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Tuesday, October 17, 2017 Yanks, Judge make Astros CC sick in G3

Each of the three October contests between the Astros and Yankees have featured loud chants of “M-V-P!” echoing throughout a sold-out venue. Jose Altuve’s fantastic season has continued for Houston, but Monday night’s plaudits were for Aaron Judge, as the Yanks’ rookie right fielder enjoyed a postseason performance for the ages at Yankee Stadium.
Judge crushed a three-run homer in the fourth inning and made several splendid defensive plays, including a fearless crash into the right-field wall in the top of the fourth, as he made his presence felt by powering the Yankees’ surge in an 8-1 victory over the Astros in Game 3 of the American League Championship Series presented by Camping World.

I don’t see how the Yankees just let CC Sabathia go after all he’s done this season and the postseason.

Great win and it gave the Yankees the all-important Pythagoras advantage in the series. Thank goodness Aaron Judge had a good game, as it was getting brutal hearing the coverage he was getting.

Anyhow, the season (more or less) turns on Tuesday afternoon’s game. The Yankees have been avoiding Sonny Gray all postseason since he was bad in Game 1 of the ALDS. Let’s hope that he proves everybody wrong in Game 2! The Astros are countering with Lance McCullers, who has had success against the Yankees, over their normal #4 starter, Brad Peacock. Let’s hope that that was a mistake on their part!

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CC has overcome a lot in the past couple years, as a player and as a person.  Mad Respect.

My guess is that CC will go the Andy Pettitte route in terms of contract, i.e., year to year, or a year with an option.

I suspect that Gray will pitch well.  An early lead might help…

What does “CC sick” mean? Who writes these headlines?

[3] C-sick equals seasick I guess, but it is really stupid because his name is CC, not C.  As I say to my daughter when she makes a bad joke “does your arm hurt? because you were really reaching for that one”.

Should I keep criticizing Frazier?

[5]  The Yankees are into the thumbs down thing, so yeah.

“I put my arm out and say, ‘What time is it?’ Just a little thing I do. I’ve been doing it forever, but I guess TV just finally caught onto it. … I’m saying, ‘What time is it? It’s my time.’”—Frazier, who looked down at his wrist while rounding the bases for his first postseason homer

biggest dork on the team

Don’t see why the Yankees and Sabathia would want to part company.

Severino, Tanaka, Sabathia, Montgomery, FA, Adams, seems like a fine rotation for 2018.

Brad Peacock has stud numbers.. but just this year in his age 29 season.  What’s his story?

[8] You’re missing Gray.

As soon as Tanaka opts out, the Yankees will re-sign CC. If Tanaka doesn’t opt out things might get interesting with the Otani sweepstakes in the mix.

[9] Changed his arm angle and learned a slider from a teammate in AAA in 2016.

The Overlooked: Brad Peacock may be the Astros’ most valuable pitcher.

Little did Jordan Jankowski know that when he taught Astros teammate Brad Peacock how to throw a slider in 2016, he would help turn Peacock into one of the best strikeout pitchers in baseball.

Peacock is 10-1 with a 3.20 ERA and 107 strikeouts in 87 innings this year and leads the Astros in wins. If he were to toss a few more innings this year, his 11.8 strikeouts per nine innings would rank fourth in baseball.

Much of that can be traced back to his decision to scrap his old slider and ask Jankowski for help while they were at Triple-A Fresno.

“To tell you the truth, the past couple of years what I was doing really wasn’t working too well so I had to change some stuff last year,” Peacock told Omnisport. “I did it at the All-Star Break in Triple-A. I changed my arm angle and learned a new pitch from one of my buddies and just practiced it down there and brought it to the season.”

Peacock primarily was a fastball-changeup-curveball pitcher in 2013-14 for the Astros, but now throws his slider more than 35 percent of the time and has a batting average against of .201, much of that due to the slider.

“I used to have a slider that was really hard and it was getting hit pretty well down there in Triple-A so I was going, ‘I need like a sweeper slider,’” Peacock said. “So (Jankowski) had a good one on the team and he showed me how he threw it and how he holds it and I just ran with it.”

“[8] You’re missing Gray.

As soon as Tanaka opts out, the Yankees will re-sign CC. If Tanaka doesn’t opt out things might get interesting with the Otani sweepstakes in the mix.”

