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Tuesday, November 28, 2017 Yankees’ manager search back in full swing

The holiday shopping season has kicked into high gear, and so has the Yankees’ search for their next manager, with general manager Brian Cashman and his lieutenants reopening the Yankee Stadium offices on Monday morning following their Thanksgiving break.

The Yanks have interviewed five as potential replacements for Joe Girardi, and managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner has said that fewer than 10 candidates are expected to be entertained in all.

Cashman said that the team does not necessarily need to fill the Majors’ only managerial vacancy before the Winter Meetings, which begin Dec. 10 in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Nor does it necessarily have to fill the position by Christmas or New Year’s Day, though it would be ideal if it could.

You would think that this does not bode well for the first five guys that they interviewed, but perhaps they are just doing due diligence on such a major decision.

Carlos Beltran is apparently the next guy to be interviewed. I like Beltran, but I’d feel a bit weird about a guy going from playing to managing right away. We just saw it fail miserably with Derek Fisher, but it also worked out with Jason Kidd, so I dunno.

I’m still team Bam Bam, but that ship might have sailed!

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Eh I dunno.  I’ve seen in my field prolonged job searches that end up with the first guy interviewed.  We’ll see.  The process is pretty weird and opaque though.

[0,1] The weirdest part is that Cashman still doesn’t have a contract. I mean it seems inevitable, but still weird.

Bam bam. No idea if he’s any good but he’d have the best nickname on the team .

Prefer someone who’s coached in the MLB or managed somewhere.

Do you have a singular preference among the six (counting Beltran)?

Concerns me that they’d part ways with a successful manager after a successful season without a specific replacement in mind, especially when they’re interviewing guys with no experience like Boone and Beltran. This team wants to contend for a championship;  it would hurt to have to wait for a novice to learn the ropes.

It could also be that Cash’s own decision will depend on who they decide to hire. If they hire a candidate other than his choice, or against his recommendation, he might want out.

True.  Or Cashman might be trying to wear down the Steins until they say “Just hire the guy you think is best but it’s on you.”  Like maybe they really want Boone (speculating) and Cash is burying them with other candidates.

I guess they should hire the manager Ohtani wants…

Cashman may not have a written contract, but I think it’s very likely that they have agreed on parameters,  and that’s enough for people operating in good faith who want to get a deal done.

Speaking from total ignorance my gut says, and I had too too many spicy meatballs last night, Bam Bam or Woodward but not Boone or Thompson.

Concerns me that they’d part ways with a successful manager after a successful season without a specific replacement in mind, especially when they’re interviewing guys with no experience like Boone and Beltran. This team wants to contend for a championship;  it would hurt to have to wait for a novice to learn the ropes.

It’s super weird, no doubt, but what I think is the following:

1. Cora to the Red Sox was agreed upon before the season ended, so he was never an option.
2. No one else stood out to Cash that he cares if they went elsewhere, so he didn’t have to rush to lock in a “hot” candidate (heck, he might not have even wanted Cora if the Red Sox had kept Farrell, but I bet he would have).
3. Now he’s just taking his sweet time because that’s how little he thinks it REALLY matters. This is clearly all Cash’s team now and that was the main point of Girardi getting fired. He was a divergent point of view in the organization and now Cash knows that whoever DOES get the job, it will still be him fully in charge, so why does he care how long it takes?

Or maybe they think that managers aren’t all that important as long as it is someone that Cashman can work with. If so, I support that point of view.

Is it in the rulebook that you NEED a manager? Just let the bat boy run out the lineup card.

What I’m saying is: Can you tailor a satin jacket for a Magic 8-Ball?

Or maybe they think that managers aren’t all that important as long as it is someone that Cashman can work with. If so, I support that point of view.

That’s essentially what I meant by #3.

[14] Probably, but the satin jacket maybe necessary for the binder. Because for all the derision of Girardi, it may be that most of the key decisions will made based on data.  The primary job of the manager may be to keep everyone focused and able to withstand the 162 game grind.

[15] I missed that. Sorry.

If it’s about a relationship with the players, hire a comic or therapist. Let the binder work the in-game magic.

On a serious second thought, it would be very interesting if a team, such as a low-A team, hire a therapist/psychologist as manager. Or at least a baseball mind with a degree in it.

Watson will be the Yankees new manager!

Wasn’t he GM before Cashman?

[18] So, Russell Carleton?

Obviously either Werner Erhard or Tony Robbins would be the right fit for the job.

They can’t afford Robbins.

[23] That’s the kind of negativity that hold you back from the you you could be. DARE TO DREAM, REACH FOR THE STARS ! You can do anything if you want it enough !

Can we get back to do discussing a trade for Machado? That fun ended too quickly.

The Cubs traded the hottest commodity for what - 30 innings of chapman? Would we not trade it for a full season of Machado?

No, because you can have Machado for just money next offseason, and Torres might *be* the next Machado.

I’ve an idea for the next Yankee manager:

1-Will do exactly what the front office wants
2-Played for the Yankees
3-Ties to Japan
4-Was a home run hitter
5-Has a cool nickname

-Would prefer to work for another team
-Probably can’t get him

Jack Elliot—Mr. Baseball.

He’s a fictional character,so he has to do whatever the writers say.  No free will whatsoever.  In this case, Cash and the analytics department get to write the script.  If you have a problem, just hire another actor like they did in “Bewitched” or “That Seventies Show” or all those Batman movies.

No, I don’t advocate that they hire Steve Nebraska as pitching coach.  That would be crazy.

I understand we have a hollywood connection in our midst.

Not a lot of people know it, but I think he’ll be OK with me outing him.

