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Thursday, September 7, 2017 Yanks’ blasts back Gray as NY gains in East

The offensive philosophy that Gene Michael always encouraged the Yankees to follow involved finding players who could make pitchers work, steal an occasional base and slug home runs. When they did all three in the first inning of Thursday’s 9-1 victory over the Orioles, manager Joe Girardi remarked that they’d just witnessed “a Stick special.”

Wearing black armbands on their left jersey sleeves to mourn the passing of the longtime player, scout, manager and general manager, the Yankees hit four homers—including Aaron Judge’s 39th, reclaiming a share of the American League lead—as they supported Sonny Gray’s solid effort and notched their first series victory in Baltimore since September 2013.

“I’m sure he would have liked that,” said Brett Gardner, who battled back from an 0-2 count against Kevin Gausman to spark the Yankees’ three-run first inning. “He obviously meant a lot to this organization, and I’m sure he’d be happy about how the game went today. We don’t usually leave here winning the series, especially not recently, so it’s a good feeling.”

Very sweet of the article-writer and the Yankees to specifically pay tribute to Stick Michael.

In any event, huge win for the Yankees, as they open up a five-game lead in the loss column over Baltimore. If they had only held on to that lead in the previous game, they would have buried Baltimore, but hey, five games in the loss column is better than three!

Aaron Judge hitting a home run in the first inning was a nice treat. It’d be nice if he could hit some more home runs. It’s weird that Khris Davis also has 39 home runs. Khris Davis is such an odd player.

The Sonny Gray experience continues to be fun to watch. You can tell why you had to give up a lot of young talent to get a guy like Gray locked in for two more seasons on top of this one. He’s just a good pitcher who you can expect to at least not get rocked during his starts. That’s very helpful. It’d be nice if he was a dominant pitcher, but that doesn’t seem to be the type of guy that he is.

The Yankees head to Texas to try to win another series.

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Nice win, but as mentioned by bebop: why was Frazier playing over Bird against a righty??  Makes no sense to me.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. And when Bird went 1 for 3 with a HR you all would have crowed about how great Bird was and Frazier sucks and other nonsense.

Fucking Twins do NOT quit. They just beat KC with three in the ninth.

Minnesota has been a real pest.

Twinkies and Halos both.

Was Tuesday the only 5 run lead we blew this season?  That game and the game we came back to take a 6-3 lead on the townies on a Friday night are the games that stick most in my craw. There were some beauts on the California trip also.

I think Gray can be a dominant number one type starter if he commanded his fastball better. The good thing is that when he loses command, he gets wild then gets it back. You can be wild by throwing pitches right down the middle. But he does just seem to lose command at random moments. If he could tighten that a bit he’d be a true ace. As is he’s good to very good, depending on how deep he can go into a game without losing his fastball control. Everything else is there: plus breaking stuff, good movement for grounders and suppressing homers, and some moxie. He is a talented starting pitcher, and have to like having Gray and Severino locked-in for next year.

Other than 2016 when he was hurt he’s been pretty near ace.  I’d like to see him be a little more efficient and able to go 7 with some consistency and stay healthy.

Yeah, “near ace” is a fair description. Which is quite valuable in and of itself, of course. You trade what the Yankees traded for “near ace” every day of the week.

Just curious, let’s say that Tanaka was in the same contract situation as Gray. What he have more or less trade value than Gray?

I think the Tanaka injury risk reduces his value.

It certainly does appear that the competition for the WC spot does have some 9th inning comeback magic that the Yankees lack…actually that the Yankees have in reverse. In the last week the Os had two, the Angels, the Twins, really amazing. When was the last Yankee one? Holliday HR vs Kimbrel?

The last one was that miraculous comeback against the Rays on July 27th where Sanchez hit what should have been a game-ending ground ball that the Rays’ infielders (including current Orioles star second baseman Tim Beckham) both just flinched on and let it roll into the outfield for a game-tying single. Then the Yankees walked off in extras.

Also, remember, the Yankees beat the Orioles once this year in a game that they were trailing 9-1!

Gardy’s home run at Wrigley, Clint’s home run against Milwaukee,  Yankees came back from 3-0 against the townies to take a 6-3 lead. Too bad they lost that one.

The Tampa Bay game, though, is still their last win where they were trailing headed into the 9th, right?

And oh man, that Clint Frazier walk-off was AMAZING. So was the Gardner go-ahead blast in Wrigley.

What was the year where it seemed like every game was either a heartbreaking loss or a thrilling victory? Was it just last year?

I find all losses heartbreaking.

15 And the TB game was a gift.

I think the Sanchez two out should have been game ended grounder was after a lead off triple. Which would have made that loss very painful.

Yeah, it was a lead-off triple by Gardy, then Frazier and Judge made out meekly and then the lucky groundout. Then Gardy hit a home run to win it in extras, because he realized that a triple wasn’t going to be enough.

Right now the WC winner draws Houston, while the Townies would face Cleveland. Who would you rather face in a short series? Verlander/Keuchel, Kluber/Carrasco or Sale/Pomeranz (Price?)

Seems like it’s in the Yankees best interest to actually have the Red Sox win best record in the AL, roll the dice on the WC game, and hope to face the Tribe or Stros in a seven-game.

