The Curse of Jerry Hairston, Jr./Eric Hinske:

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Yankees (38-28) @ Athletics (30-38), Sunday, 6/18/2017, 04:05p ET

Luis Cessa vs. Jharel Cotton


LF Brett Gardner
C Gary Sanchez
RF Aaron Judge
DH Matt Holliday
2B Starlin Castro
SS Didi Gregorius
3B Chase Headley
1B Chris Carter
CF Mason Williams

A bunch of guys who will hit a home run today.

Let’s go,  Houston!

Seriously, it’s good to have Gary Sanchez and Matt Holliday back in the lineup. It won’t matter, but it’s nice.

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SG, is that you posting under Cronin’s name?

I can’t remember if I’ve ever made this point before, but Chase Headley sucks donkey balls.

Must have a big mouth 👄

Wow Mason with a 243 BA at Scranton an ideal call up.

A checked swing ground out by Castro on a 3-0 count.  Why would Binder ever give Castro a green light 3-0?

Time for Castro to sit a few days. He hit a HR earlier this year 3-0 but now? He needs a rest

STFU Flash I saw nothing I liked last year or this about Luis Cessa. How many starters in the minors are better than Cessa?

This is ... unfun.

I mean Cash, Binder why the fuck is Cessa starting this game. At best Cessa is a mop up guy.  Somebody please fire Flash he is a worsenannouncer than Cessa is a pitcher.

Cessa been spending too much time with Tanaka.

Going by era and I understand this is not ideal of those with 5 or more starts Camarena, Chance, Caleb Smith all have better eras as does German with 4 starts and 4 at Trenton not to mention Acevedo. Does Cash need to justify his acquisition?

Need eleventy more runs.

A good bunt stays fair Flash you idiot.

It finally happened. Flash has driven bop to madness.

Fowler, Frazier and Payton all with considerably higher OPS than Mason.

Flash plus Cash plus the Yankees and after all there’s a thin line between mediocrity and insanity.

Mason is the new Hicks.

My fear is Cessa will be just mediocre enough to get another start(s)

My fear is that Mason Williams will stick around.

Green and Cessa for Justin Wilson who says no?

15.  Yes.  This is they day we all feared, but knew must come.

Coloulmbe’s law

Williams is just about the least productive person in Scranton.

Do they have any imagination in the front office or are they trying to threaten another move to Florida?

Good teams don’t get swept by Oakland.


[25] Four games!

Or lose 6 straight to the Troutless Halos and A’s.

We knew regression was coming.

Even bad teams don’t get swept by Oakland.

[30] Four games!

Let’s see what the “comeback kids” can do now.

Headley hitting from the right side and KKKarter should score at least 2.

Probably right to PH TOE now but would never happen.

Popped,up sharply at least.

Headley was hitting 164/176/239 415 as a RHB in 68 PAs this year, why was pinch hitting an impossibility then?




[36] Girardo.

38-124 here we come.

7-11 in one run games. Stupid Pythag.

Stupid sliding head first into home.

Binder “Cessa was OK,” I hope he’s just being diplomatic.

I think it’ll be a good home-stand. Some poor play, but some really shit luck here during this trip. Hit me with a 4-2, 5-1 homestand, and this unpleasantness will be quickly forgotten. Have to really like the pen with Chapman back and Betances in the eighth. Call me crazy, but I don’t think Eric Young Jr. hits any eighth inning homers off Dellin next week. Hope it was a good holiday for ya’s.

The ESPN 30/30 best of enemies about Lakers-Celtics is super.

44. Weirdly, I think my favorite of those docs was about John Spano. Just an insane story.

They’re mostly good, recently saw the two Escobars and the one about El Duque and Livan was excellent but this is simply riveting.  Just finished part 2 and that 1984 championship was something else.

Is it safe?

46. May peep that tonight.

The Yankees might be in second place by the next time that they play, since the Red Sox play the Royals tomorrow night and will likely beat them.

Oh, they’re just going to make this inevitable loss all the more painful, aren’t they?

Astros throw a runner out at home to beat the Yankees and then get a runner thrown out at home to lose to the Red Sox. Sounds about right.

51 Huh? Cruel irony.

(33) I know you didn’t mean it maliciously, and I understood what you meant, but I don’t think calling a black guy KKKarter is okay.

Huh? Cruel irony.

The Astros still theoretically have a chance, but they had the bases loaded with one out in the 8th down two runs and Carlos Beltran hit a single and Jose Altuve was thrown out at the plate trying to score from second. The next batter then struck out looking. Blech. So Astros have the bottom of the lineup in the bottom of the ninth inning down 6-5.

In other words, yes, another one-run BoSox win.

Astros 3-15 with RISP and stranded 13 so far.

Yankees 7-12 in one run games 2nd worst in the AL, townies 11-8.

And there you have it, Red Sox tied for first and all they need to do to take over sole possession of first is beat the Royals tomorrow.

53 See KKKearns as in Austin Kearns who I referred to that way here a few years ago and was quite white.

I do think that it’s important for us to measure ourselves, in the sense that Judge, Sanchez and Severino are all young and signed long term. Plus, Hicks is signed for the next few years, so there is a lot to like about this team going forward, even if they end up falling down a bit this season. That isn’t to say that they won’t rebound, just noting that they can scuffle around for the rest of the season and this would still be a good season for the team.

I still like the Yankees’ chances for the postseason.  Based on what I’ve seen of them and the Red Sox they seem pretty competitive.

59 If Tanaka remembers how to pitch which is not impossible we could be a contender.  I’d love to see Gleyber get healthy I think he can help in August and in the meantime please sit Headley against LHPs.

Look, you guys can try a put a positive spin on this all you want, but the fact is that this road trip sucked the ass out of my dick, and now I need reconstructive surgery.

I have kind of a pottymouth and used the word “douchebag” earlier which earned recriminations from my wife and daughter.  I rephrased to “shitbird” which seemed to satisfy the ladies.

62 No doubt and the first four losses we’re especially brutal. I’m going Thursday with my wife who’s never been for my first visit in 7 years and 2nd in 40 so they better get their act together. I’m

A six game losing streak all broadcast by Flash is really unfair.

Look, you guys can try a put a positive spin on this all you want, but the fact is that this road trip sucked the ass out of my dick, and now I need reconstructive surgery.

Oh, the road trip was insanely bad, of course. I don’t mean to suggest otherwise. It was awful. I just mean to say that there is a lot to like about this team going forward for the future (plus, of course, there’s the whole “They’re sitll likely to make the playoffs THIS year” thing - they just might not win the division) and that we shouldn’t get too down on them overall if they suck it up for the rest of this season.

It’s crazy how close their losses have been. Especially in the month of June.

9 losses total:
6 losses by one run
2 losses by two runs
1 loss by three runs

Think they’re happy to have Chapman back?

But in the best Murphy’s Law sense, when they got the bullpen finally correct, they then had two losses where the bullpen didn’t matter. Because, well, you know, Murphy’s Law.

[65]  I notice you don’t have any actual solutions for my medical situation though.  You think fixing that shit is cheap?  I’m just hoping to schedule surgery before Trump outlaws medical care.

It’s a long season, there are reasons for hope, reinforcements might be on the way.  But this trip was a clear disaster and the Yanks have to play even MORE above projections to stay in contention.

Thought experiment time:

If the Yankees hadn’t signed Carter in the off-season who would have taken over 1B?

Would that solution have been better than Carter?

Judge has a ~.800 ops over the last 7 games but is striking out at a 40% clip. Doesn’t help that he’s surrounded by a AAA lineup.


[69] Mason Williams?

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