lot of pitchers have them and don’t know about it.

Actually for some totally inexplicable reason proven disappointment Brian Mitchell is slated to start one of Sunday’s games and probably Cessa will pitch next week with Chance a possibility also.

Mitchell was on a dominant streak in the minors. But I think it’s most likely just because it is a spot start and thus they want the rest of the rotation to pitch on normal rest, so whoever takes Pineda’s spot will slot in after CC.

This is unless Mitchell surprisingly does really well, in which case they’ll probably readjust.

Last 2 games were very good, last 10 game he pitched to about a 3 1/2 era and he’s 26.

Like I said, though, the main reason is because it is a spot start and they want to keep the rest of the rotation in place. I don’t think Mitchell is currently their pick for the #5 spot, which is WHY he is getting the spot start instead.

Now, if he pitches really well, then they might reconsider.

So much for good news on Bird from Andrew Marchand “first baseman Greg Bird, who has missed most of the season with a bruised bone in his ankle, may need surgery for a condition called os trigonum, which is excess bone growth in his foot.

The ankle injury may be causing inflammation in his foot that Cashman said could likely lead to surgery, though Bird still needs to see another doctor before the team, Bird and his agents discuss options.

If Bird has surgery, he would be out at least another two months.”

The season from hell.

Stupid double header followed by 3 at the Twinkies and then off to Seattle for 3. Just hate to see Bryan Mitchell pitching against the townies and if its a spot start why not Chance who hasn’t pitched in a week.

why not Chance who hasn’t pitched in a week.

Rookie who has never pitched in the majors starting a game after inactivity for a week. In Fenway. Against that lineup. Nope.

Erik Boland‏Verified account @eboland11 9m9 minutes ago

Talked to one opp scout who covers the Yankees system re Chance Adams. “he’s been major league ready all year. plus fastball and change…

Upside versus no upside then IF he pitches well he can go into rotation.
At this point they need to gamble not play it safe.  Sure I’d pitch Mitchell if the Yankees were up 4 instead of down 4.

With Pineda going down, it’s just a matter of time with Adams. Although, I could see the Yankees being uncomfortable with extreme FB profile and looking to use him as a trade chip.

They’ve done well with Montgomery though, who had a decent part of his MiL success due to extreme HR prevention that has not followed to the ML. Adams has routinely been dominant enough to keep his career H/9 at 5.5. You don’t do that by accident. Even if he ends up a tad homer prone due to his batted ball profile, he appears to be capable of keeping the bases relatively clear (although you’d like to see slightly better control).

Just seems like the least bad option.

Might as well pitch Mitchell Saturday since Sale is guaranteed to hold the Yankees to one run at most.

[7] Agree that losing Pineda isn’t a decisive blow to the Yankees’ playoff chances. Severino, Montgomery, and Sabathia have all been better, and Tanaka is still the would-be ace. Adams is waiting in the wings, a trade is possible, etc.

[17] Bird’s career is really off-track right now. With the exception of 2015, first base of all positions has given the Yankees fits for 5 years now.

[21] Is that code for he’s Phil Hughes part 2?

If the team shows life before the deadline, they have to consider Verlander. I don’t know why he’s walking so many hitters this season, but here’s a guy who is money in the bank to throw 200 innings with Montgomery and Severino possibly hitting a wall. If the price-tag is relatively reasonable they have to think about it.

Rumor mill has the Tiggers mulling moving Fulmer. I can’t imagine what it would take to pry him, but I love the idea.

Verlander owed about $78m 2018-2020.  Offer them a real prospect if they’ll take Ellsubry’s deal.

Fangraphs has Fulmer at number 22 in trade value between Chris Sale and Paul Goldschmidt.  The only minor leaguer on their list of 50 is Yoan Moncada (#41). 

So, at least according Fangraphs, he’s more valuable than any prospect in baseball.

[28] Fulmer is a great target for the Yankees. Yeah, he’ll be costly, but he’s a very good pitcher and a longer term asset. The Yankees have some position players to spare. Definitely a worthwhile avenue to explore.

I like the idea of Ellsbury and a B- prospect for Verlander.

[32] I think I made that exact trade in an OOTP season once.

Cooper starting tonight. But since Pineda will go on the 60-Day DL, they’ll still be able to add Adams if they want.


I wish they could work Frazier in there, but otherwise, that’s a fair enough lineup honestly. I would personally push Sanchez back, but that’s a minor quibble.

Frazier not in the lineup against a LHP at Fenway over TRO, and unlike everyone else I do not hate TRO, is effing NUTS!  For now Frazier needs to play against LHP.

Who went down for Cooper? I would presume Holder, with Heller going down for Montgomery.

That would leave the bullpen as:


Short bullpen, especially since Clippard is a garbage fire.

[36] Pineda to the 60 day?

[21] Terrible ground ball rate in AA and AAA. Not starting his first game in Fenway is the right thing to do.

No Frazier is so Girardo.

Probably Ref.

TRO with good numbers against Pomeranz seven ABs.

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