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Thursday, August 10, 2017 ‘Toddfather’ keys 17-hit attack in Toronto

Todd Frazier has opted to be referred to as “The Toddfather” during the upcoming Players Weekend, but on Wednesday night, he was simply the man who homered and drove in three runs to help power the Yankees to an 11-5 victory over the Blue Jays at Rogers Centre.

Gary Sanchez (“Kraken”) and Didi Gregorius (“Sir Didi”) also homered for the Yankees, who pounded out 17 hits, one shy of their season high.

“I’m very satisfied,” said Frazier, who went 3-for-4, scored four runs and finished a triple shy of the cycle. “Not only me, everybody came through today. Hitting is contagious, man, as that old saying goes. Everybody pretty much came through today in the offensive outburst. Let’s keep on doing that. That would be pretty nice.”

This had all the makings of a terrible loss, as the Yankees had a 6-2 lead, but Chad Green and Tommy Kahnle gave up two runs between them (after Masahiro Tanaka exited the game following a home run by Jose Bautista that made it 6-3 Yankees). The Yankees’ vaunted awesome bullpen, which really SHOULD be really awesome considering how good the pitchers in it are, has now had only a single game since it formed on July 20th where they entered in the 6th inning or earlier and then didn’t give up a run for the rest of the game. That’s not particularly impressive.

Luckily, though, the Yankees had some rare tack on runs, which was huge.

By the way, earlier in the game, the Yankees horribly botched a run down play at the plate, Gary Sanchez half-assedly moved the runner to third but then walked away from the play, allowing the runner to have almost a clear path to home plate, with only Tanaka sliding in to make the tag at the last minute leading to the Yankees avoiding a horrible run scoring. You can watch it here.

In other news, the headline is a reference to the upcoming “Players Weekend” event, where players get to put their nicknames on the back of their jerseys for a weekend (and thus creating a whole new bunch of merchandise to sell, naturally). Some of the nicknames are well known or obvious (“All Rise” for Judge, “Sir Didi” for Gregorius, “D-Rob” for Robertson, “Sevy” and “Greeny” for Severino and Green and “Toe” for Torreyes) but some of them are kind of racist (“Chief” for Ellsbury) or otherwise inexplicable (Adam “Rocket” Warren? Sonny “Pickles” Gray? Huh? ). Brett Gardner decided not to participate, which is such a Brett Gardner thing to do (“It’s not how the game is supposed to be played!” I swear to you, I started writing “I bet McCann isn’t participating for the Astros, either” before I looked it up and, yep, sure enough, McCann is not participating for the Astros. Hilariously predictable). Aaron Hicks’ nickname came from the TV series, Key and Peele (it’s a bit where a substitute teacher who taught for decades in the inner city is now at a suburban middle school and can’t understand any of the “white” names, so he tries to guess how to pronounce names like Jacquelyn (“Jay quellin”) and Aaron (“Ay-ay-Ron)?” Here is the bit. I can only imagine how much Hicks and his friends got a kick out of that when it aired (he was in Double A at the time).

The Red Sox won their eighth straight tonight and honestly, at this point, what can you even do if you’re the Yankees? If they’re going to win like that, you just tip your hat and hope to win enough to host the Wild Card game.

Speaking of the Wild Card race, both the Royals and the Rays lost (sadly, the Rays lost to the Red Sox). The Cardinals beat the Royals, with the decisive blow being a hilarious moment. A cat ran on to the field to interrupt the game and when the cat was removed and play resumed, Yadier Molina hit a go-ahead grand slam (that ended up being the final score of the game). You can watch it here.

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I got no problem with Gardner or McCann not participating. If that’s their jam, fine. Mandatory fun is a drag anyway. This undercurrent of “If someone wants to play in an old-fashioned way they’re a stick-up-the-ass no-fun douche” that Deadspin has pushed for years is weird to me.

Hm, I suppose “chief” isn’t necessarily racist, just outdated, since Ellsbury’s people [Colo. River Tribes] and most large tribes nowadays have a tribal council and chairman. But in NY “Chairman” is already taken.

What are the pitching matchups this weekend? TWN coming with Rodriguez, Pomeranz and Sale (all LHP) but I don’t see Yankees’ starters after Garcia Friday.

Theoretically, it would be Severino’s turn on Saturday and then a Montgomery return on Sunday. Joe may, however, elect to give the entire pitching staff the day off to get some rest.

How could it be anyone BUT Severino and Montgomery?

Finally got around to watching the Mike and the Mad Dog 30 for 30. One of the things I took away from it is, wow, like her announcing work or not, but Suzyn Waldman just seems like one of the most pleasant people period. No one ever talks shit about her. She just seems like a naturally nice lady. That’s pretty cool.

