The Curse of Jerry Hairston, Jr./Eric Hinske:

Friday, October 6, 2017

Yankees (91-71) @ Indians (102-60), Thursday, 10/5/2017, 05:00pm ET

Yankees: CC Sabathia (L)  vs. Indians: Corey Kluber
1. (R) Brett Gardner (L) LF
2. Aaron Judge (R) RF
3. Gary Sanchez (R) C
4. Didi Gregorius (L) SS
5. Starlin Castro (R) 2B
6. Greg Bird (L) 1B
7. Aaron Hicks (S) CF
8. Jacoby Ellsbury (L) DH
9. Todd Frazier (R) 3B

1. Francisco Lindor (S) SS
2. Jason Kipnis (L) CF
3. Jose Ramirez (S) 2B
4. Edwin Encarnacion (R) DH
5. Carlos Santana (S) 1B
6. Jay Bruce (L) RF
7. Austin Jackson (R) LF
8. Yan Gomes (R) C
9. Giovanny Urshela (R) 3B

Yankee win probability: -100%

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I thought Headley showed enough last night to earn more playing.

1 Agree, especially since Els numbers are just as bad.

Yeah, very odd call.

David Price being lights out annoys me.

How’s the Stros pen? Who closes? Not Clip I hope.

Chris Devenski is their Chad Green/Andrew Miller-type guy.

Ken Giles is their closer.

I dunno if Clip even made their postseason roster, as they’re planning on using a lot of starters as relievers in the postseason.

And El is more useful than Head coming off the bench plus in case of an OF injury you lose DH.

Ha ha ha. Mookie!

Breathing easier townies down 4-1 is like a townies lead.

Indians K people, don’t give up HR’s, vs. a team that K’s and hits HR’s.

Either Brad Peacock or Charlie Morton will start Game 3 for the Astros, though, and while it would not surprise me if Verlander came back on short rest for Game 4, it would surprise me a LITTLE, so it might be the other of Peacock or Morton.

So the Red Sox could still win this series.

Stuck in a waiting room. Kluber missing as much as game day has it?

Green should start warming. Or Severino.

I guess the Indians knew more than us that Bauer was a better bet for Game 1 than Kluber.

Wasn’t expecting good starlin this series

Kluber seems to be really struggling with command

Sanchez is now the youngest Yankee catcher to hit a home run in the postseason. That stat seems kind of pointless.

Getting that pit h count up is refreshing after last nihht

Tiring out the Bp would feel much better if there weren’t an off day tomorrow. But I’ll take chasing kluber early.

Two runs and 38 pitches for Kluber is a solid way to open the game. How many pitches until CC gives it back?

Definitely a fine opening inning, but boy, a hit from Hicks would have been super sweet there.

What the fuck Frazier?

It’s a good thing Frazier is a better defender than Headley.

So…the Yankees’ entire starting rotation just sucks now?

Well, fuck this series, I guess.

Suckathia is back

Missed the only good half inning of the game and Serling’s call was very laid back on Gary’s home run, no it is high, etc.

So…14 pitches.

And thanks Todd your defense is in a word simply superlative.

What the fuck is Frazier doing?

Fuck off Todd

Strong game Todd!

Frazier playing like a real asshole so far today.

Frazier better hit a grand slam later

In a game that the Yankees needed to play impeccable baseball Todd, defensive wizard, boots a ground ball then CC allows a walk and a HBP for 2 runs on 1 hit.

Stealing with Babe Judge up?

The Yankees appear to believe this is a defense optional game

37 No way Judge could’ve got a hit or a big hit or even a walk with Gary on deck. Dumb, dumb, dumb Todd.

When you’re playing a better team with a better pitcher you need to play perfect baseball not this sloppy shit.

So glad Binder went with CC today.

When is G going to pull Sabathia?

Two errors and an idiot caught stealing for Todd.

CC said the F word real loud.

42 When CC hits his G spot.

I don’t think CC has even pitched that poorly. His defense has fucked him over the whole game. I think that’s the reason he’s been allowed to keep pitching. He hasn’t pitched WELL, exactly, but he hasn’t pitched as bad as 3 runs in 2 innings would suggest.

This is like the reverse image of the Wild Card game.

So Todd Frazier is a sleeper.

Yay Starlin.

Bird the MVP

He’s also been fairly efficient in pitching around his own mediocrity and terrible defense.

And at least Sanchez and Castro didn’t get the “Let’s Suck Today” memo.


47 Never More.

That was…surprising.

Wow, this is stunning. If you’re Joe, when do you go to the bullpen?

OK, thanks for the fill-in on CC, I’m following on GD and occasionally radio.

Yay Hicks!  But I bet the Yanks find a way to give some of those runs back.

Holy.  Fucking. Shit. 

I love autocorrect wanted to make shit into shot.  Which works too.  That was a BOMB.

I think you just play it by ear with CC. If he gets into any trouble, you pull him. Otherwise, let him try to get by. Getting CC to, say, the 5th, would be huge.

Serling was doing his how great baseball is because you can’t predict it in the 1st. Bet he’s going insane now.

JR Murphy. Wow! What a sport.

By “trouble,” I mean either giving up a run or allowing two men on base. Otherwise, let him keep at it.

Clobbering Kluber.

The sleeper Todd Frazier will have to cook something else up.

Win probability so far in the negatives that it overflowed into positive.

What’s funny is that if the Diamondbacks’ back-up catcher gets hurt, JR Murphy is their third-string guy, so he might actually get into the playoffs this year!

Dr. Green is on call. Remember you can use Tommy and Dellin if need be.


If they can steal this one and get the split they had hoped for, they might just have a snowball’s chance.

[61] Agreed, but in my view “any trouble” probably starts with any two base runners.

Its early yet.  Still, love the fight in this team.

[61]  Sterling just said exactly this.  BRIAN…

Agreed, but in my view “any trouble” probably starts with any two base runners.

That’s funny, because that’s precisely how I later ended up defining it myself. smile

I would love a 123 inning here.

Lol.  High strike.  I’ll take it.

Attaboy, CC.

Sevvy, Sale now Kluber.

This guy’s their #5 starter?

I refuse to believe Mike Clevinger is a real person and not just Jacob deGrom in a Cleveland jersey.

This guy’s their #5 starter?

That’s why they’re so darn good.

Did Castro just do something good DEFENSIVELY, too? The hell is happening?

Is it just me or has Smoltz improved a lot as a commentator

5 Innings and still going strong.  I think we’re well past the point where Robertson is likely to need to come in, and CC is even in line for the win in spite of Frazier’s best efforts.

81 Nor Lincecum, his hair is very clean.


Bye Bye Birdie!

That…that was nice.

Damn I hope we get a healthy Bird for a full 2018 season.

Team doesn’t give up home runs and the other team only hits home run. Today, at least, the unstoppable force has moved the unmovable object.

It’s going to be extra painful when we end up losing this game.

How many games would we have gained had Bird been healthy all year with Karter sitting on the bench!

Best hitter on the team? Try best hitter in baseball

So much for Mike Clevinger, long reliever.

Nick Swisher had a home run in a playoff game?

If Bird is healthy next season, that should make up for some regression from Judge.  The guy can hit.

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