OK, then we don’t need a FA.

Severino, Gray, Tanaka, Sabathia, Montgomery, Adams.

You can’t count on Otani.  There’s no way to bid meanignfully.  Treat him as a total gift if you get him.

If Tanaka stays, and Otani signs, you can always turn around and trade Gray.

[8] I don’t think the Yankees can have enough starters.  Especially if they retain Tanaka and he blows out his elbow in spring training.  Or CC lands awkwardly and his knee implodes.  Severino and Gray seem to be the least risky.

Adding Otani would be interesting, but if they do that then maybe someone is then available for trade to get a stud 3B (if Torres isn’t earmarked for it).

Having too much talent is never a bad thing.  I would only not sign CC if he was looking for a 3 or 4 year deal worth too many millions.  But if he’s agreeable to a fair 1-year deal, then by all means.

“Adding Otani would be interesting, but if they do that then maybe someone is then available for trade to get a stud 3B (if Torres isn’t earmarked for it).”

No way you trade for a 3B with Machado and Donaldson one year away from FA, and Headley under contract.  The only way you do that is if it’s a trade for Machado dependent on a contract extension, and Baltimore isn’t tradimg Machado to the Yankees.

To me, Torres and Didi cover SS and 2B.  Whomever they think is the better SS plays SS, the other guy moves.  Castro is easily discarded when Torres is ready.  He’s tradable or benchable at only $10M p.a.

Player A: 3.5 WAR, OPS+ 107
Player B: 3.4 WAR, OPS+ 107

Technically, Player B had an OPS+ of 105 if you’re going to sum up all his WAR.

Plus Player A is 24 with 764 ML games played and 138 career HRs.  Player B didn’t make his ML debut until he was 25.

[14] I wasn’t suggesting that 3B would be the only target, but just that having a pile of talented young pitchers could lead to acquiring players to fill other holes.  As much as I would like Bal’more to trade Machado to NY, yeah, it ain’t happening.

[17]  Sure, but we don’t really have “a pile of talented young pitchers”.  We have just about enough to cover the rotation right now, with a few more a year or two away.  Given the attrition rate of young pitchers, that’s not a surplus.

Now, if Otani falls into your lap, maybe you have a small surplus.  But still, I’d rather hold pat, and wait for the Harper/Machado/Donaldson FA class.

The Yankees have reasonable options at every position under control for next year.  All they really need is back-ups at C and 1B.  Trading young pitching to upgrade from 2 WAR to 3 WAR somewhere, doesn’t make sense to me.

Someone said it earlier - 2 years for CC at say $25m with a 5m buy out after one.
Will he take it? I assume not if someone offers more since baseball players and their agents only think about $$ and nothing else. Robbie Cano should get on the speaking circuit and tell players why this is dumb.

Can you envision this team without Ells and with cano instead of Castro? That would have been nice.

And yes a BUC would be great.

Keuchel looms.

How do you know Cano is unhappy?

Just look at his sad, sad Cano face.

Of course, that could just be missing Melky…

Verducci is a better writer than he is an on-field reporter. (It’s almost like not forcing journalists into unnatural roles is a GOOD idea.)

[20]  Well, win tonight, and they don’t have to beat Keuchel.  Also, they’ve got to beat him eventually.

But they probably should be thinking outside the box.  Time to send some high end hookers with lots of booze and cocaine to Mr. Keuchel’s hotel room the night before the game.

What about Todd Frazier to take Matt Holliday’s roster spot if he’s willing to come back on a short term deal? That would leave Frazier/Headley/Bird to cover DH and the infield corners, with Didi/Castro/Torreyes to cover the middle infield, with Torres/Wade/Andujar/Austin as minor league infield depth.

[18] Sure, but we don’t really have “a pile of talented young pitchers”.  We have just about enough to cover the rotation right now, with a few more a year or two away ...

Hence the first part of my post where I wrote that I didn’t think the Yankees could have enough pitchers.  But if they were to have too many pitchers, they open up trade options. 

Basically, I’m not worried about signing CC and him blocking someone.  Having too much talent on a team has never been a problem in professional sports, I don’t think.

[25] How short-term?  Frazier for one year I’d probably do, but he’s almost certainly going to get offers for more than that.

