The Curse of Jerry Hairston, Jr./Eric Hinske:

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Yankees (46-42) @ Red Sox (51-40), Sunday, 7/16/2017, DoubleHeader

Game 1: Yankees: CC Sabathia (L): (78 IP, 3.81 ERA) vs. Red Sox: Rick Porcello (R): (119.1 IP, 4.75 ERA)

Game 2: Yankees: Masahiro Tanaka (R) (102 IP, 5.47 ERA) vs. Red Sox: David Price (L) (53 IP, 3.91 ERA)

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Ellsbury in a furious race with Chase Headley for worst player in MLB history since Ken Reitz

The ol’ “He only made one mistake!” Girardi press conference writes itself.

Man, that slo-mo of Betts’ swing is terrifying. What a great swing.

[101] They will finish 3-4 behind Joba and Farnsworth.

TheYankees won 2 games facing Cy Young pitchers, a ROY and 5 MVP candidates.  I’m satisfied.

Joba was pretty damn good for a while, Els got the big double last night, Headley has been fine since the middle of June, tough crowd considering Javy, Pavano, Steven Drew, Vernon Wells, Dean Anna, Will Nieves, Tony Woemack and a cast of hundreds

Oh Kris Karter.

[93] I mean, looking at this team I see the bullpen as a pretty big need if you take Betances out of it. Sure, there are other equal needs, but moving your (tied for?)best reliever just creates a weakness. I’d rather trade some prospects oof roughly equal value if we’re gonna trade.

[94] A number of stats disagree. By WAR and DRA for example he’s basically top 5 the past three years. Yes, he walks too many, but he strikes so many out and is so good at suppressing contact that he’s still elite. I would take only Jansen, Miller and maybe Chappy or Kimbrel over him (I don’t think I’m missing anyone here)

Anyway every reliever looks terrible in their terrible stretches. Let’s come back in two weeks and we’ll probably be offering to be his bidet.

Tanaka HR rate pre 2017 about 1.2/9 this year slightly over 2. Larry Rothschild thoughts?

[108] There’s obviously something wrong with Tanaka. Maybe the Yankees have identified it. But they certainly haven’t been able to fix it.

[107] Yeah, but outside of 2017, the Yankees have shown the ability to cobble together very good BPs over the last ~5 years.

Green in particular looks very good.

Headley has been fine since the middle of June? Does he have an extra base hit outside of that foul home run against Milwaukee? Homeboy is TERRIBLE!


Broke his cherry.

Jacoby Buttchugger comes through again.

All games at the ridiculous townie stadium especially ESPN games can only be watched on mute.

Joba was pretty damn good for a while

No. No, he wasn’t. He was not at all. He was pretty damned good for like 24 months out of 10 seasons.

Joba WAR: 7.9 in 10 seasons. 7.9. 10 seasons. That’s 0.79 WAR/year over his career.

His cup of coffee first season of 24 innings accumulated 1.4 Wins. Followed up by becoming a starter in his first full season, 3.5 WAR. Then followed up with another 1.4 wins but it took him 157 innings to accumulate that value.

The remainder of his career saw him porpoising between -0.6 and +1.0 WAR.

That’s it. Flash in the pan. Bum. Flameout. Chump. Goon. Mannattee.

So really, he was pretty damned good for one season plus his initial burst on the scene, then a nagging waste of roster space the remainder of his career.

ETA: One can make a case (See above where I actually DO) that his one good “pretty damned good” year was a fluke, outlier, fake news story.

I think Tanaka has been affected badly by the juiced ball. I know every pitcher has, but he is at least now changing his approach and allowing less balls in the air. Maybe he is not an ace anymore, but lately he has pitched very well and by the naked eye he looks much better, his stuff is just much better, FB is 1-2 mph faster, his slider is having more movement and the split is not a flat fastball anymore.

I am still worried that he will opt out if he keeps pitching like the last month. Even if his ERA never goes down to above average levels

[116] Smellsbury, by contrast, has 11 seasons, is still in the league instead of being signed and releases in the space of 60 days by the Brewers (THE BREWERS, JOBA WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH TO PLAY FOR THE FUCKING BREWERS !!!).