Yeah, you take the Red Sox as an opponent every time. CLE just won 15 in a row. HOU doesn’t have the starters but they have Altuve, Correa, Springer, et al. Red Sox have Sale and Kimbrel and everyone else is eminently beatable.

I’d still take skipping the Wild Card game over having to play it and burn Severino.

Plus, there’s a decent chance Cleveland passes Houston anyways.

If Cleveland outplays Houston down the line, then yes, the Wild Card would be worthless. But I’d way rather burn Sevvy in the play-in, then go to war with Gray/Tanaka/CC vs Sale/Pomeranz/Fister than count on Sevvy/Gray/Tanaka vs. Kluber/Carrasco/Bauer

Joel Sherman‏Verified account @Joelsherman1

I hear #Yankees #Rays Series next Mon-Wed is going to be played at Citi Field

Clever solution by MLB.

If Cleveland outplays Houston down the line, then yes, the Wild Card would be worthless. But I’d way rather burn Sevvy in the play-in, then go to war with Gray/Tanaka/CC vs Sale/Pomeranz/Fister than count on Sevvy/Gray/Tanaka vs. Kluber/Carrasco/Bauer

But there’s no way it would be the Red Sox after the Wild Card. It would either be the Astros or the Indians, and both of those choices are bad. So how can you take the risk of losing the Wild Card game, which has to be close to 40% even if the Yankees are favored, over a slightly worse matchup?

Because the premise was “We’re better off rooting for the RS to win best record in baseball than hope to win the division.” 60/40 in one game vs. fuck-all against the Tribe.

[25] So 17 of the final 20 in NY. Nice.

Didn’t somebody ask this question? From RAB:
“Fourth loss when taking a lead into the ninth inning; that’s the same number that they piled up in the previous three seasons (2014-16) combined.”
Also Tuesday was the third time the Yankees lost on a game-ending hit one out from victory, hasn’t happened since at least 1930

How do you get tix to the Citifield games? It feels like the ticket receipts might be going to charity for the Ray’s home state.

Also Tuesday was the third time the Yankees lost on a game-ending hit one out from victory, hasn’t happened since at least 1930

That’s shocking. How could that be such an infrequent occurrence?

Because the premise was “We’re better off rooting for the RS to win best record in baseball than hope to win the division.” 60/40 in one game vs. fuck-all against the Tribe.

Oh yeah, gotcha, my bad, I missed that angle of it.

I still disagree (as 40% is too high of a risk just for a better match-up in the next round) but yes, I do agree that the Sox are a MUCH better matchup than the Indians or Astros.

I don’t like this. Some of that Mets is gonna rub off on this team spending that much time in Citi. At least Tampa will be the “home” team there. That should pull more of the juju.

[32] I assume it’s the three times in a single season that’s infrequent.

Oh, okay, phew. Even that seems like it wouldn’t be THAT infrequent, but obviously it would a lot more infrequent than the other thing.

What was the third time, by the way? Once was that awful A’s game where Gallegos had two outs and no one on and then loaded the bases and Castro dropped what would been the game-winning out (it was a tough play, but not THAT tough) and obviously the Orioles game, but what was the third one?

Ah, it was the Chicago game where the Yankees came back with three runs in the 8th to take a 3-1 lead, then Clippard somehow only gave up one run in the 8th (they tried to avoid using him and gave Domingo German a chance and German, of course, walked the first two guys he faced and so they brought Clippard in and he somehow only gave up a single run, despite walking a guy himself with no outs to load the bases) but then Betances had two walks and a hit batsman and then with two outs, he gave up the game-losing single.

Yankees have done well against Boston. Even have done decent against Sale. But would rather face them in 7 than 5 because if you’re facing Sale twice, I’d rather have more games around that to win.

That said, I think Houston is best matchup. Cleveland would sweep them.

All this is moot since they’ll get three-hit by Ervin Santana in the Wild Card game while Tanaka gives up 3 solo HR.

Bebop - thanks I asked it. Wow on the answers. Especially the losses with only one out to go. Insanely bad luck? Unclutch pitchers? It should give us hope for next year.

I am pretty sure there are no clutch hitters (at least not predictive) but there are unclutch ones. Nick swisher and his post season bat gripping come to mind.  Way to early to say it about Judge but when they went up 7-1 on the Red Sox I knew he would hit one out. It is something worth watching. Yankee fans of a certain age will remember Mr May Dave Winfield.

Clutch pitchers = Baumgartner, Koufax, Rivera
Unclutch = Price, Gooden, ed Figueroa, maybe Kershaw

Or maybe it is all small sample size

I got my tix for the Twins game 9/20. $120 for the first section behind the moat behind the NYY dugout. Trying to get my 4 y/o hooked early.

[39] Many Yankees this(last? you know what I mean 1996-2011) era have nearly a full season of playoffs. They have large enough sample sizes..

And thus Rivera proves his clutchness. Lower ERA against better competition.

[40] Great price for those seats. Two DNYS quirks I’ve taken advantage of: The handicapped rows, they just use folding chairs. If someone’s in a wheelchair, they just slide in. If someone is with them or just got tickets for those rows, they bust out the folders. Cheaper tickets though, if you can get them.

They also have those barstool seats on the front end of the concourse. I sat right behind the plate for $70 with those for the first game of this last Boston series. Slightly different vibe than being in the open air, but great seats for the dough.

Both times by accident, but fortuitous either way.

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