Romine starting at catcher today.

[7] As Trump would say, he is a LOSER.

Frazier and Headley at 3B, DH, backup 1B is a little offensively deficient and potentially might block Gleyber/Andujar.

Is Peacock pitching or McCullers? I don’t trust Gray but I guess team has little choice. Kudos to C. C. he clearly was able to stay cool and execute his finesse pitches. Got to think younger guys like Sevy Betances are dealing with some of that. Severino’s k’s are dependent on slider working and that has been missing. Betances is gone all Ankiel it seems. Very tough matchup today. Gray should be on extreme short leash.

Romaine provides 3 to 4 gift outs to Astros

[28] I thought you were fucking around.

You, uh. You are not fucking around.


Unlike Gary, who’s been mashing, right?

(No, I’m not justifying this.)

When Girardi looks in the mirror he sees Romine.

So Headley actually has a few good ABs a couple of days in a row so they put Romine in the lineup and not only does he stink but when you inevitably have to pinch hit for him you lose the DH and Gary has to catch anyway.  Does Girarid not know that Thursday is an off day.  Tomorrow does TOE play SS?

I presume Sanchez is hurt, or does Joe actually WANT to be fired? Sanchez hasn’t been performing but if true he isn’t starting, WTH?

EDIT: Oh, so Sanchez is starting, but at DH. Still not good, but reading the comments here I thought Sanchez was straight up on the bench.

Yeah, not looking forward to losing the DH late in the game.

Binder per Francessa they’re using Romine to “get Gray going.”

31. That feels like a pessimistic read to me. The Yankees are at home, Gray had a better year than McCullers, has more experience, and McCullers was dealing with injuries in the second half. McCullers didn’t go more than six innings in a game after June 8th and only had two games going over five innings after that point. It’d be surprising if he can go deep in the game. Of course the Astros can get an early lead and Peacock could handle the middle innings, but I’d rather have the starter capable of throwing six innings. Catching Romine is well worth it if helps Gray pitch a good game.

“Catching Romine is well worth it if helps Gray pitch a good game.”

Abolutely… but is there any reason whatsoever to think this would be the case? C.C., for what it’s worth (quite possibly nothing), went out of his way to compliment the game Gary’s been calling.

[41] And Gray was on the team for 3 months, so any stats of Gray games with Sanchez v Romine are worthless. So unless Gray, mentally, just loves Romine that much more and has told Joe as much, it doesn’t make sense.

41. Gary’s been struggling to block Gray’s curve since he got to the Yankees. But he has pitched several excellent games with Sanchez catching him. I mean, Gray was dealing until his last few starts of the season. That’s been totally obscured by his recent struggles. But as we saw yesterday, Altuve is basically unstoppable on fastballs but can be neutralized when he swings at breaking stuff. Not exactly rocket science of course. But if Romine’s presence gives Gray the confidence to really spin his curve, it might be worth it. BTW, I feel like Sanchez’s issues have been overblown by the media (though they do exist) and amplified by trying to catch a staff that added two pitchers who were erratic with their command at the deadline (Gray and Garcia) and with Dellin, Chapman struggling with their command for a lot of the season. On a less hard throwing, erratic staff, Sanchez’s issues may not have even been noticed. But yes, to get back to the point, I think this move could work out. The Yankees are at a massive advantage in this game if Gray can pitch through the fifth innings and hand the ball to Chad Green.

“IF” As in Tanaka is no good on the road, except for Friday night, or he can’t pitch in the day except for his regular season finale.

[43] For the most part, I think you’re right. But the drop that lost Game 2 really puts a fine point on it.

Gary made a bad play at a bad time. Overall - or at least this is my impression - we’ve been concluding here that he’s a very good defensive catcher, even with a few passed balls.

Astros are a +115 dog tonight (Yanks -125). Total is again 8 1/2 with the over -120/under us even money.

Astros still heavily favored to win the series at -270. Yankees +210 on the comeback.

[16, 17] I’m just pointing out that Machado isn’t an automatic superduper upgrade at 3B over what we have in Frazier, who is available, while Machado is not. Pining away over Machado is pointless for another 2 years anyway. Sign Frazier to 2+ team option, and see what happens with your youngsters and Machado’s availability over the next 2 years.

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