The Curse of Jerry Hairston, Jr./Eric Hinske:

Friday, July 14, 2017

Yankees (45-41) @ Red Sox (50-39), Friday, 7/14/2017, 07:10p ET

Yankees: Jordan Montgomery (L): (91.1 IP, 3.65 ERA) vs. Red Sox: Drew Pomeranz (L): (90 IP, 3.60 ERA)

1. Brett Gardner (L) LF .256/.346/.454
2. Gary Sanchez (R) C .276/.360/.491
3. Aaron Judge (R) RF .329/.448/.691
4. Matt Holliday (R) DH .262/.366/.511
5. Didi Gregorius (L) SS .291/.321/.458
6. Garrett Cooper (R) 1B
7. Jacoby Ellsbury (L) CF .266/.337/.384
8. Chase Headley (S) 3B .251/.341/.366
9. Ronald Torreyes (R) 2B .278/.306/.364

Red Sox
1. Mookie Betts (R) RF .272/.351/.490
2. Dustin Pedroia (R) 2B .303/.382/.397
3. Xander Bogaerts (R) SS .303/.359/.447
4. Hanley Ramirez (R) DH .261/.350/.445
5. Chris Young (R) LF .255/.339/.386
6. Jackie Bradley Jr. (L) CF .280/.363/.490
7. Sam Travis (R) 1B .275/.341/.375
8. Christian Vazquez (R) C .267/.303/.358
9. Deven Marrero (R) 3B .225/.266/.349

I have a bad feeling about this game series.

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I have a bad feeling about this game series season.

At least the Yankees didn’t lose yesterday…

I don’t know how many more times I’ll be able to say that before the end of the season…

I really hope this is some “Start the second half with the regulars” shit before Frazier gets back in tomorrow.

TRO 3/7 lifetime against Pomeranz.

Oh, I didn’t know Ref was still on the active roster. So obviously it’s Ref who is gone. So I guess Holder sticks with the bullpen. Phew. Did NOT want just six guys in the bullpen in Fenway. Too tempting to pitch Clippard. Can they just DFA Clippard, please?

Did you guys know that Torreyes is actually younger than Judge? Weird.

The Yankees REALLY missed Holliday in the lineup.

Just get Hixie back and one of them Oscar Pistorious spring feet for Bird and we’ll be good to go.

The Yankee medical staff would put it on the wrong foot.

They’d put it on his throwing arm.

Like Tron? I see no downside here.

If the Cubs trade Schwarber and Almora in a package for Sonny Gray, they could actually conceivably use Ellsbury. #ellsburycontractdumpwatch

The priority is to get rid off Ellsubry, even if they pay 70% of his lousy contract

Sell high on Gardner.
If you are going to do whatever it takes to dump Ellsbury including paying a ton you can do that at any time.

With hicks, Frazier and Judge both have to go anyway.

Lead off walks score…...never.

Spinning off Gardy would be a bummer. He’s on such a friendly deal he’s worth keeping around even if it’s only as a 4th OF next year.

Agreed. There’s plenty of room for him, Hicks, Frazier and Judge to play a lot next season. But with Ellsbury still here, there isn’t room for FIVE guys.

Writing off Fowler?  Isn’t it possible that early season Hixie was the aberration not the last 5 years?

The more I think of it, the more I like a hypothetical Verlander for Ellsbury swap. The Yankees might need to eat a bit of cash, but overall it helps them and the Tigers.

What teams in the American League have the Yankees never played against in the playoffs?

Off the top of my head, I’ve got:

Blue Jays
White Sox

Is that right?

Writing off Fowler?

I don’t think you can include him in thoughts of the roster in the future. If he returns, it’s a pleasant surprise.

[21] Absolutely, as much as it sucks for him, Frazier is ahead of him in the depth charts now (he has plenty of season to cement or change that). If Frazier continues to show his raw power can play, it’s hard to take Fowler - who is plenty good - over him.

[20] Currently or ever in the AL? They never played the Brewers back in the day, I don’t think.

