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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Yankees Greatly Reduce Odds of Getting Swept At Home This Weekend

From’s recap of the game

The Yankees proved Saturday that they are everything the Angels are not.

Los Angeles’ youth movement, backed by the prodigious Mike Trout, drew five hits and worked five walks off New York starter Freddy Garcia, wearing down the 35-year-old right hander after just five innings by consistently forcing him to labor while the Angels occupied the basepaths.

But the Yankees needed just four at-bats to back Garcia in their 5-3 win at Yankee Stadium. A leadoff single by Derek Jeter in the bottom of the first was followed by Robinson Cano’s 21st home run of the season, and Curtis Granderson added another two-run shot in the third after Chris Stewart singled to lead off the inning.

Although the Angels forced the veteran Garcia to battle through tough situations for much of his afternoon, the Yankees’ offense—as it has all season—backed the pitching staff with its wealth of power.

Cano now has a 17-game hitting streak. What a great win. Garcia pitched well and the bullpen was excellent. Eppley, Robertson and Soriano really did an awesome job.

By the way, it is not like Cano is ancient. Yes, the Angels have two exciting young players in Trout and Trumbo, but the Angels also have plenty of veterans. So this whole “vet team versus young team” tact that the article takes is kind of odd.

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Yankees Greatly Reduce Odds of Getting Swept At Home This Weekend

I’m still worried.

I believe it was my complaining that helped A-Rod.

I fully expect Selig to set the jury’s verdict aside and award Friday’s game to the Halos.

By the way, guys, keep an eye out for “Pelotero”—indie doc about Dominicans in baseball.  Bud Selig has been attacking it so you know it’s good.  I have no connection to the film except having met the producer.  Playing now in big cities and available on iTunes.

[4] Also Google Play, Amazon VOD looks like. I’m going to check it out tonight, thanks for the tip.

Sugar was a terrific non documentary on the subject.  On another note I thought Woody’s latest was charitably mediocre and I had a great idea for a sight gag that would have enlivened the movie marginally by providing a few laughs.  Also Louie is the best comedy on TV by a mile.

Joba threw 25 pitches and was sitting 95/97.  How long before the elbow/shoulder “discomfort?”

I was wondering what kind of house money lineup they can do tomorrow… but I guess you can’t get more house money then Nix as your DH.

[7] I fully expect Joba’s shoulder to simply implode, the joint will disappear and his arm will simply be fused to his shoulder.

[9] Er torso, rather.

Townies lose

Phelps in AAA 6 2/3 3h 0r 7k

“I fully expect Selig to set the jury’s verdict aside and award Friday’s game to the Halos.”

That’s a given and why the win today was so important.

[8] Martin as DH?

Team A- K%: 22.2 BB%: 7.4 BABIP: .305 HR/9: 1.13 GB%: 45.1 ERA: 3.74 xFIP: 3.71
Team B- K%: 18.9 BB%: 8.6 BABIP: .276 HR/9: 0.91 GB%: 46.0 ERA: 3.65 xFIP: 4.08
Team C- K%: 17.4 BB%: 8.5 BABIP: .271 HR/9: 0.79 GB%: 41.5 ERA: 3.39 xFIP: 4.36

Guess defense is important or something…

[15] So again, why is Ceverill languishing on busses running up and down Interstate 81 ?

Oh, it’s so that we have a ML catcher there to shepherd along our budding pitching prospects ? Or is it because we need someone to help our ML staff complete their DL/rehab recoveries ?

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