The Curse of Jerry Hairston, Jr./Eric Hinske:

Friday, June 16, 2017

Yankees (38-26) @ Athletics (28-38), Friday, 6/16/2017, 09:35p ET

Yankees: Luis Severino (R): (75.1 IP, 2.75 ERA) vs. Athletics: Sean Manaea (L): (61.1 IP, 3.67 ERA)

1. Rob Refsnyder (R) LF .167/.231/.292
2. Aaron Judge (R) RF .335/.441/.692
3. Matt Holliday (R) DH .274/.377/.514
4. Starlin Castro (R) 2B .328/.367/.525
5. Chris Carter (R) 1B .214/.301/.393
6. Chase Headley (S) 3B .251/.333/.377
7. Austin Romine (R) C .228/.252/.317
8. Ronald Torreyes (R) SS .280/.306/.355
9. Mason Williams (L) CF

1. Matt Joyce (L) RF .203/.304/.367
2. Chad Pinder (R) SS .233/.290/.500
3. Jed Lowrie (S) 2B .296/.365/.502
4. Khris Davis (R) LF .244/.325/.496
5. Yonder Alonso (L) 1B .306/.398/.645
6. Ryon Healy (R) DH .282/.312/.528
7. Stephen Vogt (L) C .220/.276/.360
8. Matt Chapman (R) 3B—/.400/—
9. Jaycob Brugman (L) CF .240/.286/.240

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That’s a hilariously bad lineup.

What a difference a week makes.

It’s awesome that they had such a good week that they could lose three straight and still be 12 games over .500.

I, uh. I took the under.

Mason Williams OPSing 564 at Scranton. Is all the 40 man bookkeeping so significant that they didn’t bring up Fowler instead?  As long as Binder’s going with the house money lineup might as well have started Cessa for the sacrifice.

Gleyber 3/3 now hitting 308, Frazier 1/4 with a home run, Acevedo AAA debut 7ip 1r 3h 4k 5bb.

I love Acevedo, but he needs more seasoning.

Is Carter the 4th best hitter in the lineup?

Can the Yankees score with this lineup?

Mason Williams is deadwood.  See what you have with Fowler.  If the Yankees still wans Mason around, no team will claim him off waivers.

As I mentioned on the previous thread, Acevedo made his AAA debut tonight, and it was a solid outing. I think the Yankees want to Acevedoize the bullpen by August,

Yep unless they’re positive Hixie will be back tomorrow and they don’t want to lose an option on Fowler. Also Mason is a LHB against a pitcher that LHBs can’t hit.

11 Too many walks

Can they just concede now?

What the shit is this?

McCann with a home run.  If Gary and Hixie don’t get well in a hurry the Yankees are The Walking Dead.

This is a good game for Sevvy to throw in a stinker. If I looked at that lineup I’d just feel get me out of here.

The West Coast Road Trip From Hell. TWCRTFH

So the pitchers are all going to suck this time through?

[13] AAA debut after being in A+ a month ago, he was solid overall. Acevedoize the bullpen, not that it will matter come August.

Yonder….wasn’t that the name of the tattooed space smurf in that raccoon movie with the green chick?

Do not Judge harshly.

Carter back in form striking out his last 3 ABs.

Yonder goeth the ghostly friar.

Oh man, the Red Sox pitchers are having SUCH a hard time in Houston.

April Romine is gone forever. Sigh.

Obviously, we all knew Mason Williams would come through in the clutch. All of us. Every one of us.

The baserunning, though, was Posada-esque.

Deadwood with 20% of all LHB hits against Minaea so far this year !

As of today Yankees 7-10 in 1 run games, 2-3 in xtras. townies 9-8 and 5-1.

They really need this win with the Sox winning in Houston.

Phoenix Suns used to have a player named Tom Chambers who Pete Vescey call Torture Chambers.  This trip is like a torture chamber.

Anyone actually expect a hit there?

Man, they really needed a run there. Fuck. Oh well, it was still fun to see them tie. Frustrating, but fun!

Seriously, Severino? Seriously? A lead-off five pitch walk? Seriously?

Severino at 96 pitches apocalypse to follow.

Chris Carter pops up sharply.

Phoenix Suns used to have a player named Tom Chambers

I still remember when he killed that girl in Central Park.

