The Curse of Jerry Hairston, Jr./Eric Hinske:

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Yankees (38-25) @ Athletics (27-38), Thursday, 6/15/2017, 10:05p ET

Yankees: Jordan Montgomery (L): (63.1 IP, 3.55 ERA) vs. Athletics: Sonny Gray (R): (47.2 IP, 4.34 ERA)

1. Brett Gardner (L) LF .264/.346/.485
2. Aaron Hicks (S) CF .314/.423/.571
3. Aaron Judge (R) RF .338/.443/.703
4. Starlin Castro (R) 2B .323/.364/.520
5. Gary Sanchez (R) DH .282/.363/.542
6. Didi Gregorius (L) SS .337/.360/.503
7. Chase Headley (S) 3B .245/.324/.373
8. Chris Carter (R) 1B .207/.298/.371
9. Austin Romine (R) C .229/.255/.323

1. Rajai Davis (R) CF .215/.267/.326
2. Chad Pinder (R) RF .219/.280/.491
3. Jed Lowrie (S) 2B .290/.358/.479
4. Khris Davis (R) LF .245/.325/.502
5. Yonder Alonso (L) 1B .303/.398/.635
6. Ryon Healy (R) DH .282/.310/.532
7. Matt Chapman (R) 3B
8. Josh Phegley (R) C .218/.244/.379
9. Adam Rosales (R) SS .234/.273/.338

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Wow, so it’s Cessa. Strange pick. There seems to be, like, no upside to Cessa as a starter. He won’t kill you, so I get it, but he sure as heck isn’t going to impress you, either.

And Bird has been “pulled” from his rehab assignment.  I sense a trade coming.

Yankees’ Greg Bird suffers setback in rehab OAKLAND, Calif. — The Yankees have “pulled the plug” on Greg Bird’s rehab, according to Brian Cashman. The general manager used those blunt words Thursday afternoon by phone in discussing Bird, who has been out with a bone bruise in his right ankle since May 2 and suffered a recent setback. Bird, 24, will be sent to team physician Dr. Christopher Ahmad on Friday for further evaluation. “He called [trainer] Steve Donohue this morning and said the leg isn’t feeling right and not functioning right,” Cashman said. “So we’re pulling the plug and he’ll see Dr. Ahmad [on Friday].” Bird went 0-for-3 in his sixth rehab game Wednesday night with Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, which dropped his average to .143 with a .595 OPS.

Yankees crackhead medical staff strikes again.

Why did I know the first week of April that Bird needed the DL?

3 I’m shocked, shocked. Deja vu Tex.

They don’t need a starter until Sunday, so I think it depends on if/how much Adams pitches next (tonight or tomorrow - not sure).

RAN ” The Yankees announced Bird has been pulled off his rehab assignment with a right knee contusion. He fouled a pitch off his shin the other day, but was fine and stayed in the game. I wonder if that’s just a mistake and they meant a right ankle contusion?

I’m pretty much resigned to Bird being gone until at least August if then, maybe next year, maybe Nick Johnsonville.

Time for some decisions on 1B from the FO. Carter? Austin? Ref?? Choi in a platoon with Carter??

Bird, we hardly knew ye.

Good to see big game Romaine in the lineup.

1 His ship has sailed

[4] Because you guessed based on no evidence and had a 50/50 shot?

[1] I’m pretty sure the real move will be the day before CC’s next scheduled start. They bring up Cessa for actual use in the bullpen and then can send him down.

Good to see big game Romaine in the lineup.

I don’t mind it. Holliday probably SHOULD get a day off now and again.

I’m pretty sure the real move will be the day before CC’s next scheduled start. They bring up Cessa for actual use in the bullpen and then can send him down.

I think Girardi specifically said Cessa will start Saturday or Sunday. I could be wrong. Maybe the beat reporters were just reading into what Girardi said.

Luis Cessa is like saying if we can score 5 or more we’ll probably win otherwise not.  I’d rather Chance or ABC.

Yay Pivetta. Who?

Yeah, that win was huge. That effectively made up for one of the Angels losses.

We’ll see tonight.

[13] There was plenty of evidence had you paid attention back then when I mentioned it.

Litell nice AA debut 7ip 1r 0er 10k 3bb. Maybe I don’t miss Pazos.

Castro’s getting annoying. Could Gleyber’s future be at 2B?

Carter’s continuing to annoy me after a mini mini run of respectability.

But soft, what wind
Through Yonder Alonso breaks?

I will never get tired of that joke.

‘Tis the beef, and jalapenos the wind.

A malaise has enveloped the Yankees.

Time to drop Castro in the lineup to 7th.

[27] Channeling Bird.

3 game losing streak against lousy teams after playing their best week of the season is more than annoying, add to that the Bird and CC injuries and the RLYW will be in midseason form by the break

Usually I expect the worst when they go to the West coast but after that first win in Anaheim I felt that maybe they could win both series. I was wrong

Jet Lag.  Yanks need Melatonin.

Montgomery picked a bad time to have one of his shittiest games of the season.

Man, that Red Sox loss was HUGE.

