The Curse of Jerry Hairston, Jr./Eric Hinske:

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Yankees (60-52) @ Blue Jays (53-60), Thursday, 8/10/2017, 07:07p ET

Sonny Gray vs. Marco Estrada


1. Gardner DH
2. Hicks LF
3. Judge RF
4. Gregorius SS
5. Sanchez C
6. Frazier 3B
7. Ellsbury CF
8. Cooper 1B
9.Torreyes 2B

Blue Jays

1. Bautista DH
2. Martin C
3. Donaldson 3B
4. Smoak 1B
5. Pearce LF
6. Carrera RF
7. Goins SS
8. Pillar CF
9. Refsnyder 2B

First isn’t even finished and already the Yankees have stranded two men in scoring position.

Oh boy!

Ay-ay-ron Hicks is back,  at least. That’s something!

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Doesn’t look like they’ll strand anyone this half-inning. Progress?

Men of first and second, man on second both with two outs and then bupkis. As usual.

They work hard at the RISP fail.

BTW, the Mutts came across as real rats in the Jay Bruce trade discussions, real rats.

They didn’t come off well, but I think they came off more as cheap fucks than rats.

3 inning 3 hits including two doubles and a walk and no runs. That takes some careful planning. What a fucking unclutch joke of a team.

Gray not looking like a dominant starter again.

5 Yeah they were interested in two Yankee prospects and the Yankees agreed so they instead took a non prospect either to screw the Yankees or save some chump change. If you’re a big market team you sell to build later and Mutts fans should be pissed.

This team is turning into a pathetic joke. Three tries with RISP and no hits. Later Jays get a man on first, Sanchez with another passed ball allowing the runner to advance, Gray has Donaldson 0-2 and Donaldson gets a hit. Meanwhile another pitcher having a piss poor year shutting down this team. #Pathetic. And I forgot about Gray’s throwing an error leading to another run. What a sloppy team.

This game is super depressing.

Not so sunny. 

Bad luck, or just bad team.

I think it’s more the former, but still pretty damn pathetic.

The Sanchez is fully returned to his old days as a MiL headcase. Some of his remarks defy logic.

How to screw this one up!

[15] A few weeks back that he learned all he needed to learn in MiL ball. A few more recently.

Wow. How come we can’t have infielders like this Refsneider guy ?

Two down, one to go!

Yes!  Wait ...

Fucking pathetic three tries that inning. Don’t tell me these guys aren’t choking in the clutch.

Bad team way more than bad luck. At least mostly bad since the middle of June.

Once Gardy made out it was a sure thing they wouldn’t score. And once Judge got to two strikes it was an immortal certainty he would strike out.

But wait Estrada had an over 5 era coming in, is that good? So that’s why they can’t score.  I have a few nicknames for this team for this weekend.

This team needs a shake up. Maybe DFA Todd Frazier?

Gameday agrees with my eyes that Judge got jobbed.

Two more tries, utter contempt.

At least they’re real good at something.

Rooting for the shutout big time.

Oh good first and second yet again. No solo home runs no offense. QED.

Losing 2/3 to the Tigers, ekeing out a split against Cleveland and losing 2/3 to Toronto. Well done Yankees.

Estrada was winless in his last 12 starts. Guess he was due.

BTW why didn’t Cash simply claim Bruce who woulda been a nice addition and force the Mutts to bargain?

Remember, the Mets aren’t the only people being cheap here. Cash clearly wasn’t authorized to spend Bruce’s whole salary, so claiming him would not have worked, as the Mets could have just let him go.

Bad luck, or just bad?

33 Absolutely! It’s not that often you can get a 30 home run hitter for 4 million and a non prospect when you’re DH is very likely finished. Penny wise etc. I hope if the losing ways continue Hal is greeted by empty seats that cost him in his wallet.

Since June 10 Yankees are 24 and 30 44%

34: 99.44% just bad.

From an RAB post
player expenses as % of revenue (after revenue sharing):
Tigers: 76%
Orioles: 64%
Dodgers: 60%
Blue Jays: 59%
Red Sox: 47%
Yankees: 44%
Rays: 39%
So what’s Hal’s excuse for not claiming Bruce.

Very quietly the pitching has been strong of late. If the offense can get some positive regression going, a good streak and solid playoff positioning may be around the corner. Struggling with RISP is one thing, but there’s also hit sequencing, which is really plain old luck. As frustrating as this team has been since June, when I think about it intellectually and not emotionally, all signs point toward a good run soon.

[39] What signs?

40. Hitting with runners in scoring position fluctuates. The pitching seems poised for some consistency. I’m putting those things together and seeing a good run ahead, if they start hitting better with men on base.

[41] I agree.  I watch few games, mostly read box scores and occasional condensed games / highlights.  From a purely unemotional standpoint they should finish better than they’ve been playing.  A good weekend against Boston would help.

From an emotional standpoint: they suck.

Judge has not been good, Tanaka is erratic at best and those two are the biggest keys to success. No one else can do what Judge did in the first half and only Tanaka can combine with Severino to give us a strong one two in the rotation.  Castro hasn’t even started a rehab and I doubt Bird will help this year.

42. I was really frustrated a couple weeks ago but now I’m just accepting whatever happens. But I feel like this team has been spectacularly unlucky. Bad luck: Chapman, Warren, and Betances are all having good to great seasons. But Warren gets hurt while Chapman and Betances happen to simultaneously pitch their worst baseball in years before getting righted. Combine that with Clippard imploding far beyond what anyone thought was possible and whoops, there’s like five or even six losses that could have been wins. Bullpens can be random, but when three out of four guys mentioned are all basically excelling, and were either injured or ineffective (briefly) at the same damn time, that’s weird. Then you have the injuries… which were basically clustered together too, at the same time as the bullpen’s brief period of total unreliability. Then we have Tanaka, who has had a mysterious season that seemingly can’t be explained by the quality of his stuff. And on and on, to now, after addressing the bullpen and rotation, we have a RISP FAIL wreaking havoc. I actually can’t rememner the last time the Yankees were so ass with runners on base, but intellectually I know it’s basically bad luck. So I don’t know. Does this fifty game stretch get replaced by a way better one? Will it just be another disappointing season? We’ll see. But in my mind, this team has had awful luck this season. And I hope it turns around. When it comes to RISP failure, keep in mind people need to be on-base to be even talking about it. That means you’re just some BABIP luck away from winning seven out of ten.

[43] When Judge fell off a cliff no one picked up any of that slack for a few weeks period. Who has had a real hot streak these past two months?

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