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Thursday, September 28, 2017 Yanks top Rays, keep heat on in AL East

Luis Severino’s confidence bounced back with a sharp tuneup as he prepares for the first postseason start of his career, backed by homers off the bats of Starlin Castro, Greg Bird and Aaron Hicks as the Yankees defeated the Rays, 6-1, on Wednesday evening at Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees (89-69) improved to a season-high 20 games over .500, though they remain three games behind the Red Sox—who beat Toronto on Wednesday—in the American League East.
“We have to play our season and not worry about Boston,” Severino said. “We are in the Wild Card and you have the opportunity to go to the playoffs. We’re hitting good, we’re playing good. We’re winning.”

Man, they’re playing so darn well that the one game playoff is just killer. Anyone can lose a one-game playoff. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t like 2015 where we were all legitimately concerned about the opposing starting pitcher. The Yankees are in a much better position now than they were back then, as Ervin Santana is no Dallas Keuchel, but again, anyone can lose a one-game playoff.

Anyhow, great win. Severino finished the season with a sub 3.00 ERA, which was awesome to see. The Yankees did a cute bit in the sixth inning, where Didi Gregorius pretended to interview the Yankee hitters after their home runs and Ronald Torreyes held a “camera” on them while Didi interviewed them (the mic was a Gatorade cup and the camera was a box of Gatorade).

Well, Thursday night will tell us if there is still a chance for the Yankees to possibly win the division, but obviously the odds are horrendous. The Red Sox would have to go 1-3 against the Astros while the Yankees would have to win their remaining 4 games or the reverse (Yankees go 3-1 while the Red Sox lose all 4). Not gonna happen. But hey, the fact that the Yankees might win 90 games is amazing in and of itself.

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Hicks or Ellsbury? Three months ago, would that even be a question?

I’m taking Hicks for defense. Not that Ellsbury is bad, but how great has Hicks been with the glove?

Why not both? Hicks has been much better against LHP this year. Just platoon them.

Damn, with the way they’re playing, I wish we had a series vs BOS coming up

Yeah, against a lefty I prefer not to play both Gardner and Ells. And I happen to think Ells would make a great PH against a righty late in the game. It might be just some SSS but I recall him having some really good 9th inning ABs this year. (A walk before the Gardner 3 run HR vs the Cubs; a hit in the game he was thrown out at the plate by the defensive replacement; a couple others like maybe a double last week?) maybe it’s his Red Sox background.

I really don’t envy Girardi, as all five of Headley, Hicks, Frazier, Ellsbury and Hicks look good right now and you can only play four of the five. So a guy playing really well is GOING to be benched for the Wild Card Game. Not to mention that Matt Holliday has to be benched, as well, and he was the clean-up hitter and playing excellent for half the season!

I guess I probably would pick Ellsbury to sit, as well, to keep him available to pinch-run.

It’s a good problem to have, but it’s a tough one, to be sure.

[5] Ellsbury has hit slightly better against LHP than Gardy this year.  Neither hit very well…

For their careers Gardner is much better as a starter (101 vs 73 tOPS) while Ells is much better as a sub (99 vs 161!). Interesting. Or maybe just more SSS

Hixie makes the more spectacular catches but Els takes better routes. And will the 4th outfielder DH or Head? And does Todd have 3B sewn up even against a RHP with big splits?

Has Bird figured it out, or is he just streaky ?

[11] last 7 - .267 avg.  last 14 - .265 avg.

That’s a streak?!?

Oh, we are suppose to make a big deal out of a couple of DNYS homers.

He’s OPSing over 1000 and that’s damn fine. Forget about his pre injury numbers, look at 2015 instead.

OPS, okay, let me guess, that’s a stat.

Baseball isn’t played as blips on a calculator, you know.

“Hixie makes the more spectacular catches but Els takes better routes.”


14 No I roll two dice and look on my APBA card. Aaaron Judge has a lot of “1’s”

Answering SSS: video here:

Why was Randy Johnson so hittable with the Yankees? Still angry.

See also: Brown, Kevin; Weaver, Jeff; Vazquez, Javy; Whitson, Ed.

[19, 20]
Vulcan off-screen voice: “Forget…”



...what was I saying?

AJ Burnett last two years as a Yankee ERA+ of 82/83, next two years 107/108.

Randy J - year before NYY 176; on Yankees 112/90; next year after leaving 125.

Kevin b - year before 169, came here 110 and 65. And choking game 7 in 2004.

Javy v - before 139, NYY 92. Then he left, hit 143 in 2009 so we brought him back to go 81. So he left and put up a 106.

Yeah, they all annoy me.

Mussina on the other hand was good here - except that he just got older. And even then got his 20 win season.

And who could forget Sad Carl Pavano.

On the other side. Monty might get to 10 wins. I think I have the last 3 Yankee rookies to win 10 games. El Duque is one. Can you get the others? (And I missed one, sorry)

There’s been thought Houston will rest against Boston, and they very may well give some players 1-2 games off.


they are in the hunt for home field in the CS series and they may play Altuve for the MVP race.

When Boston wins tonight it’ll be moot but you never know…

[24] Pettitte I think.

Kind of infuriating, although not clear at whom that should be directed.

Any explanation?

4: You might, just not this week.

I view the playoffs as pretty much having started. With Houston just a game back of Cleveland and the Sox not out of the woods, the four clear favorites are all playing for some portion of their lives now, and all of it next week.

Without looking I bet Irabu won 10 games as a rookie.

...I’m wrong. 

I got one other but I looked it up, so I won’t post the answer.

Guys from the sixties that I remember include Stan Bahnsen, Jim Bouton and Roland Sheldon.

Looked them up.  Bahnsen and Sheldon, yes.  Bouton, no.

Was Aaron Small a rookie? wink

Sterling Hitchcock. I did not look that up.

Aceves and Nova if I got it right.
Aceves is a cheat- he vultured wins

[32]  I looked him up…

since some time has passed, I will say the one I looked up was Tanaka.

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