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Wednesday, June 14, 2017 Yanks’ win streak snapped by Angels in 11th

Eric Young Jr. was the hero Tuesday night at Angel Stadium. The journeyman outfielder ripped a two-out, walk-off infield single in the 11th inning to lift the Angels to a 3-2 win over Yankees, snapping New York’s six-game win streak.

“He’s a guy getting an opportunity and he’s making the most of it,” Angels manager Mike Scioscia said of Young. “We can’t say enough how he’s come up clutch this week.”

The big hit came after Young hammered a solo home run to tie the game, 2-2, in the eighth, his second homer in three games and third since he joined the Angels when Mike Trout went on the disabled list May 29.

Roughly 90% of MLB managers would hold on to to their closer in a tie game on the road under the theory that even if you take the lead in the top of an inning, you’re going to need to have someone pitch the bottom of the inning, and thus if you use your closer earlier, even if you score, you’ll have to pitch a shittier pitcher to close the game out and then you’re in just as bad of a situation as if you had just pitched that shittier pitcher earlier in the game instead of the closer. However, just because they almost all agree on that strategy does not mean that it is a good one, as it means that you end up losing games while your best relief pitcher doesn’t even get into the game. It’s a lot more reasonable in a relatively meaningless June game, but managers do this in the postseason even (Buck Showalter infamously did it just last year) and it is dumb. Dellin Betances should have pitched in this game, but he didn’t, and the Yankee bullpen eventually lost after their offense did a very poor job (bases loaded in the top of the 11th with one out and Chris Carter and Brett Gardner both weakly popped up).

The big story from the game, though, is CC Sabathia injuring himself in the fourth (in an inning that was extended due to Chris Carter screwing up). He strained his hamstring and is almost certainly out of commission for at least a month, perhaps more, depending on how bad the sprain was. That sucks. It will be interesting to see if the Yankees use their open 40-man roster spot to call up Chance Adams to take CC’s rotation spot, or if they just promote Chad Green to the #5 spot.

Anyhow, this was a shitty loss, but let’s hope that Michael Pineda can get the good times going again on Wednesday night.

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Dr mr girardo - please listen to me. Adam warren is not a one inning pitcher. Do not take him out after one inning so you can bring in clippard, who by the way is not very good. I have been complaining about your caffeine Joe bullpen management for quite some time but you haven’t been paying attention and last night it cost the game. The more relief pitchers you use the more likely it is that one of them doesn’t have it. That is even more likely when one of them is Tyler clippard. Please?

The Yankees bullpen allowed 2 runs in 7 innings. As much as I wish they had used Betances, it’s hard to argue with the bullpen management in this one based on the results.

The hitters lost this one I would say.

Who starts for CC? Who gets called up?

I bet Chance finally gets his…opportunity.

The Yankees bullpen allowed 2 runs in 7 innings. As much as I wish they had used Betances, it’s hard to argue with the bullpen management in this one based on the results.

The hitters lost this one I would say.

In general, I was fine with everything else, including using Clippard over Warren in the 8th inning. But you simply can’t lose the game with Betances still in the bullpen.

[4] Say it!

But yeah, it’s probably Chance, they have the 40-man spot open. And Cessa has been pretty mediocre in AAA.

I guess they could bring German back up.

This isn’t a spot start, this is a percentage of the regular season so it makes sense to go with the best pitcher and place a lesser value on roster management.

Agreed, so it’s probably Chance Adams. That said, since they have a 40-man spot open, roster management isn’t a major problem.

German is a fine prospect in his own right. I don’t think the 40-man will be a concern, and I think they’ll wait to make a decision until they know how long CC will be out.

Interesting pivot around here, as I recall Adams being referred to as having a Hughes-esque mastery of getting AA hitters out. That may have been before he was promoted to AAA. I think he’ll be good. He’s basically been dominant at every level with all the good peripherals.

Also worth noting that he doesn’t need to be added to the 40 man until the 2019 Rule 5 draft. Seems like he’s the right guy, but the gamble is you lose all of the 2018 free development time.

[10] I think it will depend on the severity of CC’s strain. If it’s a longer term injury, they’ll probably go with Adams. If it’s only going to be ~2 weeks, they’ll probably keep him in AAA to continue building up innings.

Tanaka’s gonna be on fire now, with no longer having to share his pitching mojo with CC and all.

German was okay but really all over the place.  He’s gonna walk 5 in 3 2/ 3 every start.  Needs work.

It hurt that they had to bring Betances into a blowout a couple of days ago to get him work, but they chose not to use him last night. I thought Buck’s experience in the playoffs last year would have broken the conventional wisdom of holding one’s closer, but apparently not. Eh.

REALLY rough night for Carter.

Despite the loss last night, their bullpen is crazy good. When Chapman comes back and Betances is allowed to start pitching again, it won’t even matter when Warren’s ERA balloons to 5 and Clippard’s to 6.

A week ago Sunday they had a perfect opportunity to use Betances in the 8th in a tie game with the Jay’s best hitters due up instead Binder stuck to the Binder and brought in Clippard who….you guessed it.  That day Betances had not had a lot of recent work and Monday was an off day.

I bet Levine is forcing Girardi to under-use Betances.

Maybe Girardi as an ex-player is trying to get Betances some saves so he can get paid astronaut money in arbitration next year.  There’s no money in middle relief.

Baseball is dumb sometimes.

Even that consummate Girardi apologist, Mike Francesa, was questioning numerous moves in last night’s game.

[9] After TJ surgery I don’t think German is that hot a prospect, as we have seen that the success rate after that operation isn’t very good.

[20] German is also still ranked among the top Yankees prospects and has very good since returning from TJ surgery.

Let’s not pretend that TJ is a death knell just because the success rate is lower than previously perceived.

RIP, Domingo German.

He died doing what he loved. Subtly mocking the Zimmerman telegram.

[21] Let’s not pretend that many guys have substantial careers after TJ surgery.

[22] In lieu of flowers ...

[23] What does Don Zimmerman have to do with this? And when did he send this telegram? LOL

Matt Frawley for Barbato-RAB “Frawley, 21, was Pittsburgh’s 17th round pick last year. So far this season he has a 1.62 ERA (2.80 FIP) with 25.8% strikeouts and 3.2% walks in 33.1 innings, all out of the bullpen, in Low Class-A. He’s a low-90s fastball guy with an okay curveball. I guess that makes him a potential future Johnny Barbato?”

That seems to be what Cash looks for in these guys, basically just replacements that don’t need to be on the 40-man right now. Hopefully guys who will turn out better in the future in return for guys who can help other teams now but didn’t have a spot on the Yankees.

The guy they got for Pazos, by the way, is now the #12 ranked Yankee prospect or something like that.

Cash handles roster management as good as anyone in the business. With the notable exception of actively choosing to give over $20 million a year and a roster spot to Ellsbury.

23. Reference?  Very funny joke.

Bird 0/2 2Ks hitting 150 after 20 ABs at Scranton following his games at Trenton. Sure beginning to look like he’s just not right.

Ref in RF, Holiday at 1B, Judge DH

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