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Saturday, October 14, 2017 Yankees fall on walk-off into 0-2 ALCS hole

A legendary pitching performance by Justin Verlander, a memorable swing from Carlos Correa and a mad-dash sprint from Jose Altuve have the Astros two wins away from reaching the World Series presented by YouTube TV.
Correa hit a game-winning double into the right-center-field gap off Aroldis Chapman to score Altuve from first base and send the Astros to a 2-1 walk-off win over the Yankees in Game 2 of the American League Championship Series presented by Camping World on Saturday at Minute Maid Park.

These first two games have been very even, the Astros have just been a little bit better. These aren’t two games that make you think that the Yankees have no chance to win the series, but they’re certainly two really tough, one-run losses. Keuchel and Verlander were both excellent. It really is more of a case of tipping the hat to them than anything else.

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Why is referencing Camping World in their story?

They were excellent but 1 run in 16 innings worth? Are they as good as Zimmerman and Anibal Sanchez?

It’s the playoffs and games are close. Their superstars have executed in tight spots, while Judge and Sanchezo do not look ready to carry a team to a championship yet. That last play was embarrassing.

Right now, this year, Judge and Sancho can be pitched to, next year maybe not.

I was thinking this before the game yesterday…

Since they are paying A-Rod anyway, would the Yankees have been better off if they just let A-Rod play out his contract as the DH?  I mean I know he was bad last year but there is a chance that with extra rest and maybe some time off for injuries he can find his form for a stretch here and there like he did in 2015 because Holliday since the ASB has been worse than A-Rod last year.

In keeping with the regular season, they’re 1-3 in 1-run games in the postseason. It would be nice if they had a DH who could get a hit once in a while. I wonder if they would have been off sticking with either Headley or Ellsbury rather than alternating. Neither of those guys can carry the team, but in all the close games, just one hit could make a big difference.

Why is referencing Camping World in their story?

In the past, I’ve been excising the sponsors from the stories when I post them, but I figured I’d leave them in this once just to show how stupid it looks (since it mentioned the World Series’ sponsor, as well).

Camping World and YouTube have bought naming rights for the ALCS and the World Series, respectively, so stories all work the naming rights into their article as a matter of course. It’s super stupid.

They were excellent but 1 run in 16 innings worth? Are they as good as Zimmerman and Anibal Sanchez?

Yankee pitching has given up 4 runs in 16 and a third innings. That’s really not that far off from each other. At least not so much that you’d look at one and say, “That can’t be explained by just really good pitching.”

This is just really good pitching from Keuchel and Verlander.

Luckily, the other Astros pitchers are not as good and hopefully, when Keuchel pitches again, it will be on short rest and he will not be as effective.

8 Unluckily our two other pitchers aren’t as good as Sevvy and Tanaka.

Camping World and NYC doesn’t seem like a natural fit

Just read the Post. The Yankees are terrible slumping losers and the Astros are a class above, getting clutch hits and executing like champions. Apparently Gary Sanchez had a “rotten season?”

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the Astros won by one run in each of the two games with home field advantage and additional rest from the ALDS.  The Headley fly ball and Correa HR were basically identical. The play at home and the Gardner play in game 2 are coin flips that just didn’t go our way. The Astros should be sweating bullets having survived not dropping one game at home, facing three games a YS.

11 Agree with everything you say except the final play last night needs to be executed.

I was actually referring to the Greg Bird play in game 1.

[11] - Cleveland made a lot of errors that let the Yankees win. Houston isn’t making errors. Clearly the Yankees can’t win, they need the other team to lose.

Hello all… It’s been a while since I have logged on to comment as… well… it’s been a while since the Yanks have been this far into the post season! I really enjoy reading all of your comments and completely agree with most, if not practically all, of them. I am hopeful that the Bombers circle together and come back in the next three games kinda like we did back in the day versus the Braves after losing the first two.

GO YANKEES!!! smile

How stupid is it for the sponsor to be a free video streaming service, when the broadcast isn’t available on their service, or any other service including the one with MLB’s name on it, that people have already fucking paid for ?

[17] Are you Thomas Friedman?

The world is diamond shaped.

[18] Maybe. Is he famous for swearing ?

Number one priority in the offseason is Sanchez fielding balls in the dirt.

That time, from RAB Sheffield AzFL 5ip 1h 6k mph … Law said this game was the best he’s ever seen Sheffield, and a scout told Josh Norris: “That was No. 1 starter stuff right there” … in a post (subs. req’d), Law said Sheffield was “absolutely filthy in his AFL debut, sitting 94-96 with a plus slider at 86-87 and above-average changeup at 86-89, better at the 86-87 part of that range”

Take comfort in this, according to the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, there is a universe where Gary Sanchez caught the ball yesterday…

and after being tagged out Altuve ran to left field crying, got naked, and crawled into the fetal position sucking his thumb never to play baseball again.

Enjoy the “Naked Jose Altuve” results for the next 5 years…

Half those pageloads will be from Joe Buck.

And then in the 11th Betances issued a walk and a HBP Warren came in and two bunts brought in the winning run.

Unfortunately, a theory where “everything happens somewhere” is the ultimate parity device. It’s not in favor of the team with the most WS appearances and wins.

