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Saturday, June 17, 2017 Yanks can’t hold off A’s after Judge’s 23rd HR

A’s rookie Matt Chapman picked the perfect moment for his first Major League hit, delivering a two-run single in the eighth inning that gave the A’s a 7-6 win over the Yankees at the Coliseum on Friday night.

In the second straight back-and-forth affair between the teams, Chapman turned on Yankees reliever Jonathan Holder’s curveball and pulled it down the left-field line, scoring Yonder Alonso and Ryon Healy to give the A’s their second consecutive come-from-behind win.
Chapman and fellow rookies Jaycob Brugman and Chad Pinder knocked in three of the four runs the A’s scored in the second, the only damage allowed by Yankees starter Luis Severino, who went six innings.

The Yankees worked their way back into the game against A’s left-hander Sean Manaea. It started in the third inning with a three-run opposite-field homer from Northern California native Aaron Judge, his Major League-leading 23rd of the season.

Honestly, after a few of these, you sort of get numb to the pain of the loss, so this one didn’t hurt nearly as much as the previous night’s game. Especially when I still don’t know who they would have brought in to pitch the ninth, so even if the A’s hadn’t taken the lead in the 8th, I would not be surprised if they won it in the 9th if the Yankees had to use, like, Domingo German as their closer or whatever.

The bright side of the loss was seeing the offense impressively battle back yet again. Even without Gardner, Didi, Hicks and Sanchez, they still managed to score 6 runs. Good for them. This game is all on the pitchers. Severino was not sharp and the bullpen, well, the less said about the bullpen, the better.

I have no idea if it is Cessa or Tanaka tomorrow, but either one scares the shit out of me, so that does not bode well for the Yankees. Their chances of still being in first place at the close of this weekend rest mightily on the Houston Astros somehow getting at least one game against the Red Sox on Saturday or Sunday (the Red Sox pitchers “limped” into Houston to give up a whopping single run).

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The New York Battlecats.

The New York Cough It Ups

Funny, I don’t see Cronin using that term.

Both terms are applicable this road trip!

Chapman flying in, who’ll pitch the 7th?

[5] Higgy.

I imagine Clippard will be the main 7th inning guy once again, until Warren returns. Then he’ll get the 7th, but reallt, they’ll probably split time in that inning (depending on who is fresh).

Now it’s Tanaka for tomorrow and Cessa for Sunday? I still think Chance is the right play not Cessa.  Maybe if they were still be 3/4 up Cessa would be ok but now they need to see what they have.
More importantly any word on Gary or Hixie?

Word? Crackhead medical staff hard at work on both.

Fowler is better than Mason in every way. Is it really better to bring up Mason just so you dont lose him when you drop him from the 40?

I don’t get it.

I imagine they figure that even if Hicks is really hurt, then Ellsbury will be back soon enough anyways. But they likely think Hicks is NOT really hurt.

And they want to keep up enough value in Williams that they can trade him for SOMEthing, just like they did with what’s his name, the dude they traded to Seattle. What’s his name? Jake Cave, maybe? Or is someone else?

[11] Gamel?

Classical Gas probably doesn’t have much trade value.  The most they could get for him is a middle reliever.  Wait…..

Mason Williams is the definition of replacement level. Every team has a Mason Williams already.

Perhaps the Yankees can stash all 31 Mason Williams (I assumed there’s a team with 2 already) in AAA and profit when other teams have a need. Might not be the most efficient use of roster space though.


It’s Mason Williamses all the way down.

At the conclusion of Childhood’s End we all became Mason Williams

1. Brett Gardner (L) LF
2. Chase Headley (S) 3B
3. Aaron Judge (R) RF
4. Matt Holliday (R) DH
5. Didi Gregorius (L) SS
6. Chris Carter (R) 1B
7. Ronald Torreyes (R) 2B
8. Mason Williams (L) CF
9. Austin Romine (R)

I’m not sure why in the midst of a losing streak with your amazing offensive catcher and career year centerfielder as well as TRO unavailable and replaced by players who are not at all threats you choose to also rest Gardy and Didi yesterday as well as Castro today and if I were going to give someone a day off it would’ve been Headley yesterday who for some reason can no longer hit LHP.  As amatter of fact Headley should be semi permanently platooned with TOE.

