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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Yankees (75-65) @ Rangers (71-69), Saturday, 9/9/2017, 08:05p ET

Yankees: Luis Severino (R): (169.1 IP, 3.03 ERA, 4.6 RA-9 WAR) vs. Rangers: Andrew Cashner (R): (139.2 IP, 3.29 ERA, 3.8 RA-9 WAR)



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9/9 @Yankees lineup at TEX
Gardner LF
Headley DH
Sanchez C
Gregorius SS
Castro 2B
Judge RF
Ellsbury CF
T. Frazier 3B
Bird 1B
Severino P

I’m liking their lefty/righty lineups, except for Frazier batting ahead of Bird. Heck, why is Ellsbury even batting ahead of Bird? Ellsbury’s been playing well recently, but you would still figure that Bird would be a better bet at the #7 spot than Ellsbury.

Not a good sign when there’s already one tremendous defensive play against the Yankees in just the first inning.

First hit of the game of course give the Rangers the lead. Ugh. This fucking offense just goes into these big slumbers so often. It’s maddening.

It’s so often the 8/9 hitters that beat us, of course their 8/9 is as good as our 6/7.

I assume the Townies, Angels, Twins, O’s and M’s can be put down for wins today. No need to go through the messy business of playing.

7. Likely. What will Cashner get offered this winter?

Yeah, at least Cashner is legitimately a good pitcher. That’s a bit better than getting shut down by some shitty pitcher.

The thing is its not just clutch hitting that the Yankees stink at, its hitting. Without Judge this offense is ordinary. No runs and 4 hits in 11 and the Texas pen that held us scoreless and hitless in the last 5 1/3 yesterday stinks.

10 Yeah but not THIS good, he’s not Kluber, and the Rangers pen stinks as do so many other startintg pitchers that completely shut us down.  Remember Detroit? The Yankees stink.

He’s having nearly as good of a season as Sevy and Severino’s awesome, no?

4.5 bWAR for Sevy, 4.3 bWAR for Cashner.

Yeah, this is just some pitcher’s duel shit. Now if they can’t score on that garbage Rangers pen, that’s a different story.

Of course, if they do, they have their own garbage pen to contend with.

Very excellent job Gardy. TPBG!

Wow sac fly, usually they wait until there’s two out for the long fly ball.

Does Sanchez seem to get an abnormal amount of those 12 hoppers between third and short to squeak through?

Hey Yankees suck at one run games also.  Having a Loogy is not a bad idea, that probably should be Garcia’s role.

Another fine AB for Judge.

TRO! Your turn Todd.

Tyler! Who blows the save? Need many more.

Another excellent job by TPBG.

A walk please.

Thank you.

Who blows the save today?

Oh.  Chapman.  This won’t take long.

Chapman’s back! I hope.

Really good win. Gives them a chance to take both series on the road before the weird Citi Field match-up. Have to hope the bats awaken. Montgomery’s chase rate against an undisciplined Rangers lineup could play well. And yes this is the best Chapman has looked all season.

Just another typical late inning Yankee comeback. Ho hum.

The Orioles are now in some serious trouble for the Wild Card. An Angels loss tonight would be HUGE.

Followed the score. Amazing how many of this team’s WINS are frustrating.

Having said that, it has players I like and the division is in no way out of the conversation. The NYA and BOS percentages that would be required for it would be unrealistic over the course of a season, but over a much smaller sample size? a few NYA wins & BOS losses in the next few games (not a crazy rarity) and they’re tied.

That was unexpected.

Severino and Chapman huge, offense not so much.

Way to put up a fight Rays

I like these weekends where I can’t watch and then log on Saturday night. I always seem to miss some stupid loss that would have kept me up all night.

Girardo has got to go- and rotschild too.

Why IS Rothschild such a fixture? It’s not as if he’s been inordinately successful.

[39] The Yankees always seem to have a slightly better staff than I expect, injuries aside. I don’t bekieve in the magical pitching coach, so it seema to me Rothschild is fine.

40 How I felt until I discovered they threw the fewest fastballs in the MLB. I don’t know what to make of that.

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