The Curse of Jerry Hairston, Jr./Eric Hinske:

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Yankees (46-42) @ Red Sox (51-40), Sunday, 7/16/2017, DoubleHeader

Game 1: Yankees: CC Sabathia (L): (78 IP, 3.81 ERA) vs. Red Sox: Rick Porcello (R): (119.1 IP, 4.75 ERA)

Game 2: Yankees: Masahiro Tanaka (R) (102 IP, 5.47 ERA) vs. Red Sox: David Price (L) (53 IP, 3.91 ERA)

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Sad to see Heller and Holder sent down, I think these guys are going to be significant bullpen pieces next season. I think the Yankees were way too slow to give Heller a shot this season.

It is unlikely to be for long. I bet that they’re back up as soon as possible. Well, definitely one of them. The other depends on how well Bryan Mitchell pitches.

7/16 Game 1 @Yankees at BOS
Gardner CF
Headley 3B
Judge RF
Holliday DH
Gregorius SS
Frazier LF
Romine C
Choi 1B
Torreyes 2B
Sabathia P

Frazier better be playing both games.

4 I guess, thought they might go with Gardy and El against Porcello but since Gardy played the whole game yesterday why not rest him in the day game?

John Sterling is awful. He brags about never looking at statistics and he forgets his train of thought more and more. I think it’s just about time for his farewell tour.

Judge 0-for-10. Did he have any 0-for-10 before the ASB?

If CC’s walking guys he’s in trouble.OTOH.

6 And I’m about to head out so he’ll be my conduit.

Benintendi seems very unlikable.

[10] A lot of the Red Sox more recent farm products seem really likable. It’s nice that they are returning to their roots.

It’s hard to root against Bogaerts and Betts.

10 Goes with the uniform.

11 Easy, real easy.

I hated a decade ago (13years-ish) when they had Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, and fun Johnny Damon. Those guys were so likable. I hated it.

Then the Yankees signed Damon and he shaved off all interesting aspects of his personality.

The HR contest winner claiming Judge as its newest victim.

13 I found Jamba one of the most unlikable townies and that’s saying something.  A big phony.


(This site needs a glossary.)

16 Jamba Juice.

Aka big floppy Ortiz

So TOE got a 2 out hit. I can just hear waldman and sterling talking about how Toe does all the little things that help the team win blah blah blah. There is a reason his WAR is 0. He is the definition of a nothing player.

Serling very upset Headley didn’t bunt or go oppo there.

18 Mostly they raved about Frazier’s second gear then they allowed ROY leftfielder might have a weak arm.

Since when is it hard to root against anyone wearing that laundry? Put the pope in a Townie jersey and I’ll still be “Vatican II? More like Vatican 0-for-II.”

Also eyedrops.

Pesky DiDi.

I love it when they get hoisted on their own petard. MORE HOISTING.

Pedro Martinez had a mini me.  It was hard not to like him.

[23] Well played.

Trout has never had an OPS of 1.0+. Yet big floppy did as a 40 year old.

Ortiz also threw bats at umpires and smashed a dugout phone to bits with his bat while his teammates were sitting right next to it.

Also, I think I would call Pedro my most hated Townie of the 2000s.

CC with an ugly ass though appreciated five shutout innings. Chacon-like.

It looked like Romine said “fucking asshole” when he walked back to the dugout.

“Chacon-like”: one of the rarest adjectival expressions in the history of the English language.

Gone, excuse me bounced. Choi has looked OK so far tho not as tough as Romine who but for him yesterday.

Ji-Man has looked great today. The guy is a MLB caliber player, without a doubt.

31. Who can forget the Chacon-Chacin classics of ‘05?

Pedro had some personality, Jamba’s just loathsome.  Also Pedro helped Sevvy with the change.

33 What took them so long to give him a shot?

Pedro Marinez had a jerry curl.  Great Human.

35. I think they called him up at just the right time. He was starting to slug consistently at AAA. He was improving by the month. Carter was just so bad that maybe they could have expedited Choi.