Smellsbury in 11 seasons has had exactly TWO seasons under 1 WAR. His initial callup season in which he racked up 0.6 WAR in 33 games of 131 OPS+ ball, and his 18 game “lost” season where he was injured and accumulated -0.1 WAR.

In summation, TRO >>>>>>> Joba The Shit-turd-monster.

Complain all you want about Smellsbury and his contract, but the only complaint anyone is making about Joba these days is “Who does that fat fuck think he is, parking his car over the line and taking up two spaces ?”

[117] Maybe, but the ball was supposed to be juiced last year too…

Judge bound for a slump sooner or later and it appears sooner won.

Castro plays 2nd like toe

[120] Maybe he’s just a bit tired.

I haven’t listened to Sterling + Waldman for about a year until tonight, man does it suck.

Anyone watching on TV? The dimbats[sic - they are dim] making excuses for Torreyes. Tough play or bad play?

The only one complaining the first year was Youklis.

Who hurt you, Pin?  Do you need a hug?

Waldman always sounds like she’s drunk enough to have motor mouth, but not so drunk that she is unaware of it. So she sort of prattles for a bit and then abruptly “sums” everything up and just stops talking. It’s quite disconcerting.

[127]  This is nothing compared to Sterling’s obvious early-stage dementia and functional blindness.

[127[ That’s a fair description of my 2-post rant. Sorry t disconcert anyone.

[126[] I got a case of red-ass and the only cure is more bourbon.

The way this team hit it’s a miracle we weren’t swept. Is this the 8th or 9th non winning series?

[129] It’s charming when you aren’t being paid for it.

Nobody can beat a team with 4 Cy Young candidates, the ROY and five MVP candidates.  Either it’s me or the IPad is very effing clumsy when it comes to correcting my typing and autocorrect is beyond bad.

Bourbon can be warm and comforting, like a hug.

All this the worst player ever reminds me of the times I have heard horseplayers complain about the worst beat ever or the worst ride ever.

No posturing after a single when you’re down three Clint.

No pinch hit Binder? Hacking away the COToe is spacious.

Also, Adams pitched yesterday, so he’s not an option until the end of the week at the earliest.


No Sterling, that is not ironic. FUCK!

[139]  Ha, just thinking that.

[140] I feel like as a broadcast “professional” the correct use of ironic should be a prerequisite. If only because every other idiot misuses it.

sterling just turned 79. So I guess there are good reasons why he is losing competence. Tanaka did ok. He made a predictable costly pitch to Betts and should have fielded the comebacker that led to 3rd run. A split is ok when you consider the poor hitting of thumpers

Drunk Sully out in force on a Sunday night.

How small does your world have to be, Sully ?

I knew as soon as Sterling went into his home run call that it wasn’t so.

I’ve said this before, but it’s sad when the opposing fans chant “Yankees suck!” and I agree.

Great hit, great catch. I don’t resent that.

It would piss me off if they washed his balls like that after he leapt to make a catch that he didn’t need to leap for.

That was legit on both ends.

Wait, the replay showed that was a double play. Why are the Yankees not challenging ?

TOE not distinguishing himself this series and as much as Headley is hated I wish he or Romine or Choi would’ve hit for him with 2 on and 2 out.

TOE not distinguishing himself this series and as much as Headley is hated I wish he or Romine or Choi would’ve hit for him with 2 on and 2 out. Oops forgot Gardy.  Why use an actual MLB hitter when Toe can hack away.

Sterling is incredulous that Tanaka is coming out after 110+ pitches.

It cannot be that this offense is mired in mediocrity because Hicks was the catalyst. Can it?

[134] No one should ever want to be compared to horseplayers. It’s a tough call who’s more of a miserable creature: horseplayers or poker players.

So Mitchell and Cessa Monday and Tuesday leaves us in great shape for the week.

It would be nice to win a series, at least for old times sake.

Kevin Millar looked like he should have been the bass player in Nickelback and had something to do with that Dirt Dog vomit so to Kevin Millar i say, you are my least fav Red Sock, to hell with you.

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