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Thursday, January 17, 2013 Yanks, Hughes avoid arbitration with one-year deal

NEW YORK—Phil Hughes and the Yankees have agreed on a one-year, non-guaranteed contract, avoiding salary arbitration.

Hughes, 26, was 16-13 with a 4.23 ERA in 32 starts with the Yanks last season and was arbitration-eligible for the third and final time.

The deal is worth $7.15 million for Hughes, who is entering an important year as he could be a free agent after the season. Hughes earned $3.2 million last season.

New York has three arbitration-eligible players remaining: pitchers Joba Chamberlain, Boone Logan and David Robertson.

Seems fair.  Since Hal Steinbrenner’s not a fan of extensions I don’t expect to see one done with Hughes.

In other news, Andy Pettitte left off WBC’s Team USA.

Team USA announced its 27-man provisional roster for the 2013 World Baseball Classic on Thursday. Notable with his presence is New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira. Conspicuous by his absence is veteran starting pitcher Andy Pettitte.

Initially believed to be a part of Joe Torre’s roster that will try and break Team Japan’s string of two gold medals in the two previous WBCs, Pettitte instead was left off the team. According to a Thursday morning column from Bob Klapish, tournament eligibility is based upon guaranteed insurance coverage in the event of an injury. Pettitte is 40 years old and missed nearly three months of his 2012 comeback season with a fractured fibula. According to Klapish, insurers “typically shun those older than 38, or ones who suffer from a chronic injury.”


In other, other news, Yankees’ Derek Jeter cleared for baseball activity

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter says he’s been cleared to start baseball activity in his recovery from a broken left ankle.

The 38-year-old team captain reiterated Wednesday that he is on track to be in New York’s starting lineup for the opener on April 1.

Is 3.5 months enough time to lose that spare tire?

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Isn’t it just 2.5 now…

I’m a little bit surprised that Hughes got that much. And sad that the Yankees refuse to explore extension, because he probably would have signed for a 3 year extension at 9MM per.

Isn’t it just 2.5 now…

If you want to get all technical, yeah.

I’m a little bit surprised that Hughes got that much.

MLB Trade Rumors projected him to get about $5.7M if he went to arb, so yeah this seems like an overpay.

They need to figure out a way to get A-rod on the WBC roster for that guaranteed insurance coverage.

[0] Good.IDK, I still don’t see how pitching in the WBC is any worse than pitching in Spring Training.  Or do we not allow any pitcher over 38 to pitch in Spring Training any more?

Is 3.5 months enough time to lose that spare tire?

Chances are he’s already lost quite a bit of it, and yeah, probably.  I’d imagine an athelete like Jeter can probably lose 10-15 lbs in a couple of months easily.

[3 & 4] There’s probably some benefit to getting the deal done early, and IDK what the Yankees would have offered vs. what Hughes would have asked for.  This is probably closer to Hughes’s number, but could have been a preemptive, “see we treat you well” for next offseason.

And sad that the Yankees refuse to explore extension, because he probably would have signed for a 3 year extension at 9MM per.

Did they refuse to explore it?  Are you sure?  I think sometimes we get too caught up in that if the Yankees don’t get something accomplished - or aren’t very public about why they aren’t getting it done - that it means they are refusing to do it.  I think it’s possible Hughes’s agent said, “we think Phil can easily get 5/60 on the market next year, so we either want 4/40 or 5/55.”  And he’s probably right, and I can see why the Yankees wouldn’t commit to that much.

Losing a couple inches of waistline a month is no problem so I’d imagine he’ll look reasonable even for spring training.

.IDK, I still don’t see how pitching in the WBC is any worse than pitching in Spring Training.

Intensity level.

[7] Maybe they did ask about an extension, but the public comments about not liking extensions points to them most likely not seeking one.

It might make more sense to have the player/agent come to them first for extensions, at least this far into the arbitration years. It probably takes more effort for the team to evaluate extensions than the player, so looking into it before you know the player is even interested might be a waste of resources.

I always thought Te’O O’Epstein was a fraudster.  Only a seance can clear his name now.  However, this case presents the broader question of why should one grieve over a fake dead girlfriend when he can have a real live one who causes him grief?

[9] Eh.  I’m skeptical.  Pettitte never seems *not* intense to me, so…moot point, he isn’t pitching.

[10] Well 1) He did note there were exceptions, and as recently as last year they were offering Martin an extension 2) I’m sure Cashman has enough leeway to at least start talking about these things with players, though he needs to go to Hal for final approval.  IOW, I have a feeling that if they didn’t at least broach the subject with Hughes’s agents, it’s because they didn’t feel comfortable giving an extension to Hughes give his injury issues.  Which you can not agree with (I do not), but I think is definitely understandable.

[12] I’m inclined to believe him based on Hanlon’s razor (“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity” though you may prefer the British formulation, “Cock-up before conspiracy”).

[15]  I’m not so sure it can be explained by stupidity, but you had me at “British.”

It’s Laura in reverse

Or performance art perhaps?

[15] Some weird attempt to win the Heisman Trophy via sympathy.

I see they’ve avoided arb. with Joba - 1 year, of course, because they’re not employing players for the following year.

Random Satchel Paige story on Fangraphs:

...the official police report says Paige estimated his age to be “approximately 50.”

edit: either that article needs a lot of editing, or I’m way drunker than I think.

I should have noted this:

His deal, which is not guaranteed, gives Chamberlain a raise of $200,000 and contains performance bonuses for games finished.

It would be terribly clever of them to have done this with the intention of making him a started. If only I could believe that they are so fiendishly clever…

[22] You know the interesting thing…he really hasn’t been all *that* good as a reliever.  He’s been good…but not great.  It’s possible that the starting/relieving thing messed with his head.  It’s possible that 2010’s mediocre numbers were a harbinger of needing surgery in 2011 (which isn’t an endorsement for him starting), and 2012 of course from returning from two injures.  Or…maybe the Yankees were right and his early success was more mirage (like several young starters) than true talent, and moving him to the bullpen was the correct move?

Not saying they handled him perfectly, and in hindsight possibly the BEST thing would have been leave him (starting) in AA for the remainder of 2007, let him dominate AAA in 2008, and then come up sometime in 2008 as a starter, and spend all of 2009 as a starter, hopefully with no (or high) inning limit.  Unfortunately, we haven’t had starters of the caliber of Hughes, Joba, and IPK in the system; other than maybe Banuelos, but he hit a wall at AA and then got hurt in AAA.  So we haven’t had the opportunity to see if the Yankees have learned from their mistakes yet.  Hopefully, one (all?) of Depaula, Campos, or Hensley will be that dominant in 2013, and we can see how they handle them.

I keep forgetting that Hughes is so young.  Seeing that he is 26 still fills me with a sense of optimism about him.  Fool that I am…

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