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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Yankees (76-65) @ Rangers (71-70), Sunday, 9/10/2017, 03:05p ET

Yankees: Jordan Montgomery (L): (134.2 IP, 4.14 ERA, 2.1 RA-9 WAR) vs. Rangers: A.J. Griffin (R): (69 IP, 5.09 ERA, 0.7 RA-9 WAR)

1. Brett Gardner (L) LF .257/.347/.423, 3.2 fWAR
2. Chase Headley (S) 3B .279/.360/.430, 2.2 fWAR
3. Gary Sanchez (R) DH .278/.346/.524, 3.6 fWAR
4. Didi Gregorius (L) SS .289/.323/.478, 3.5 fWAR
5. Starlin Castro (R) 2B .309/.346/.476, 1.8 fWAR
6. Aaron Judge (R) RF .274/.409/.568, 5.8 fWAR
7. Greg Bird (L) 1B .155/.265/.278, 0.0 fWAR
8. Jacoby Ellsbury (L) CF .258/.336/.393, 0.9 fWAR
9. Austin Romine (R) C .220/.276/.293, -0.6 fWAR
Team Total: 20.4 fWAR

1. Delino DeShields (R) CF .279/.354/.380, 2.2 fWAR
2. Shin-Soo Choo (L) DH .262/.363/.414, 0.7 fWAR
3. Elvis Andrus (R) SS .305/.347/.496, 4.2 fWAR
4. Mike Napoli (R) 1B .193/.287/.432, -0.6 fWAR
5. Nomar Mazara (L) RF .260/.335/.443, 1.0 fWAR
6. Robinson Chirinos (R) C .266/.376/.545, 2.3 fWAR
7. Joey Gallo (L) 3B .210/.336/.554, 2.9 fWAR
8. Rougned Odor (L) 2B .214/.257/.413, -0.5 fWAR
9. Ryan Rua (R) LF .208/.282/.340, -0.5 fWAR
Team Total: 11.7 fWAR

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BP has Yankees at 97.7% to make the playoffs, with Boston at 100%. Interesting thing - they have Boston at 5.2% to win the WS, NYY at 7.8%.

9/10 @Yankees lineup at TEX
Gardner LF
Headley 3B
Sanchez DH
Gregorius SS
Castro 2B
Judge RF
Bird 1B
Ellsbury CF
Romine C
Montgomery P

If Romine is a defensive upgrade from Sanchez (not sure if he is), that may be the best line up we could put on the field. Maybe Sanchez at C and Austin or Frazier at DH against a LHP would be slightly better.

I’d like to see Austin (Tyler) get more PAs against LHP, 43 MLB PAs 1185 OPS. He also did a nice job keeping his foot on the base at a crucial moment.

The Fox announcers were hilariously wrong in that game. “No way he kept his foot on the base. What is he, a ballerina?”

[5] John Smoltz is .. not a good announcer.

That Garcia trade seems to have been a bit of a waste.

Castro at 2 WAR this year in 91 games vs 1.3 in 151 last year.

(7) ya think? And when Littell is pitching in the majors next year at 110+ ERA, we will really be upset.

I still don’t mind it. I actively liked Littell a lot, but there was no way he was ever going to make the 40-man. They just have too many guys they have to add who are better than him. So they got a guy who looked like he was an upgrade over Luis Cessa and Bryan Mitchell for two players who would not be on the team next year either way (and you can’t trade guys like that after the season because of the whole 40-man issue). Then they got Gray and Tanaka turned out to be healthy, so it was “unnecessary,” but no one knew that at the time.

Plus, of course, there’s the whole “Rothschild making Garcia pitch completely different than he has his entire career” deal, which we also could not have foreseen.

I dunno, Jaime Garcia ain’t much.  It doesn’t take a lot of squinting to see Cessa, Mitchell, Adams, Enns, Caleb Smith…etc being just as good.