(Of course, that’s not really how it works in quantum. If you have a situation where “X produces a positive particle 60% of the time,” you posit the creation of 5 universes (at least) each time, with 3 expressing the 60% outcome and 2 realizing the 40% outcome.)

I prefer the uni-verse theory where the Yankees have way more championships than anyone else and it’s never happened any other way.

Those ideas are outdated and quant.

[28] Only in this universe. In others, they are universally embraced and your heresy would be swiftly punished.

They’re already looking for you to punish you for having suggested that there are other universes in which that could be true.

Fake news or fake universe? I’m a solipsist so it don’t make me no never mind.

If Joe Girardo did what maddom did - bring in a starting pitcher with a runner on 2nd and two outs in the 9th following a strikeout - we’d be calling for his head.

I think Maddon is intoxicated by his own “cleverness.”  May suffocate from head disappearing up his ass.

What’s missing in this critique is that if he DIDN’T do it, and it worked out badly, we’d still be calling for his head.

That move was supremely bat-shit when you consider Lackey was working back to back games as a reliever, while Wade Davis did not pitch last night.

(34) not. No one would question a manager who doesn’t bring in a starting pitcher with two outs in the 9th.

Funniest thing is that when he brought him in the announcers were saying that lackey is there for his October experience. So now he has a new October experience - allowing a walk off HR.

I don’t want the Cubs to repeat, simply because I don’t want any team other than the Yankees to repeat as champions. But I was extra-glad to see Justin Turner hit that HR because every time he succeeds it just grinds the Mets organization down into a little more of a pulp.

“The previous pitcher was obviously in trouble, you HAVE to take him out there! Put in anyone else or you lose the game. Lackey’s still there, who cares if he’s a starter? Would you rather lose the game because you’re a slave to the word ‘starter’ and didn’t put your best available pitcher in the situation you most needed him?”

Imaginary quote, but not hard to imagine. The idea that Girardi’s tactic - hell, everybody’s tactic - of trying to remain “safe” by “doing what they always do” instead of acting rationally never actually shields anyone from criticism here. Nor should it.

If you told me the Yankees would go to Houston and let up 4 runs in 18 innings, I’d say they’re going to NY with a 2-0 lead.

But damn, has Altuve been the defining factor or what? Manufactured a run almost by himself in game 1 (infield hit, sb, score on ball to left field). Mad dash in game 2.

Can’t even be that mad because Houston is just executing, plain and simple. Granted 100% of all the breaks have gone their way, but they’ve taken advantage.

For example, Reddick robs a HR. Judge has a chance to on almost an identical hit, but alligator arms it (if he extends, which why in the world he didn’t I don’t know, he hits that kid and it’s interference and not a HR).

Reddick and team perfectly execute a relay to nab Gardner by a literal hair. Yankees mess up the relay with a lazy Judge throw and rushed Sanchez catch attempt. Difference in the ballgame.

Just hoping they win the pitching advantage in 3 and 4, but I think it’s doubtful. My prediction: win 3, lose 4, win 5, and lose 6.

All true, except that Judge was nowhere near that ball. At least a few yards away. It might or might not have been over the wall, but Judge would have had to get there far sooner to have had a chance to catch it.

When the Yankees play well and the other team just plays better, it’s hard to get too worked up about the loss. When the Yankees play like shit, it’s tough. When the other team wins through questionable shit, then it’s tough (like the baseball equivalent of that bullshit overturned TD that just happened to the Jets). But just plain ol’ one good team playing a little bit better than another good team? If your team is going to lose, that’s the way to lose.

[40] As much as I would like Judge to win an MVP, if Altuve doesn’t there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth from professional sportswriters about how the MVP award doesn’t factor in the postseason when that’s what counts.  Especially when Altuve is basically a one-man wrecking crew while Judge is just striking out.

[41]  He wasn’t yards away.  Watch the replay:,lock_state=final,game_tab=videos,game=526498

In fact it looks like he might have tried to pull himself up when he saw the kid.  Also, as I said at the time, the kid’s glove bends down and hits the field side of the fence—meaning the ball was in the field of play when he touched it with his glove.

If the Yankees don’t make a come back, this is the least interested I’ll be in any World Series, ever.

I can’t stand any of these three teams.  I guess I’d favor the Dodgers, only because their the only team that didn’t play the tankapalooza game.

Same lineup except Todd 8th/Chase DH 9th.  They can even move Hixie in front of Castro?

Yankees a -135 fave tonight/Astros +125 on the comeback. Total is 8 1/2, -115 to the over.

Yanks are a +400 dog to rally in the series, ‘Stros -600 to close it out.

[42] Not even saying he has to catch it, but if he extends the interference is called.

[46] Can we cut Frazier mid-postseason? Didn’t think it was possible but he displaced Ellsbury as my least favorite Yankee.

[48]  I went the other way.  What’s making you dislike him?

Yeah, me too. He was, in the CLE series, our Altuve.

Or, at least, not our Judge or Sancho.

Our Altuve?

[51] He had a hit and rbi in game 4, and a walk an scored in game 5.

That’s better than 20 strikeouts, on paper at least.

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