The Curse of Jerry Hairston, Jr./Eric Hinske:

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Yankees (57-51) @ Indians (59-48), Saturday, 8/5/2017, 07:10p ET

Jordan Montgomery vs. Danny Salazar


1. Gardner LF
2. Headley 1B
3 Judge RF
4 Gregorius SS
5 Sanchez DH
6 Ellsbury CF
7 Frazier 3B
8 Torreyes 2B
9 Romine C


1. Lindor SS
2. Guyer RF
3. Brantley LF
4. Ramirez 2B
5. Encarnacion DH
6 Santana 1B
7. Jackson CF
8. Gomes C
9. Urshela 3B

Yankees actually scored first somehow and then Jordan Montgomery actually stranded a leadoff double in the bottom of the first!

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Right now Sanchez is a lock to strike out in a big situation

So ... he’s consistent?

Seriously Aaron. WTF was that.

2 Very much so. Didi looking good. Everyone else looking good also said no one,

Holliday “tweaked” his back yesterday but he’s not on the DL for some reason.

Yankees aren’t going to score again, are they, unless the run(s) meaningless that is.

Headley’s a natural for the two spot.

[5] Girardo says it is likely. I imagine Tyler Austin, unless Hicks is ready, will get the call.

Hilarious how bad they are with runners on.
It’s only Austin’s second game back.

Top of the first, one out, one run in, men on 2nd and third, Sanchez up. Yawn. Returning to the game bottom of the 7th still with one run.
Damn but Romine stinks and considering how often Binder plays his BUC that hurts.

Why did they pull Monty after 65 pitches?

This could be one of the most painful losses of the season. And that’s saying something.

We all knew Headley would hit a home run there, of course.

Why do I feel I’ve heard that on average in two out of every three threads since mid-June?

Aaaaand that puts Judge under .300, right (I know it’s batting average, but still)

First I’ve seen of this team in a little more than a week and it’s 2 check swings by Judge, one foul, one a weak Jeterian grounder.

Something’s wrong with the dude. No fire. No confidence. It’s like he’s up there looking for HRD meatballs and completely flumoxed that they’re throwing actual fastballs, curves, sliders. Like he’s never seen those before.

The guy needs a long weekend in Tijuana to get himself right.

15 And earlier took a pitch right down the middle for strike 3.

Betances with wicked curveballs. Holy crap.

Where was that a month ago, Asshole ?

The entire Indians bullpen today is former Yankee relievers. Crazy.

And yeah, Betances was SHARP in the eighth. Let’s hope Chapman can be sharp in the ninth.

Sancho looks like Panza.

Panza, for the record, couldn’t hit a bulls ass with a bass fiddle. Look it up.

All right, here we go.
Predictions for how this is going to go down, folks?

Hopefully well? That’s the best I’ve got. smile

Whoever scores last, will win.

Nice frame by Romine.

To be fair to Chapman. they’ve been sucking so much lately that he’s bound to be rusty. And yet he still got the job done. So the worst they’ll be is 4 games out after tomorrow. Phew.

Sanchez is still having a very good year for a catcher. He has the highest fWAR in the American League this season and he missed a whole month! He’s fourth in the majors and the three guys ahead of him all played at least 23 more games each.

Yay win, Yay pen but man this offense stinks.

Chapman was kinda lucky.

Gary was a bit rusty at first, then, for a while, just a shade below what we were looking for. The last week or so he’s looked worse than anything we’ve ever seen from him. But sure, that’s not the whole season.

Chapman was kinda lucky.

Super duper lucky, but hey, they’ve had such BAD luck, then maybe this will start a good luck trend! A one-run win with great defensive plays in their favor (no way Castro makes the Torreyes play, by the way).

DFA Gary!

Gary’s OBP under 280 and OPS under 800 the last month and remember he’s not just a catcher he’s also the semi regular cleanup hitter and a contending team needs more than that.

Only two catchers in the American League have OPSes over .800 period (50 game minimum). That he is the clean-up hitter isn’t on him. He’s having a good year.

But can we all agree that Todd Frazier is worthless?

It happpens on this team the catcher is a major power source so for me that’s his comp.

36 Made a nice barehanded play.

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