Chris Carter is here to stay.

Rough sex but a good shooter.

Higgy should get a chance tomorrow, right?

41 Agree.

Just for fun:

Headley the past 8 games: .429/.528/.607, 1 HR, 2 2B, 6 RBI, 7BB, 6K

Wow, even their shitty lineup is pretty good. Six runs with this POS lineup is stunning.

When things settle down TOE needs to platoon with Headley until Gleyber is here.

43 I bet it was all batting left.

[43] so he is due to go 0 for 22 now?

Torture chamber on tap.

Yep. It can never be easy.

“Yonder goeth the ghostly friar.”
bebop, that’s ...the Burton who was for and against Poe? What’s the joke?

Last 5 Yankee relievers ha e allowed runs.

50 None. Random stream of consciousness, drives my wife crazy. She goes sarcastically “random!”

And I don’t have much faith that whoever comes next will suddenly shut things down. Will Holder get the 8th? Is Holder the closer? I have no idea.

So Severino had a one-inning lapse? Was there a reason for it, as far as we can tell?

The top of the order is going to have to score some runs in the ninth inning for the Yankees to have a realistic shot at winning this one.

[50] Is that worth reading? What brought it to your attention?

I know Higgy is 0/career but I bet he can outhit Romine, 393 OPS last 28 days, right now.

Let’s say Holder gets out of this inning without giving up a run - does he pitch the ninth, too?

56 Not nearly that literate.  Somewhere the phrase yonder goeth crept into my unconscious so I googled it. I never even heard of Burton unless he’s the guy who married Liz.

And here we go torture chamber.

Worst loss of the year?

Don’t even have a safe word.

This has been the most Murphy’s Law road trip ever. Every reliever, even the good ones, have sucked.

61 Yesterday.  Great pen after Chapman, Betances and Warren.

Worst loss of the year?

Yesterday would be worse than this, with Sanchez and Hicks getting hurt and them coming back so many times.

Brian, this game isn’t over yet. Don’t jinx this.

Holder blowing it just does not have the same panache as last night’s loss. This is just like, “Eh, what are you going to do?”

There’s not even any second-guessing here. Girardi used the obviously correct relievers, they just both sucked.

Mason Williams took an absolutely awful route to the ball.  The defense-first guy????

Well, like I said, if they wanted a chance to win, they’d have to score in the top of the ninth. I was just hoping they’d still be in the lead when it happened. smile

Gardy better be leading off.

Six straight relievers have allowed at least one run all in high leverage situations.

Casilla threw Judge a lot of strikes last night. Hopefully Judge clobbers one of them.

Who is even going to pitch the ninth if they DO tie it?

(75) That’s why they brought up Higgy.

Judge took a suuuuuuuuuper close Ball 4. Wow.

Every game not just a loss, but a close loss, a late loss, a torture chamber.

The killer was Holder. Shreve being iffy isn’t that surprising, but Holder’s supposed to be better than that.

Impressive job of pitching by Casilla. He threw him ONE good pitch and Holliday took it for a called strike.

I still maintain Williams screwed the pooch.  Hicks or (gulp) Ellsbury would have caught it.

Carter with the game winning HR.  You heard it here first folks.

They’re going to lose to a closer with a hurt arm. Ugh.

Why do people ever throw Castro strikes? He will swing at anything.

Gross loss. Well, on the bright side, they were saved the existential question of, “Who the fuck was going to pitch the ninth?”

This shit is really bumming me out.

They could seriously be in second place by the end of this trip.

Losing every game you play will do that.

30 Updated 7-11, 10-8.  Of course when your middle relievers and set up guys suck you deserve it.

Looking on the bright side if the Yankees tied it or took the lead they would be blown it anyway.

The silver lining of the Yankees sucking is it might prevent the inevitable Gleyber+ for Darvish trade or Frazier/Sheffield+ for Quintana or some shit.

Last 8 Yankee relievers gave up at least one run, not since Holder on 6/13 has a reliever had a scoreless outing.  Do they keep records on that?

[41] In the bullpen, yes.

Once again, though, these guys battle like crazy. The relief pitching is in the shitter right now, but the offense battles like nothing I’ve seen from the Yankees in YEARS.

The New York Battlecats.

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