The Yankees are Pedro’s daddy. Hard to hate that) Pedroia I dislike. I could have done without Flipper or Effsburied, too, to be honest. Pierczinski’s socks should have been the other color. They were in spirit.

And Ortiz got more dislikeable over time. Manny was never likeable, although he was compelling in the way that car crashes are compelling.

Ominous synthesizer Clippard is p in the pen. Three not nearly enough, these are the games they routinely lose.

Schilling and Varitek were the easiest Red Sox to hate.  Schilling is vile.  Pedroia is probably the least likable current Red Sox player.

Wade Boggs was particularly unlikable from an earlier era.  And Clemens actually.

(38) Flipper?

Strong showing from Judge.

It’s a different offense with players in it, right? Even with Judge not producing yet. When Judge and Sanchez get going with this cast around them, it will be fun again.

Fuck Youkilis. Forever. Outside of Schilling, he was easily the most hateable Red Sox.

Pedro was easy to root against as a Red Sox, but easy to appreciate as an absolutely mindbogglingly good baseball player. It’s really incredible how good he and Randy Johnson were in the midst of the steroid era.

That’s who I was looking for. Second.

43, Agreed.

[43] Randy Johnson was far harder to like.

The Yankees really need to win this. Clippard is scary.

George blew it because either RJ or Schilling should have been in a Yankees uniform in the prime of their career.

Clippard is like watching a one-legged man on a high-wire.

The Yankees blew it by getting Johnson in a Yankees uniform.  If they had not made that trade, they could have signed Beltran.  Beltran offered to take less money to sign with the Yankees.  Replacing the sedentary Bernie Williams with prime Beltran would have helped the pitching staff more than any other possible move.  I really believe it cost them at least one WS.

[50] They got RJ past his prime. Both RJ and Schilling were available in their prime (which is what I said), and George wouldn’t go for it, He was obsessed with Mussina. They could have had Mussina and one of the others.

Three pitches Gardy?

Yankees 6.25% to win this.

50. Vazquez literally could have been on the team every year from 04-2011 putting ERA+ of 90-120 every year and winning double digits. I agree that Beltran was the proper move, but then again he missed large chunks of two years with knee problems between ‘09-10, and Damon did play very well for the Yankees, which made it all less damaging. (also Melky was pretty damn exciting in ‘06, and I think he definitely gets traded in ‘05 with Beltran in the fold)

Meanwhile: this game: quiet: suspiciously quiet

I always hated Kevin Millar and Trot Nixon to an unreasonable-bordering-on-pathological degree.

those two walks drove me crazy but good job by Green. He’s been an awesome reliever.

There’s a Chase and a Chasen on the team right now.  Strange. 

Soon there will be a Chance, too.

I really like Green as a reliever. I’ve always been skeptical of his starting ability, I wonder if the Yankees will take this as a gift and keep him as a reliever. He looks like a late inning arm right now.

There’s a zero percent chance that Chapman doesn’t blow this.

57 Me too paused to take the garbage downstairs after the second.

Sit down doofus.

Ump shoulda ran him even with two outs in the 9th.

What the fuck was that?

Man Chapman just can’t seem to have a clean inning this season.

Its weird to see Chapman’s fastball be so hittable, but if he throws more sliders he can still be a dominant closer. His slider not only has great spin, but he throws it for a strike very often.

ensured a split, which seemed unlikely coming into this series. Joe gonna house money it, or go for the kill?

[67] It’s really shitty they blew Friday’s game. They could be knocking on a sweep and first place otherwise.

(67) Joe is disheartened that he can’t play Romine at all 8 positions for the second.

67. Hoping for Sanchez at C, Judge at DH. Rest Gardner for Ellsbury, play Frazier again. Dale Cooper at 1B, Castro at 2B. Should be a representative lineup. No Holliday or Gardner notwithstanding.

That we won 2 of 4 is nice. On to Minny, maybe Judge can hit then.