As I understand it, pitchers are seldom non-participants in pitch calling. That would have to be a whole conscious discussion and policy, organized with the pitcher and catcher, wouldn’t it? And wouldn’t the pitcher eventually say: hey, I tried it. It’s really not working. Surely you don’t want more of this? And I really don’t want to ruin my career for your pitch-selection experiment.
In short, it’s a strange narrative.

[12] Marginal upgrades are really important when you’re trying to win the World Series.

Judge with a sac fly, that’s a change.

Townies and Twinkies both losing. This feels like having a trifecta lined up at the top of the stretch. Stop the race, something is about to go wrong.

[13] It is Rothschild’s way or the highway. Kahnle, Garcia, have both underperformed since Rothschild started calling pitches. Kahnle throws far fewer FB’s now, yet has an outrageous miss rate three times league average on his FB.

Don, I read that. But - the highway? How does that work? So if Kahnle throws more fastballs, they’re really going to DFA him? Stop pitching him? Even if the results are far better? Hard to believe.
And for R himself - results be damned, I don’t care if it’s not working? I’ll watch results go downhill and stick to my guns?
Also hard to believe.

Getting all the hits with RISP for the year done in one game.

Stat padder.

Bullpen proof?

Montgomery is doing his best to keep it a game.

40 home runs and 89 RBI. That is an unusually low amount of ribbies for that many homers, right?

So Chad Green is the go to guy with a 7/8 run lead and now he won’t be available for a few days?

13 But Binder could overrule or the Yankee stat nerds could get involved.

Isn’t Alex Cobb a free agent? Could be a good get at like 3/18.

Two bagger now please do it in a high leverage situation.

The simple truth of it is that Judge is one of those guys who really only hits bad pitchers. That’s fine, really, as there are plenty of bad pitchers out there, so he should do fine. Just don’t expect him to ever do something against a good pitcher.

This lead feels surmountable to me.

Can he hit a bad pitcher in the 7th inning of an 8-7 game with 2 men on base?

[28] I have always believed that Bird is the future of this lineup. Judge’s age and minor league numbers suggested to me that the first half was an aberration.

He’s hit a game-tying homer in the 8th off of Mychel Givens and he’s hit a go-ahead homer in the 8th off of Bud Norris.

32 How long ago was that?

Only you guys could bag on Judge after he hits his 41st homer in a rookie year where he has an .OBP over .400.

I think that judge feels too much pressure in tight games. He does seem to hit great once the Yankees are ahead. I assume over time this problem will go away. He is still a rookie. But it is something worth watching over the next year. However, he is still really good. He will break the all time rookie walk record and is the second rookie ever with 40 HRs. Pretty awesome

[30] That remains to be seen.

34 I love what he did in the first 2 1/2 months when he was arguably the best player in the game.  Without that we’d be nowhere. It remains to be seen what he’ll be do going forward.

Judge 40 Sanchez 30…last time Yankees had that?

It wasn’t that long ago (2012, when Grandy hit 43 and Cano hit 33), but the key part, as you well know, is that they’re both so YOUNG.

37. 30 homers and 70 walks in the bag before the season starts isn’t a bad baseline for a guy though.

Dellin has been such an enigma this season. Pretty shocking how much he, Chapman, and Tanaka have struggled this season.

Save some for the rest of the season.

Yankees 16
Jets 12

On the road… to Rosen.

The Erik Kratz experience.

Yankees outscored the Jets

Betances last 3 games - 2.2 innings 5 runs. Not optimal

Castro was 0 for 6 and Bird was 0 for 5 and they still scored 16 runs. Cool.

Chapman is clearly back in Joe’s circle of trust.

I don’t think Chapman was ever really OUT of it, it was just a matter of him pitching SO poorly that what could Girardi do?

Only negatives Bird 0/5 and Monty only being able to go 3 1/3.

[17] So, 60 innings to,cond3mn a pitching coach?

Anyway it seems more likely to me that this is a stat department thing, since no one ever mentioned it in the 10 years Rothschild has been here.

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