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Monday, April 17, 2017 They 8 it up: Yanks extend streak with HRs

Matt Holliday and Aaron Judge homered to support Jordan Montgomery’s first Major League win and run the Yankees’ winning streak to eight games in a 7-4 victory over the White Sox on Monday night at Yankee Stadium.

Holliday hit a three-run shot as part of a five-run third inning and Judge added a two-run drive in the fifth to support the rookie left-hander, who carried a shutout into the seventh inning.
Yolmer Sanchez’s three-run homer chased Montgomery, who scattered seven hits while walking two and striking out four in his second turn as a member of the rotation. White Sox starter Derek Holland was hammered for seven runs (six earned) and 10 hits over 4 2/3 innings.

They 8 it up? For serious?

Anyhow, another great win by the Yankees. Doesn’t Matt Holliday just look like a guy who should have become a DH years ago? I looks like it has done wonders for him so far.

Jordan Montgomery wasn’t great, but nor was he awful. I think he would have probably gotten his ass kicked by a better offensive team if he pitched just like how he pitched tonight, but I also think that this could easily have been an off night for him and that he will come back stronger next time. Again, it wasn’t like he pitched terribly, but he also seemed like he was getting away with a lot. You could argue that he was A. pitching to the team that he was playing against (in that he knew that they weren’t a big offensive threat) and B. pitching to the score. In addition, there’s no way he starts the 7th if the Yankees weren’t up 7-0, so his day would have looked a lot better otherwise. But still, there was a lot to like about how much he battled tonight. He did Andy Pettitte’s BattleCat legacy proud.

Let’s hope that Severino keeps the good times going!

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I’m just going to turn my head on its side and enjoy this ∞ game winning streak while it lasts.

Technically, the Yankees have only won 6.5 of their eight games during this “winning streak” according to Pythagenpat.  So it’s not really a winning streak.  It’s more like winning 81.7% of their games.

Have to feel good with Tanaka going Weds. Kinda playing with house money tonight and Severino could possibly shutdown the White Sox’s weak lineup.

Not even the ‘27 Townies went .817 for the season !

[3] Tanaka is pretty much cooked.  I’d feel good if he held any team to five runs in five innings.

This win streak is so enjoyable but I am tempering myself knowing that a correction will likely happen at some point and then nothing will seem to go right for a while.  I have truly enjoyed Judge’s performance so far. That homer was on a curve last night so its been fun watching him succeed in laying off pitches that a year ago he was fooled by.  I think Joe was right sitting Bird. One game as good as it was is just one game.  I think he wants Bird to succeed for a number of games so he doesn’t fall back.  Anyway, this has been a very fun week or so.

President Hillary Clinton agrees that the Yanks have “really” won only 81.7% of their games during this streak.


[8] You forgot to call for Girardi and Ca$hman to be fired.

[7] I’m pretty sure we would have won 9 of the last 8 if the other teams hadn’t been busing in players from other states.

Bird had the big game Sunday night, but it seemed like he was hitting balls that were down. Last night he looked bad once again on a fastball further up in the zone. I’d like to see some data on pitch type and location for him. Maybe I’m wrong - I’m no hitting expert. Just wondering if anybody else sees the same thing.

They figure to improve when Sanchez and Gregoriois return but are probably due for a dose or reality when Ellsbury and Headley regress. Either way this team is fun right now. Hasn’t been fun since first half of 2014 when Rodriguez was playing well.  With a good offense, which was always a possibility, Sabthia sustaining his 2016 performance and Pineda pitching to his FIP finally, this team is a strong SP away from contention.

[13] The thing is, Romine’s likely outperforming what we can expect Sanchez to do (OPS+ of 176!).  It won’t last, but not having Sanchez hasn’t hurt this team at all so far.
Name                   OPS+
Chase Headley#    212
Aaron Hicks#        199
Austin Romine     176
Aaron Judge         175
Starlin Castro       157
Matt Holliday       142
Jacoby Ellsbury*  124
Ronald Torreyes     85
Brett Gardner*      76
Greg Bird*            56
Pete Kozma           55
Gary Sanchez         35
Chris Carter           27
Kyle Higashioka   -100

Gregorius will hopefully be an improvement on Torreyes, and Torreyes will be an improvement on Kozma.  Gardner and Bird should be better.  Carter will either be better or gone.  Sanchez will improve but not hit at Romine’s level.

Everyone else on the team is likely going to be less productive going forward.

But I see the potential for a good offense for the first time in quite a while here, even if this isn’t quite a team that will average six+ runs a game this season like they have over the last eight games.

All they have to do is keep playing .700 ball for the next month or so, then they can basically coast to 90 wins playing .500. I don’t know why they didn’t think of that plan sooner.

Starling Marte suspended for PEDs. Pittsburgh can have our slightly used CF,

[16] Which one? We’ve got 3.

Cosmo at SS, Torreyes at 3B, Chase sits.  Considering how many days off there have been why sit the hottest hitter unless he’s hurt.

I was just noting yesterday that Headley was the only player not to get a day off. Girardi is obsessed with resting guys. I think it’s a silly thing to do, but he might be right on it, as maybe these guys DO play better with extra rest.

[17] When it comes to giving away one of our CF to another team for nothing, there can only be one.

[20] Are you suggesting we behead Ellsbury? Because that part of the plan seems fine, it’s just that I don’t know how much power there is to steal there.

The one with the 76 OPS+ or the one with the 124 OPS+? Certainly not the one with a 199.

Looking good Sevvy. So far!

Striking everyone out Severino is the fun Severino.

You just know that the Blue Jays will figure their shit out whenever the Yankees finally face them.

Who is this guy and what did he do with Severino?

Phew. I didn’t want to get tempted by perfect game thoughts again. It was too much to bear with Pineda.

Maybe don’t do that Sev.

Gleyber getting scratched last minute with shoulder pain doesn’t sound awesome

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