DFA 5/9ths of that lineup.

Only 3 of those guys seem unlikable so I’m actually okay with this lineup.

And none of them are really hate-worthy. Except for our 3B with dad-bod. It’s okay to hate him.

You can’t let a June losing streak deter you from your year-long plans. So if you intend to give guys rest, you continue to give them rest.

It’d be like saying last night, “Shit, Betances would normally be unavailable today, but screw it, let’s pitch him the 8th and 9th so that we get the win.” It would have helped them in the short term but it would likely fuck them in the long term.

The most annoying thing about this losing streak is the easily could’ve won all 4. A lot of bad luck mixed in with the injuries.

[22]  True, but there’s also been a lack of hitting with runners in scoring position.  Is that all luck?  Or is because the Yankees are WEAK AND WORTHLESS?

But Binder didn’t feel the need to rest anyone until yesterday.  Why not wait until Gary and Hixie are back or put them on the DL and bring up Fowler for Mason.

[24] Not The Yankees Way.

Seems like the scouting report on every pitcher from HS up through AAA is “fringy changeup, needs work.”  Why don’t they teach this earlier?  Is a changeup that hard to master?

NJ.Com “By Sunday, Sanchez’s groin issue may be healed up enough for him to play the Yankees’ series finale in Oakland.
Same thing.
His tight left Achilles is improving too.
“I feel better,” Sanchez said in English after dressing for a matinee against the Athletics.
Hicks was nearby when Sanchez updated his condition, but didn’t respond when he was asked how he’s feeling.
“He’s better too,” Girardi said pf Hicks in his pre-game news conference. “I’m hoping that maybe he’s available to me today (off the bench). He’s got to do some things (before the game with the trainers), so we’ll see.”

So Binder couldn’t wait a couple or three days to rest his regulars?

Castro in/Holiday out allergic reaction.  Pinder out also Susan speculating Oakland sushi.

Goddammit, Tanaka.

Not an ideal beginning.

Typical west coast trip…

Williams, Torreyes and Romine leading the offense, as we all expected.

Serling and Suzie very excited about the bottom of the order.

It’s like a collection of Nixes, their favorite!

I believe it’s a Rookery of Nixes.

Do they even have someone to put in for Tanaka? They’re sort of stuck with him for a while, aren’t they? This has been a difficult road trip.

Domingo German, come on down!

Gopher ball pitcher, do the kids still say that?

Seriously, though, their best bet is probably still sticking with Tanaka for a little bit, as it is not like German would do any better.

From Twitter:

Last season, Tanaka gave up 22 HRs in 199.2 innings. This year: 20 HRs in 74.2 innings, with 14 home runs in his last 31 innings.

Good time to give Hahn an easy inning.

Khris Davis, what a maroon!!!

The ridiculous thing is that the A’s have not really played all that well in this series so far at ALL, and yet they keep winning due to the shitty Yankee pitching.

Annoying result, but at least Hahn’s pitch count is nearing 90 through just four innings.

Are you goddamn kidding me?

It’s really sad to watch.

One less home run than he allowed all last season. This is just pathetic. And the saddest thing is that since they’re all solo shots, you probably still are best off sticking with Tanaka over German.

3-1 pitch to a guy who already hit a home run coming right up!

5 game losing streak, but at least this one is earned.

Oh, you mean relying on striking Rosales out every time didn’t pan out? Surprising.

I wish Coney were doing this game, evenLeiter I’d love to,hear some actual analysis.

This is like water torture. He gets to two strikes on everyone and then gives up a single to each guy!

Come on, Houston!

Little better defense wouldn’t have hurt.

CC having his best game in years gets hurt and Tanaka having the worst year of any Yankee pitcher in many years is healthy. Maybe.

