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Wednesday, April 12, 2017 Yanks score 8 straight to rally past Rays

Aaron Judge ripped a game-tying single before adding another tape-measure home run to his big league resume, driving in three runs to power the Yankees to an 8-4 victory over the Rays on Wednesday at Yankee Stadium. Facing a three-run deficit in the fifth inning, the Yanks scored eight straight runs to flip the script.

Judge’s sixth-inning single whistled past Jumbo Diaz into center field at 116.5 mph, according to Statcast™, part of a four-run frame against the Tampa Bay bullpen. The rookie slugger dispatched a 437-foot homer to Monument Park in the seventh, clearing the wall for the third straight game.

What a great win (except for one major issue)! Jordan Montgomery pitched pretty well in his first Major League game. Certainly well enough to feel perfectly fine about his next start. He basically made one mistake and he got crushed for it.

The Yankees coming back and winning going away was great to see. The only real downside of the game was that Brett Gardner injured himself on a freak play at first base where Rickie Weeks (who is not a first baseman by trade) bobbled a ball so he didn’t see Gardner barreling down on him and they had a nasty collision. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Gardner go into concussion protocol.

Ptyhag-wise, the Yankees must be pretty up there. smile

Hopefully Severino has a nice game tomorrow night.

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Yeah, you feel bad for Gardner and Weeks.  Weeks doesn’t know the position well enough yet so he doesn’t know better.  It reminds me of Cliff Floyd (I think it was him) breaking his arm that time.  Glad it wasn’t that bad.

Yeah, exactly, it wasn’t Weeks’ fault or Gardner, it was just really shitty luck.

Remember when Bubba Crosby exploded Brian Roberts’ arm? That was so effed up.

You mean our opening day center fielder?

Remember when that Blue Jays catcher illegally blocked third base in a spring training game and ruined Jeter for the season?  I believe the manager was John “Shit” Gibbons, who refused to acknowledge in any way that it was completely fucked.  Gibbons also once tried to pick a fistfight with Shea Hillenbrand.  This was when Paul “Peter Principle” DePodesta was running the team.

DePodesta never worked for the Blue Jays.

That sounds like opening day 2003 when Jeter missed a month after a collision with catcher Ken Huckaby at third base.  Toronto was using some sort of shift where Huckaby ended up covering third on an infield grounder.

Carlos Tosca was manager in 2003.  Gibbons took over in 2005.

Re: The Ohtani discussion on the game thread: something I’ve been wondering: couldn’t he sign like a special contract where a team waives arbitration and he could opt-out after two years? Though it may seem he is leaving crazy money on the table, if he can establish himself as a MLB force opposed to insanely talented though unknown commodity, he could make an even bigger payday. I’d have to imagine this is a possibility because Matsui’s first deal with the Yanks was for 3/21, which he parlayed into a bigger contract after his big ‘04.

Really nice win today. Came back from down three, Judge had a huge day. I didn’t see much of Montgomery but he had a better curve than I realized. I’m pretty hyped about him being a rotation mainstay for the next six or seven years.

[8] I think it’s 6 years of control. I could be wrong though.

This is a banner day for wrongness for me.

He can definitely sign a deal where they aren’t allowed to tender him a contract after 3 years, at which point he could sign for whatever.

Otani is going to cost someone a $20M posting fee and about $4M in salary.  All other things being equal, Otani’s agent will want the shortest contract with the quickest path to free agency.  I had been guessing that a three year deal was the lowest any MLB team would go, but maybe not.  Maybe some team will think he’s worth $12M a year offer some kind of two year deal.  Could someone think he’s worth $24M for one season?

I think three years is the minimum, but I could be wrong, as well. The key thing is that he can sign a deal for at most three years and therefore be a free agent in three years and make a gazillion dollars.

If you really want to compete with Major League talent, I could see it being worth it for him.

[10] I hate to pile on, but I don’t think “Shit” was even Gibbons’ nickname.

I’m pretty sure that if Ohtani comes to MLB next year, he’d have 19 years of team control and would have to pay the team that signs him the minimum salary every year.

I’ve spent the last fifteen minutes watching it on repeat from two camera angles, and I’m pretty sure Judge’s first hit was past Diaz before he even started to duck.

Meanwhile, in Townie Town, I think they picked the wrong Stephen Wright to pitch tonight. Though no one can stop Henry Mancini when he’s swinging a bat like that.

Judge has to be ahead of Big Poopy in HR this year, no ? Not gonna actually check.

Albert Abreu ate some souls in his Yankees org debut tonight. Sheffield also threw a good one.

I’d like to see Holliday leading off. He won’t walk five times every day, but he’ll get on base more than Effsbury or even a healthy Gardner. And neither of those guys should be batting second, so it’s not like he’d slow anyone down behind him.

Kaprielan’s inevitable TJS makes me ignore all the pitching prospects

[20] Elfberry should always bat 8th or 9th.  He’s like a pitcher, except without the size, power, brains, or bat control.

So, Judge is on a pace to have about 56 HRs, 130 RBI.  I am all for it.

[23] If he can keep his pace from the last 3 games, he’ll finish the year with about 150 HRs.

[22] And without the innings limit.

It would have been great if Carter had gotten hot the last few days - would justify moving him to DH and Holliday to OF at expense of Hixie / Effbury - but from the perspective of Bird’s development I’m oddly glad Carter didn’t do much to justify a platoon at 1B.

Hope Bird is all better and has some quality at bats the next few days.

I don’t think MLB would allow Ohtani to sign a short deal like that in order to jump back into free agency so soon. They specifically do not allow teams to sign contracts that circumvent the international spending restrictions and they might consider a sort of pillow contract just that.

But by the end of a three year deal he’d be past 25, right?

[28]  Doesn’t matter.  Whoever signs him gets 6 years of control.

He really need to wait until he’s 25 to come over.  He’s insane to do anything else.

Mitchell is sort of a starting pitcher, right? The kind of guy you want to keep stretched out in case you need someone to step why does girardo take him out after 1.1 innings in a 6-3 game? This is the kind of stuff that annoys me about his bulllen usage. Let long men be long men.

In addition, I figure the more pitchers you use in a game the more likely one of them doesnt “have it”. So if a guy who can go multiple innings is in and going well, leave him in.!

Because he had his Big Three rested and ready to go. Clippard is likely to do a better job in that one inning than Mitchell in his second inning. It also allows him to go to Mitchell again sooner than if he had gone out there for another inning.

I think going to a bunch of pitchers is a problem when you’re using a lot of your middle guys, as yes, odds are that one of them will not have it (and we saw that, with Layne and Holder not exactly having it). But the Big Three should presumably be good to go each game without issue.

With this rotation, there is no day you go in thinking you wont need the long man. More valuable than the closer, really. Why waste him in a 6-3 game ? Shut hin down after one and you can use him tomorrow if you need him.

Yep, pretty much. Even if it had been a bigger lead, and less of a need to use the Big Three, then you should hope that Layne and Holder can get through a game with a big lead.

Isn’t it time for an off day yet?

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