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Wednesday, August 9, 2017 Yankees lose Sabathia, opener in Toronto

Josh Donaldson continued his recent hot streak with a pair of two-run homers, and J.A. Happ pitched well into the sixth inning as the Blue Jays defeated the Yankees, 4-2, in the opener of a three-game series on Tuesday evening at Rogers Centre.

Donaldson notched the 12th multi-homer game of his career by launching his 14th and 15th long balls of the year in his first two at-bats against veteran CC Sabathia, who lasted just three innings before leaving due to right knee discomfort. Sabathia will be examined in New York on Wednesday and could miss his next start.
Thanks in large part to Donaldson, the Yankees now sit four games behind the first-place Red Sox in the American League East chase. The former MVP has been swinging the bat well of late, belting six home runs and compiling a .297 average with 11 RBIs over his last 10 games.

The Yankees are playing poorly, but come on, if the Red Sox just win EVERY game, what else can they do? So, yeah, things suck right now.

CC might be hurt, so I guess Jordan Montgomery’s trip to the minors was a short one.

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At the point where I am writing off August. It seems like this team won’t be whole until September when Hicks and possibly Bird comes back from their injuries. September will also get a glimpse of Miguel Andujar, Bill Mckinney and possibly Chance Adams. Not surprised young players are getting figured out by the rest of the league, but am concerned the coaching and front office staff now relying on older guys with zero upside to make up some of the lost production from natural regression by the younger players. Scoreboard watching non-Sox AL East and KC. Division is mostly likely done.

I would think Hixie should be back Friday.

I ranted on this in the past so sorry for the repetition. The fascination with “veteran-ness” costs wins. For the Yankees it goes back decades. Buhner for phelps (of Seinfeld fame) was just one example. I am not referring to trading some A ball player who becomes great 5 years later…I am talking about a good young player who is ready to perform and not giving him a chance. Drabek for Rick Rhoden was dumb not in hindsight but the day it was made. The same for Deshaies for Joe niekro. Those two alone killed the Yankees in the late 80s. And it never ends. Jeter would not have been the opening day SS in 1996 if not for Tony Fernandez late spring training injury. Cano only got his shot after tony Woe-Mack totally stunk it up in 2005. Yeah, sometimes the young guys have challenges; but using old washed up veterans is no better, annoys the fans, and gives no hope for the future.

Dump TFS! (Todd Frazier Stinks)

Choi plus Cooper>Todd

The fascination with “veteran-ness” costs wins.

I wonder if the Yankees policy of NOT extending the manager’s contract while in-season isn’t costing them some what on the field. Girardi probably doesn’t want to risk losing a game with a rookie whiffing with 2 outs bottom of the ninth and bases loaded. A veteran doing the same probably gives you cover with the press and front office.

To be fair, plan A this year at 1B was Bird.  Plan B was Carter, and it wasn’t a bad idea, it just didn’t work.  No teams plan C, plan D, etc. Is likely to go particularly well.

Plan C was Austin and plan D was Choi/Cooper which was more successful than plan E Todd and Headley to 1B. Maybe plan D would’ve crashed and burned but how much worse could it have been than plan E?

Yeah, we don’t know what a platoon involving Choi/Cooper would have done, but it cannot be any worse than it has been. They had to take Todd Frazier to get the two relievers, I guess, that seems to be part of the story. And they seem to feel they accomplished something by keeping him from the Bosox, that also seems to be part of the story.

[5] Girardi probably doesn’t want to risk losing a game with a rookie whiffing with 2 outs bottom of the ninth and bases loaded.

Girardi isn’t the one acquiring the players.  He certainly didn’t acquire any of the long list of completely cooked veterans over the last half decade plus and put them on the active roster.  And as far as I know he didn’t sign Smellsbury. 

The Yankees are who they are, I guess.  None of us were expecting them to be great this season.  They came out of the gates like gangbusters, but have since leveled off with a 1/3 of their offensive talent not hitting or in the lineup.  Holliday, Hicks, Castro on the DL hurts.  Also, Judge turning back into 2016 Judge is a serious hole in the lineup.  I’m not against the acquisitions that they made, but they were mostly just putting lipstick on a three-legged pig.

He let Cooper bat twice with the bases loaded, I would’ve hit El in the 6th so score one for Binder.

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