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Sunday, April 9, 2017 Yankees use 4-run 9th to deal O’s first loss

Aaron Judge hit a game-tying home run in the eighth inning and the Yankees rallied for four more in the ninth to post a 7-3 win on Sunday at Camden Yards, sending the Orioles to their first loss in five games this season.

“It’s good getting the win on a getaway day, heading home, going back to Yankee Stadium and getting to see our fans,” said Judge, whose eighth-inning solo shot off Mychal Givens was his first home run of the season.

New York piled on Orioles reliever Darren O’Day. After a leadoff walk by Matt Holliday, pinch-runner Jacoby Ellsbury stole second and scored on Starlin Castro’s single. Judge drove in another run, and a sacrifice fly by Austin Romine combined with Jonathan Schoop’s throwing error tacked two more on.

Through six games, the Yankees have scored precisely as many runs as they have given up, so they’re probably a little bit better than 2-4. Hopefully they’ll get a healthy Greg Bird back soon.

Big win today - I can only imagine what another one run loss would have done to this team’s psyche. As it is, they’re in position to hopefully get back to .500 on this homestand and then see what happens from there.

Pineda sort of needs to pitch well, though, for that to happen. Let’s hope it happens.

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Pineda’s got some kind of psychological issue I think.  I’m serious. It’s not exactly the yips, but his problems are mental.

[2] He gets rattled easy. I think I brought it up his last start, and for as much as he had a Murphy’s Law inning between Castro, the catwalk, the brutal strike zone and the bad Sanchez throw, he just couldn’t recover. Pineda is like the dude at your job who still bitches about some offhand thing the boss said to him two years ago, and thinks that’s the reason he’s about to get fired.

You guys ! I gave up and went fishing after the 6th.

Didn’t catch anything, but I actually saw an otter - AN OTTER !! which must have been timed precisely with the Judge homer.

You’re all welcome. Well, not EVERYONE, but most everybody. Mostly.

Sixty Minutes with a feature on Ohtani, can’t help but wonder if he’d opt to play in the NL so he can hit. An American scout of Japanese baseball claims he won’t even talk to teams that won’t let him play both ways.

I try to learn something new every day. I think this is something we should all strive for. I mean, after all…

Here’s what I learned today:

Elf chicks were hotter before Smaug was defeated and Sauron revealed himself and started drawing his power together.

I say this on the basis of extensive comparison into the hotidity of elf chicks between The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug vs. LOTR: The Two Towers/Return of the King.

[5]  Um, what about Cate Blanchett???

[6] True dat!

[6] Hideous. Washed out. Carpenter’s dream. Flat as a board.

Evangeline Lilly. Rowr. Grrrrrrrrr. Ruh Ruh Ruh. Ahhhhhh…..

The team that signs Otani will have the best contract in baseball and he should sign with an AL team si he can DH and pitch. The Yankees should extend Tanaka, land Darvish and then Otani will have a lot of reasons to be a Yankee. As a left handed batter he will love the DNYS and pitch in the same rotation with the best japenese SP in the rotation will be very tempting.

I know that is a long shot, but that may be the only chance the Yankees will be contenders again soon

Evangeline Lilly has big slablike teeth.  I can’t even look at her.

[9] Otani went to the DL today for six weeks, due to a baserunning injury. This will raise eyebrows in AL front offices.

Conditioning is different for pitchers and batters. Conditioning for a two-way player demands a different intensity and a different balance of activities; given the Yankees’ track record with conditioning regular players, I certainly wouldn’t trust them to help Otani stay injury-free. And in terms of performance, AL teams have less to gain from a two-way player. Most already have a DH (or several); it’s unclear that Otani’s bat could outperform a league-average DH. Sure, you save space on the 25-man, but the entire potential upside (marginal runs scored, a roster slot, and gate receipts) might not be worth the potential downside (injury such that he can’t even pitch). Meanwhile, the NL teams already assume the risk of a pitcher getting injured on offense, and are less likely to shy away. I’m not saying the Yankees shouldn’t pursue Otani, but I understand why AL teams would see his bat as a liability.

As for whether having both Tanaka and Darvish already would draw Otani to sign, well, it’s not like Otani was teammates with either Tanaka or Darvish - Darvish left the Fighters in 2011, Otani didn’t debut with the Fighters till 2013, and Tanaka played on another team altogether. Sure, Otani had a couple offseason workouts with Tanaka, but I really don’t see that being a major draw for him. Maybe having compatriots would be a tiebreaking factor; but I don’t think it would sway him more than, say, championship contention (Cubs) or media spotlight (LA being on par with NY).

As for Tanaka and Darvish, I think it makes more sense to see how healthy they are by the end of the season. Of note, Darvish is 30, turns 31 in August (and he’s already had TJ surgery); Tanaka’s a bit younger but who knows about his UCL? I’d be okay trading Tanaka at the deadline if we can get a solid young pitching prospect like Yadier Alvarez, then trying to get Tanaka back if he’s doing well enough to opt out.

Tanaka doesn’t even need to be doing well to opt out. As long as his arm doesn’t fall off, he is opting out.

Heck, he might even be able to beat the remaining three years on his deal if he got TJS this season…okay, maybe not, but that I even considered it shows how much sense it makes for him to opt out.

Complaint: This scheduling is garbage. It’s the seventh game of the season and the Yankees and Rays are playing for the fourth time.

Blackouts. What we need is more blackouts.

Don’t forget the two off-days in the first five games.

Re: Otani, it would seem to depend on how much he wants to hit. If he’d be content just hitting on pitching days, then sure, that’s already SOP for NL teams and they’d be accepting less additional risk to get him in the lineup. If he wants to hit close to every day, however, the DH gives he AL a distinct advantage, because the one thing no team would (or should) let him do is play the field on his non-pitching days.

Also, on Otani’s pitching days, an AL team could let him bat for himself and DH for another position player. Imagine Otani hitting in the pitcher’s slot, and then playing a defense-first guy like Kozma at SS, and DHing for KOZMA with Matt Holliday. Kozma/Holliday is a heckuva player.

Cashman on WFAN. It sounds like they have a diagnosis on Kaprielian. Kaprielian wanted the second opinion with the doctor out on the west coast. Going out there tomorrow and should have word late Tues or Wed for definitive plan of action. Kaprielian wanting a second opinion probably means surgery, you wouldn’t want a second opinion to advocate FOR surgery.

You can only DH for the pitcher.

[16] Facing the same team twice in 3 series to start the season is significantly less defensible than the off-day nonsense to start the season.

[17] All excellent points. You’ve thought this through a lot more clearly than I have.

I’d still hesitate to let a pitcher bat and run the bases, but perhaps I’m just scarred by the memory of Chien-Ming Wang.

Cashman on WFAN. It sounds like they have a diagnosis on Kaprielian. Kaprielian wanted the second opinion with the doctor out on the west coast. Going out there tomorrow and should have word late Tues or Wed for definitive plan of action. Kaprielian wanting a second opinion probably means surgery, you wouldn’t want a second opinion to advocate FOR surgery.

Tanaka had, like, 95 different opinions before deciding against surgery. When it comes to your arm, you should get as many opinions as possible.

But yes, odds are ALWAYS that it is going to be surgery in situations like this.

[20] Clearly, we need robot schedulers.

[21] Thanks but not thought through enough. [19] is correct.

That’s kind of a lousy rule.

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