Part of it is certainly that she seems to be a bit of a sycophant by nature, but still.

[5] I talk shit about her all the time.  She sucks.  See? I did it again.

And the Red Sox will stop winning when they play the Yankees.  Right?

Remember that year - 2011? - when the Red Sox had a huge division lead in September and slowly blew it, culminating in a walkoff loss a minute after the Rays had a walkoff win to knock them out of playoff contention on the last day of the season? That was awesome.

Scott Proctor helped the Yankees one last time by giving up the home run that tied it for the Rays.

Man, I totally forgot that the Tigers eliminated the Yankees in back to back seasons.

Also, anyone recall why the Yankee playoff rotation was Nova/Freddy Garcia/CC/Burnett in 2011? The Yankees had clinched the division well before the end of the season, so why didn’t CC pitch Game 1 or 2 (Nova, I think I recall having extreme home/road splits, which is why they wanted him to pitch at home)?

Aha, I can’t believe I forgot this! CC DID start Game 1, but the game was suspended due to rain. So the Yankees got fucked over. So instead of two CC full starts, they only got 1 and Nova had to pitch twice. That sucked.

[7] That was ‘78

It was a weird win getting gifted by facing a starting pitcher who had been released by 5 teams over the last year and a half and led by two guys that maybe we wouldn’t want to count on in Cooper and Todd. The troubling news was while everyone else had hits Judge had an Ofer extending his strikeout streak and Tanaka was far from good Tanaka. If those two don’t perform Yankees won’t go far.

Judge needs to make some adjustments to get his K-rate down otherwise I don’t think much is going to change with him.  I’m sure he’s trying, but woof.  His BABIP is way down while his LD% is still good, but he puts so few balls into play now that even with a correction there his production isn’t going to go up much.

1 Isn’t that whole thing just a scam so someone can sell nickname jerseys for $200.  So good on Gardy.

[13] People have been trying to get Judge to strike out less since at least when he started playing professionally.

Merchandising, merchandising, merchandising.

I would buy New York Yankees the Flamethrower.

[15] He doesn’t need to get into the teens or even the low 20s, but 40+% isn’t going to work for him as a major league baseball player.

13/15 March/April/May he struck out 29% of his PAs, June 34%, July/August 37%
Something’s happening here.

For Jay Bruce
Marc Carig‏Verified account @MarcCarig

NYY: 2 prospects Mets asked for and $1m in salary relief.

CLE: 30th rounder Ryder Ryan and about $5m in salary relief.

The HR derby had something to do, but also pitchers are adjusting to his succes. He is by no means a 1.000 OPS hitter, but maybe .850 with a 35% K rate. I buy that.

Is any reference to race or heritage, even when done by the person in question of their own volition, racist? Really?

Would there be a problem if instead of using the nickname of the Kansas City NFL team, he used the nickname of the Washington NFL team?

Just curious, is MLB paying Rod Smart anything for this promotion?

I think Jimmy Olsen

BTW, Matt Duffy is wearing “Duffman” for the Rays this weekend. The body of their jersey will be teal/light blue and the sleeves yellow.


23 Big difference one has many meanings and is not a slur, being of a certain age when westerns were not artsy indies the Washington nickname was almost universally employed as racial invective often preceded by the adjective “dirty.” From Redskin Insult and Brand by C Richard King “the only way “redskin” was ever used towards my people and myself was in a derogatory manner.”

[26] Duffman is thrusting in the direction of the problem

Hixie in the lineup tonight playing LF and batting second, Gardy DH, no Headley. Clint DL.

Not true that “Redskins” is only derogatory; the fact that a person belonging to the given category says so proves nothing. To be honest, teams don’t call themselves “the shitheads” or “the morons.” The fact that a team adopted the name is an example of the term being used in a positive way.

Like you wouldn’t buy a New England Shitheads jersey.

[14] +1

And when they play in Asia, and wherever else the dummies will play series the next few seasons, I’m sure they’ll be selling special jerseys, and other merchandise. Never get $1 from me.

30: I think most Native Americans would say that their image was appropriated by the redskins and branded with a racist slur. Were any Native Americans involved in the naming of the team? The actual local native tribes are long gone from DC.

As for chief, it suggests an image of Native Americans that is frozen in the early 19th century, which is a problem because the old romantic images have nothing to do with the real issues they face today and that white people are mostly oblivious to. And the more those old images are perpetuated (for decades in film, art, etc.) the harder it is to draw attention to the real stuff. So some people might be irritated with “chief” and others not so much. It’s nowhere near as nearly-universally bad as “redskin”.