(70) I bet he plays Choi again after that game he just had.

72 No way, he’s committed to the platoon for now.

Can’t sit Gardy and DH Judge.

Hmmm…maybe don’t DH Judge then. It’s a tough call. I really want them to DH Judge.

Oh! Maybe play Choi in left! He was pretty much only a left fielder last season.

I actually think playing Choi could be a good idea. Price isn’t an overwhelming left-hander anymore and Choi has that opposite field swing.

(68) yes they blew Friday night but they won yesterday out of nowhere. First blown save in Fenway ever by their closer.

Why use chapman and not green for 2 innings? Now next game both not available?

Cooper played 43 games in the OF as a minor leaguer, or they can bring up a 26th guy Ref? But Judge had We/Thu off and he’s 25 I’d let him play. He can DH tomorrow and Gardy and TRO can both play.

I bet they sit Headley tonight.

Do you guys think Madson and Doolittle are enough to fix the Nationals BP? If the Yankees end up looking to sell, would they consider moving Betances?

[81]  I doubt it.  Frazier has a chance to be an impact bat and is already in the majors.  Torres could be a(nother) franchise player and would be in NY without the injury.  Who’s going to pay that kind of price for Betances?  I mean everyone in baseball can see his problems.  Hell, Chapman wouldn’t bring back a Torres this year either (if he were tradeable which he unfortunately is not).

I love Farrell and his, “We’re not doing this for us, this protest is to help future players to avoid this situation.”

I like the Game 2 lineup. No Headley and Gardy gets to rest.

Ellsbury CF
Sanchez C
Judge RF
Holliday DH
Castro 2B
Gregorius SS
Frazier LF
Cooper 1B
Torreyes 3B

They’re getting so close to the complete lineup. Add Hicks at the #2 spot and you have yourself a lineup. Especially if Holliday or Frazier could play first.

[83]  Won’t someone please think of the children!

I always rather liked Pedro, but it helped that the Yanks went about .500 vs the Sox when he was on the mound.  I loved it when he said, upon being asked about the Curse of Babe Ruth, “Wake up the damn Bambino and have me face him. Maybe I’ll drill him in the ass.”

81. Hmmm… I don’t know if I’d be content with Dellin for Robles. I’d probably want a can’t-miss starting pitching prospect for him, if he was moved. (which would also break my heart, though it’d be analytically defensible)

Last year was a special situation as two teams had not won a WS in a combined 175+ years, the Cubs and the Indians, were ready to take that step. The getting was good.

[29] Chaconian?

[81] Do you want to trade Dellin right now? This team is a lot better with him, and anybody at that level costs a ton on the market.

I would want to keep him and try to extend after this season. Give him a good salary for his arb years and buy yourself another year or two of services. But, hey, I’m sure the Yankees know how to treat hometown, home-grown talent.

[92] No. I’m not calling for a trade now. But if the Yankees fade in the next few weeks and try to sell, he’s one of their most valuable pieces. They have Chapman signed long term for lots of money, Betances could bring back a near MLB ready player that plugs a more important hole in the 2018+ Yankees. IMO, it’s something you have to at least consider.

[90] Sort of, I don’t think we’ll see a Chapman/Torres type trade anytime soon, but I could see something more along the lines of the Miller/Frazier trade. BP pieces are huge for a playoff push and the price is at a premium at the deadline.

I just don’t think Betances is head and shoulders above.  I don’t know what other premium relievers are available, but Betances walks the park and can’t hold runners.  His BB/9 this year is 7.7.  He ain’t Andrew Miller.

Yeah, he won’t bring back a Miller return, but you can still get a good piece for him (assuming his wildness returns to normal levels). But, yes his season this year will certainly lower the market value to the point where it may not be worth exploring a trade.

Tanaka looks sharp. Either the extra rest thing is completely legit, or else Fenway brings out the Koufax in him.

Really making Price work here.

Hanley’s look of bewilderment right there might be Toe’s TYM.

This Cooper kid is pathetic.

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