All of a sudden the Yankees will be forced to be buyers at the deadline, and idea that doesn’t give me peace of mind, they have two holes in the IF corners and they need an above average starter to compete against Boston and also to have some chance in October.

Sanchez with a .915 OPS. That is insane for a catcher.

Having Austin instead of Refsnyder is a no brainer. He is a better hitter, a better fielder at 1st and can fake some RF

Chris Carter could get hot any day now—if he’s playing golf in Arizona while wearing a down vest and a fur hat.

Maybe they could put Carter in front of Judge, or Sanchez. Give that a whirl, doesn’t work, take him out back.

Now please turn Sonny into Fredo.

The amount of runners left on in this game is way too high.

They’re just all slumping at once. Oh well, let’s hope it doesn’t last long.

And yes, if Bird is going to be out for an extended period of time, just swap Ref and Austin. It seems like the obvious call, doesn’t it?

[40] Only if they play him.

Even on the off chance that they DON’T play him, he at least gives you a theoretical pinch-hitter, while you would never pinch-hit Ref for anyone on the team at the moment.

With Austin here Carter’s even more expendable.  Ref can pay 2b, 1b, and RF a bit and fake 3B. I can live with Headley not do sure about Carter.

If Carter’s peak is like 210 with 15/20 home runs he’s useless.

Ref being able to play second and a fake 3d is useless when Torreyes is already here to back up third, short and second (and Torreyes is actually good at those positions). Austin, meanwhile, can play RF and 1B. Carter could at least theoretically hit a home run. What can Ref do?

This West Coast trip cannot end soon enough for me.

Sanchez approach at the plate changed drastically since he was sent down to the 6th hole

They’re just not getting any luck lately. Now Headley and Carter with the bases loaded? Yuck. Can they pinch-hit Holliday?

Sanchez approach at the plate changed drastically since he was sent down to the 6th hole

Yeah, it really did work out well. Perhaps he was pressing in the #2 spot?

What about Choi? One horrible ML season but he’s been as good as Austin at Scranton and he left handed. I just can not imagine Carter doing anything.  He had his run. Platoon Austin and Choi maybe.

Austin’s already on the 40 man, so it’s an easier move.

Headley is on fire. Got to win this game now

OK Carter make a fool out of me.

Lol even Smellsbury throws better than that

Maybe pinch-hit for Carter with Holliday?

OK you can stay…..for now.

Blind squirrel found his nut.

Nice recovery from 0-2 by Carter.

How about hitting Holiday for Romine now?

And yeah, Davis is basically a DH playing left. Healy was a DH playing third and Alonso is a DH playing first.

I think it’s too soon to PH for Romine and lose the DH but the leverage is really high now

Big props for Monty not packing it in, turning a bad start into a QO.

63 not yet bebop

Nice recovery from 0-2 by Carter.

Seriously! That was a legit at-bat.

Desmond Jennings still clinging to baseball life in Vegas

At least it wasn’t a GIDP.

Too many runners left in scoring position this game, but hard to complain when they just scored 3 to tie.

A pleasure to watch Didi play SS

This sure is a home run prone rotation.


64 Yep.

70 Double Yep.

I can’t even hate on Alonso. He’s a great story.

So Green seriously is out of the running to get CC’s spot. Interesting.

Whenever Headley’s good, the Yankees suck.

Here comes another one run loss. They are paying to the Pythagorean what they took the last 3 years

Not your pitch Didi. 
No shame in walking

Giving up a lead off hit to a 207 hitter and an RBI single to a 229 hitter. Excellent.

Yeah, this has been one brutal stretch these last few games.

Is Binder saving Warren in case the Yankees take the lead?

Didi is so good but he just does not need those craptastic ABs.

Three annoying games in a row. Aargh!

It worked, but boy, playing for a run in the bottom of the 7th with the top of your lineup up sounds like a dumb idea.

NOW is the inning you pinch-hit Holliday for Romine, right? They can afford to lose the DH. They can always pinch-hit Toe for the pitcher’s spot if it happens to come up again.

[35] Career OPS catchers, minimum 500 games caught.

•  Piazza—.942

•  Mauer—.889

•  Napoli—.879

•  Posada—.868

•  Campanella—.858

Moving from right field to shortstop is not a defensive switch you see very often.

Chris Carter does not want to give his fucking job up.

By the way, John Axford kind of sucks, right? Why was he in the game?

Love the Carter acquisition

I get that it could go extras, so the pitcher’s spot might come up, but seriously, it is worth the risk. Just let Holliday hit.

Why is Axford even in the Majors still?

92 I’m with you but Binder got lucky.  Probably saving Holiday for the 14th.

I know that you shouldn’t walk the leadoff batter normally, but boy, I sure would love to not have to worry about an Alonso home run in the bottom half of the inning.

Who blows it Warren or Clippard or a rusty Betances only if the Yankees take the lead.

I’m going with all three of those guys going scoreless innings and then the game’s blown by Holder.

Why didn’t Coulombe start the inning?

They needed to win it then or guarantee a loss.  Clippard pitching to Alonso upcoming.

Not good. Is Warren hurt or something?

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