Possibly the most pathetic part about today is that Tanaka has looked mostly good. He has TEN strikeouts! And yet even when he looks good, he still gives up FIVE runs in four innings!! Yes, some of that was poor defense, to be sure, but boy, it’s aggravating as all heck.

Ten strikeouts but 3 home runs does not even out.

Sure, that’s the pathetic part. That even when he is pitching mostly well, he still sucks.

Cancel the season.

I don’t get why they didn’t pitch Cessa today to give Tanaka the extra day. I also don’t get why Cessa’s pitching at all.

Tanaka had his best recent game while pitching on normal rest, so that’s presumably why they did it that way. I don’t know why they’re going with Cessa, either. I don’t like it.

Domingo German in, now the fun begins.

So Carter’s missed catch is destined to be the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand of this season. Too soon?

Hey somebody pitching who gets outs.  What a concept.

German! First relief pitcher to not give up a run in literal DAYS!

This is brutal, since Hendriks sucks, so they really should score some runs, but they probably won’t.

I don’t care if he hits a home run once in a long while he still sucks.

He’s awful for a starting first baseman. He’s useful as a bench bat who could theoretically come up and hit a home run, but he’s awful as a starting first baseman.

O/U for the losing streak. Eleventy nine sounds about right.

[26] Many of those kids don’t need a changeup in HS especially, and in college I think that the aluminum bats scare them away from it.

So, Tanaka bad when Tanaka good? All those K’s and still Tanaka bad. Lesson: K’s no good, amirite.

74 Yep see Pineda, Mike e.g.

German getting into the swing of things.  He was pretty good at Scranton but not overwhelming.

Nice to get scoreless relief when it probably doesn’t matter.

Brian, you had to talk about how the offense battled yesterday, didn’t you?

And we don’t even get a game thread today! How low, how quickly the mighty have fallen.

All those other games were games they really should have one. This one they really should lose - that should give us hope, right?

Golden sombrero P.O.S.

Gleyber 1/2 with a double and then removed from the game. I don’t like it.

Adams through 5 innings: 5 H 1 ER 2 BB 3 K 84 pitches.

[81]  Maybe he’s being called up.


Conor Foley‏ @RailRidersTT 32m32 minutes ago

No specific injury really stood out on the video feed, but it was pretty clear Gleyber was in a lot of pain.

Conor Foley‏ @RailRidersTT 39m39 minutes ago
Looked like Buffalo’s catcher came crashing down on Gleyber’s extended arm.

Conor Foley‏ @RailRidersTT 40m40 minutes ago
Uh oh. Gleyber looks hurt after a play at the plate. Got hit on the hand.

Sliding home head first.  See you in ST next year before the surgery 5/1/18 since shoulder never healed.

Now the A’s have a good pen Cash.

83 Huh, you haven’t been paying attention to this season.


According to Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News, Yankees’ top prospect and Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre infielder Gleyber Torres left Saturday afternoon’s game in the fourth inning with an apparent injury to either his left hand, wrist, or shoulder. The incident occurred when Torres was thrown out at home plate, trying to score against the Buffalo Bisons (Blue Jays affiliate). Per Harrington, Torres attemped to slide in hand-first, and appeared to get caught around the catcher.

Conor Foley twitter with video.

He was just starting to catch fire and looked like a very possible late summer addition.

There’s always Cito Culver.

It was planned to be the Summer of Gleyber, as I said in March.  He was right on track too.

Just PLEASE don’t let the NYY medical team examine him.

That was it for Chance Adams, pulled after five innings, pitched to one batter in the 6th, 90 pitches. Next stop the Bronx?

94 Not when they have a mediocrity like Cessa.

Gleyber was hitting over 400 last 12 games and had an OBP over 400 at Scranton. Very effing annoying.

Yankees 16-19 on the road worst record of any over 500 team.  Were they missing their pillows?

Worst week in Yankeedom in a long while.

Yankees 16-19 on the road worst record of any over 500 team. 

Well, let’s be glad that they’re going
home soon!

And be happy that Sanchez was healthy enough to pinch hit today!

Come on, Houston!

Astros with 3 in the 1st.

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