But you wrote him off.  Neither Frazier nor Hixie is a lock to be any good next year.

I don’t think we should write Fowler off, just that you can’t rely on him to heal, either.

22 But the depth chart now is meaningless and unimportant.

[20] Currently or ever in the AL? They never played the Brewers back in the day, I don’t think.

Currently, but EVER, you surprisingly don’t even add all that many other teams if we add NL teams, right?

(Did they play the Cubs a century ago?)

And that’s it, right?

Flash: “You’re not going to blow it by him with a low-90s fastball.”

Montgomery: blows it by him with a low-90’s fastball

[28] I’m stuck on the Red Sox feed, because Chrome refuses to run flash without me telling it explicitly, which prevents the non-video controls from loading.

This game is going to go forever, isn’t it? Montgomery already at 25 pitches…

[27] Yeah, Cubs were the called shot game. I guess that’s it if you’re counting Senators/Twins, Senators/Rangers, Boston Braves/Atlanta Braves, Nats/Spos as franchises in continuity and not distinct.

Seattle Pilots, I guess?

Hanley gave Monty a dirty look on the 3-1 pitch like how’d I miss that weak shit.

Battlin’ Monty

Less than 30 pitches!

At least the bullpen is rested? Terrible, but rested.

Aaron Hicks was pretty great this season before he got injured. .OBP just under .400, so it wasn’t exactly a .BABIP fluke.

Wrong part of the park El.

[36] Agree, Hicks’ performance looks like a breakout.

This game is not going to end well; but to be fair, it has not begun well either.

[38] Some guys are just late bloomers.  Hopefully Hicks is one of those guys, and he remains a Yankee.

Looks like another fast-paced Yankees-Red Sox game.

38 Maybe. 40 Agree. Jury’s out I’m not so quick to dismiss the mediocrity of the rest of his career nbut I hope what we saw this year is a glimpse into the future. See Headley 2012 for instance.

[42] He also played very well last year with consistent playing time. I respect your more conservative take, but he’s still ahead of Fowler going into 2018.

How do you walk Marrero?

Hicks and Frazier deserve full time starting roles.

42. In 2015 he was a switch-hitter getting inconsistent ABs, on a new team, and taking away playing time from A-Rod at moments. He stunk and you can’t necessarily dismiss it, but certainly not great ingredients for comfort and success.

I agree both Hixie and Frazier are more likely to contribute than Fowler or a player TBD next year but the uncertainty factor is yuuge.

Classic Headley missile. Sheffieldian.

Monty 55 pitches thru 2, who’s the 5th inning guy?

First and third no out TKBG.

Weak Matt. Very weak. Someone tell me why after a layoff they didn’t want Holliday to get in another game last night at Scranton.  After all he’s an effing DH!

The Yankees played the Brewers in the AL division series in 1981.

It was a work stoppage year.  They had pre-workstoppage winners play against post-workstoppage winners.

If Holliday played last night and needed a day off Frazier could’ve looked as bad. They rushed CC back also tho in need of a rehab start too.

Cooper looks a little like Coney

what a crap hit

25% 5.5 out, 75% 7.5 out.

“Kids eat free when Red Sox win.”

I’ve never wanted kids to starve so hard in my life.

Oh ... oh my. That was violent and cruel.

Sancho Panza.

This ain’t Colorado Springs Coop.

The Ellsbury deal is galling enough. The fact he now hits like Juan Pierre with less contact skills is just disgusting.

Hey, he’s not hitting any worse than any other Yankees 1B

I don’t know how I feel about Chad Green: lights out reliever when I still believe in Chad Green: #3 starter.

I just came here to write that exact sentiment. He’s so good that it makes you really wonder, “Can’t he just do this as a starter?”

One run game not promising.

Warren thanking the .BABIP gods after that one.

65. Yeah and he had an incredible year starting in AAA last season.

Matt not so sharp. Here comes the iceberg.

Love to see Dellin throw a fastball with two strikes to freeze Bradley. When he’s at his best he can make hitters look foolish committing to the breaking ball. Use that fastball.