[I’m not Native American, so just my opinion, but work with a lot of tribes and have picked up on a few basic do’s and don’ts like this.]

31: As a New Englander, I would totally buy one. Unless that would ruin the fun.

“I think most Native Americans would say that their image was appropriated by the redskins and branded with a racist slur.”

I agree that they would say this. It’s also ridiculous - a typical aggressive use of political correctness to create power. The team isn’t calling THEM Redskins; it’s calling ITSELF Redskins. It’s obviously not a slur.

And why is “chiefs” worse than “kings?”  History and heritage are not slurs.

You guys see the latest Unbreakable Kimmi Schmidt season?  There was a brilliant bit in there about renaming all the football teams to things so offensive it would goad people into buying much more merchandise ... just to burn it.  Awesome stuff.

My favorite: The Washington Gun-Takers.

36: I just explained “chiefs,” did you just skip that or disagree?

Also they have a logo of a Native American and call themselves “redskins,” I don’t think that’s a reference to Dan Snyder. Last, and I’m sure I’m not going to get anywhere, but whatever… political correctness is not a personal attack on you, it’s people pointing out “hey, that thing you like to say, it makes us feel shitty.” You can choose not to care about other people’s feelings, it’s a free country.

Is there any other ethnic group beside the Fighting Irish whose name has been appropriated? I don’t think the NY Jews would be accepted let alone the Pittsburgh Dagos.

Yes, I saw it; I’m wondering why “kings” wouldn’t be in the same category.

These aren’t names like the Jews or Dagos. If you want Spanish, choose Conquistadors. Impossible team name? Not at all.

39: Vikings! I’m sure there are others, but almost always people naming themselves after themselves, not after a bunch of people they just ran off or killed or whatever. My favorite:

But nobody’s going to argue with them.

40: Because people from former kingdoms aren’t struggling to get attention away from their royal past and onto their modern day, very real and largely ignored problems. Specifically, a lot of Native tribes (but not all) have had really horrible poverty, alcoholism, unemployment and health crises, particularly in the midwest and plains states, so they really don’t want to hear about the old warrior culture. Every tribe is different, though, and like I said “chief” might bother some people a lot and others not at all. But nobody is bothered by “kings” that I know of.

THEY may be struggling to get away from it, sure. I agree with everything you wrote. But that doesn’t make someone else’s positive use of the term anything like a slur.

WP, are you OK with the Indians using their Cheif Wahoo mascot/logo?

Edit to remove me being really wrong about generalized team naming.

I don’t have much of an issue with Ellsbury using Chief, aside from it being unimaginative and not “Smellsbury”

[35] Hey, if I knew a good graphic designer and didn’t give off a vibe of “he’s clearly going to take this to the nearest dice game and/or strip club” every time I tried to get a small business loan, I wouldn’t care WHO bought the dang shirts.

43: Honestly, the whole debate about the football team is that tribes just see it as white people tuning out their concerns, again.

I understand, and those concerns are undeniably real. But essentially accusing people of being bad human beings for admiring a part of their national history or mythology strikes me as unfair and unreasonable.

I was reading the boxscore 2 or 3 days ago and honestly read “Smellsbury” - and did a double-take.

49: But that’s the thing, the debate is not about accusing people of being bad or racist. Clearly Indians and Redskin fans just like the team traditions and don’t want to just let them go. The debate isn’t “Stop being racists!”, it’s more like “I know you like your team’s tradition but the name is offensive to us, so could ya do us a solid and change it?”

Gary back to normal.

[46] Best I can do in 10 mins….


I don’t accept the “offensive to us” argument. There’s a dynamic where minorities are encouraged to expand the sphere of what’s deemed (by them) offensive, because we accept that it gives them power. There’s nothing RATIONALLY to be offended about in the name. In the logo - I can see that. No, I’m not changing my name because you decided to be offended by it for no good reason. But yes, I might change an image that really does manifest a less-than-flattering stereotype.

55: Well I’m agnostic about how people who I’m not a member of should feel about something like this. But I’m guessing the logo change you suggest would be positively received. Anyway, none of this is happening as long as Dan Snyder is alive. Maybe Cleveland will make changes, but I haven’t heard of anything.

If we haven’t beaten the subject to death enough for you, google the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux name change debate. Very… convoluted.

Can we at least agree that Syracuse should have put more than 2.6 seconds of thought into their name change before settling on “Orange”?

57: I know! When Syracuse Shitheads was just sitting out there for them!

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