Yep. Clay/Snuggles has connections with the Air Bud people.

It’s movies. It’s sports. It could work.

Why do Boone and Beltran get interviews but not Coney?

How many game winning HR’s did Coney hit in Yankee Stadium ?

Nuff Said.

If I called Mr. T, he might pick up, but I’m pretty sure he won’t believe I have the authority to offer him the Yankees job.

Did Beltran coach or manage in winter ball?

Obviously one year of Machado wouldn’t do it, but what would you trade Gleyber for?

I’d trade him for Kluber. Kluber is under team control for peanuts through 2021, and the last TWO years of the deal are team options.

I dunno why we’re making such a big deal of managerial experience.  There have been loads of managers who did well coming in hot.

That said, I like Bam Bam of the names kicked around so far.  I think there’s a couple of things in his favor I don’t think we’ve discussed here—1.  The weird up and down Giants dynasty of this decade where they won three WS but stunk in between.  Temptation at one of those points would be to clean house but the Giants didn’t, and so BB has an interesting perspective on overcoming adversity with a team that “ought” to win, didn’t, and then going on to actually win.  2.  As a busted prospect, I think he probably has more to offer the young players than a guy who was a superstar.  It’s the Ted Williams thing—he KNEW how to hit, so couldn’t teach it.

Reminds me of a story I love from Ball Four—at the ASG, Bouton asks Bunning how to throw that wicked slider.  “You hold it like this and you throw the shit out of it.” “Gee, thanks.”

[32] When I hear names like Beltran, I wonder if people believe that just any former player can jump into the driver’s seat and run a club.  This seems beyond ridiculous.

This is all part of Cashman’s plan to hire a junk manager and swing a trade for Stanton before signing his new contract as GM…of the Marlins!!!

[0] Jason Kidd is actually a pretty ineffective coach. He has the best player in the league on his team, in a completely superstar driven league, playing in an extremely weak conference, and is still struggling to stay at .500. Also, he hates analytics.

This is all part of Cashman’s plan to hire a junk manager and swing a trade for Stanton before signing his new contract as GM…of the Marlins!!!

He trades all the Yankees’ best players for Stanton, then tears open his shirt to reveal a Marlins jersey and shouts, “That’s why you don’t have a guy working as GM for you while not under contract!”

His and Jeter’s cold relationship in the past was all part of the long con they set up 10 years ago to screw the Yankees over because Cashman sneezed at a meeting in 2004 and Hal Steinbrenner didn’t say, “Bless you.”

(35) wasn’t there some article out there showing that players hit better under williams? I am thinking frank Howard was one…can’t remember the others.?

[39] I buy it.

Maybe Cash will just carve a manager out of an onion.

James Gammon, who played the manager in Major League?  He’s dead, but maybe that’s a good thing.

Between Charlie Sheen and Wesley Snipes, who would make the better manager?

Hugh Laurie could manage the night games and the house lineup games.

[40] Williams himself put out a chart showing the improvement of almost every batter on his team in one of his first years coaching or managing, I don’t remember. But he didn’t point out that the entire major leagues saw a similar increase becausr of something like the mound being lowered. Maybe Brian can fill in the details, but the increase in BA Williams noted tracked basically identically with the league.

If we get one of those portable ice machines, Tecdy Ballgame could be a viable candidate.

If we’re looking at players without coaching or managerial experience how about a manager without baseball experience. Michael Scott as manager with Dwight Schroot as 3rd base coach could inject some life into this team and they would have fun.  Or you could NOT go wrong finding a businessman who worked in the NY Real Estate sector.

[48] Michael Schur for manager? Isn’t he a Townies fan?

Look, if you want a true New York icon who has a blue-sky future and something to prove, the choice is clear.

Eli Manning for skipper.

As long as we’re thinking outside the box, how about a female manager? Would it be a conflict of interest if Kate Upton managed the team? For extra motivation they could dump the Gatorade bucket on her after every win.

Going a completely different direction than that.  If you listen to the ESPN games, you would think that Jessica Mendoza knows a lot more about baseball than the guy the Yankees interviewed.  Maybe she does.  Of course, Jessica, while a great softball player, never hit home run to put the Yankees into the World Series.

[52] Why does the manager have to be human?

Paul the Octopus for manager!

The man who invented the high five is still out there.

Glenn Burke is very clearly not available.  If he were alive, he’d probably be considered too old for the job.

What if the Yankees used a Mattel Intellivision baseball cartridge?  I always liked that you could make a quadruple play—with the bases loaded you could get a force at every base starting with home and the game would briefly show 4 outs.

Cashman should manage.

[56] With or without the voice add-on?

[58]  Without.  You think the Yankees are made of money?

(57) now you are just being silly. The other ideas make much more sense

Being serious, isn’t there a rule that the manager can’t also be the GM?

[61] No, but that seems like a difficult job to double.

You can’t be an owner and manager, but a GM could theoretically be a manager.

Hm, I thought for some reason there was a prohibition, but but I must have been thinking of owner/manager.  And yeah there’s no way in hell anyone could do both jobs.

Cash isn’t signed yet, give Jared both jobs.

Twitter, “The number one thing is having an opportunity to get to the playoffs, I’ve told teams this, my agent this. I have no issue going to a team and being a backup, I have no issue being a platoon player, I have no issue going to a team and being a starter. For me it’s about the opportunity to win. That’s the way I look at it. -Alex Avila

So Avila’s going to manage?

He’ll be the backup manager as long as they make the playoffs.

Judge received more 1st-place votes for Mayor than he did for MVP.

Cashman to manage, Girardo back as GM

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