Other than inexplicably hammering Moreland in the knee with a fastball, Betances looked like himself. Just being more aggressive with that fastball and not falling off first-base side will have him pitching like himself the rest of the way.

Al Kooper?

Let’s go Chapman. Do your job.


Pathetic job by the Yankees infield this inning. Comically inept team for over a month.

Just end this misery now.

Can’t even give Chapman shit for this (unless he walks in the winning run, of course) and I would love to give Chapman shit for this.

Every game it is like they try to find a new fucked up way to lose.

At least now I can give Chapman shit for this. This team…it’s just mind-boggingly.

I’ve had just about enough of watching this team. Enjoy tomorrow gents.

77. You can give Chapman shit for basically looking like a crazy drunk who refuses to throw his slider (a plus pitch with the Reds) anymore. His M.O. this season is just to come into the game winging fastballs he can barely locate. No attempt to actually pitch. He has been godawful, though that definitely wasn’t his entire fault.

I don’t think I can ever recall a Yankee team like this that’s clearly a pretty good team and yet they just find a way to lose every close game.

Thankfully, no extra innings BS.

No wonder I didn’t miss baseball.

Maximum pain.  Its kind of impressive in its own way.

The only slight sliver I have is that this has happened so many times over the last month that it’s really started to just numb over.

TOE Kozma

[84] That’s the booze.

How does Larry Rothschild still have a job given the seasons of Tanaka, Chapman, and Betances? If firing him means Girardi goes too, it is probably worth it. When your three most talented pitchers have extended periods of flat-out sucking, maybe its time for a change?

In June, they outscored their opponents by over 50 runs and yet were under .500.

July, they’ve at least had the decency to be outscored by 15 runs as they’ve gone 2-7.

This is going to be another series loss. The 1991 Yankees laugh.

I think a series loss would be optimistic. They’re obviously losing tomorrow, right? So can they avoid getting swept on Sunday to avoid hitting .500 by the end of this series?

Too bad Frazier didn’t get 4 or 5 AB’s in that park. Right, Girardo?

Decided to not watching the inevitable, don’t slow down to look at car crashes either.  Sounded like some infield hits, terrible fielding and Chapman’s inabilty to strike anyone out.

they should trade Chapman again.

If Chapman and Betances can’t produce, they’re done. So sell. Chop the onerous contracts and old players off the roster. Stash your closer into low leverage situations and suck it up. Play the kids. Because your well paid players can’t. Frustrating as this is, it’s fine if they give the kids a shot and screw the post season.

Is it in the Binder to walk the bases loaded when your pitcher is having trouble throwing strikes??

One run games 9-18 awesome and well deserved.

Decided to not watching the inevitable, don’t slow down to look at car crashes either.  Sounded like some infield hits, terrible fielding and Chapman’s inabilty to strike anyone out

Even though I’d love to rip him for it, it is kind of hard when his fielders fucked him on the first THREE batters. Then they had to load the bases with an intentional walk. Obviously, you shouldn’t walk a guy in that situation then, but the inning had already been fucked by the infield, so it’s hard to give Chapman too much shit for the walk.

Is it in the Binder to walk the bases loaded when your pitcher is having trouble throwing strikes??

Second and third and no outs in the bottom of the ninth inning, you have to load the bases. Not the bottom of the ninth inning in a tie game, then sure, I would agree to just try to go after the batter, but in a tie game in the bottom of the ninth, you have to load the bases.

97 The first infield hit looked like bad luck I don’t think Didi had a play.  The second I’m not sure.  But if Chapman strikes guys out the infield can’t fuck up.

You can’t knock a pitcher for getting soft contact. That’s a GOOD thing.

Shit just went wrong and then he fucked up with the walk (so don’t get me wrong, fuck Chapman for the walk. That was awful). It’s been that kind of month plus for the Yankees. Any way they COULD lose, they WILL lose.

Chapman’s not a ground ball pitcher so no I wouldn’t walk the bases loaded. And according to Curry he was having trouble throwing strikes.

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