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Friday, November 3, 2017 Tanaka declines to opt out, will stay with Yanks

Right-hander Masahiro Tanaka announced on Friday night that he will not exercise the opt-out clause in his contract, preserving his current contract with the Yankees, which runs through 2020.

Tanaka issued the following statement:

“I have decided to stay with the Yankees for the next three seasons. It was a simple decision for me as I have truly enjoyed the past four years playing for this organization and for the wonderful fans of New York.

“I’m excited to continue to be a part of this team, and I’m committed to our goal of bringing a World Series championship back to the Steinbrenner family, the Yankees organization and the great fans of New York.”

Awesome news for the Yankees.

Now, let’s see if they’re able to get Otani, as well.

It will also be interesting to see what this means with regards to their payroll issues. Will they feel the need to trade one of their expensive relief pitchers to get under the luxury tax cap?

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Cot’s has them at $155M including the arb players.  I don’t think they need to trade anyone.

If they want to add another expensive FA, they just pass on CC.

I wonder how much is his agent evaluating the market
and how much he just likes being here and 67 million is a shit load of money anyways.

I think it’s definitely the latter. There is absolutely ZERO chance that he can’t beat 3/$67 million on the open market. Maybe not improving the annual pay, but easily locking in one or two more additional years for similar money.

[4] agree. And if he wants to win a WS, there’s only a few teams out there as set to be WS favorites for the next few years as the Yankees. And of them, only the Cubs really need pitching.

Hopefully Tanaka loving it here helps Otani want to come here.

So Tanaka will decide to get that TJS this off-season and be back for the final season and a half to get that big contract… if he’s smart.

This is great for the team. Though I’m a bit bummed that it puts a damper on my hare-brained scheme of trading for Stanton.

True Yankee™

Have to feel good about having Severino, Gray, Tanaka, and Montgomery locked-in for next year with quality depth in the minors. Ugh this winter is gonna suck. Can’t wait for Spring Training. (Though the Knicks are watchable so far)

Yeah, this really simplifies things. Severino, Tanaka, Gray, and Montgomery are locked into the rotation, leaving only one spot to fill between CC and the outside options.

[3] The Yankees were smart in indicating that they wouldn’t re-sign him if he opted out. This put the pressure on Tanaka. He clearly wanted to stay, but I’m sure he read the market, too. If it looked like there were zillions of dollars to be made, he’d probably opt out and learn to love his new destination. But if there was only a little more money out there, it wasn’t worth leaving New York—and the rest of his still-healthy contract—behind.

[0] How do you figure the payroll problem with Alex and CC off the books?

As far as I can see only Didi will get a significant increase.

Justin Upton did not opt-out either, settling for a fifth year extension at $18 million, lower than the $22 million of the first four years. The market may be speaking.

I guess this is good.  Can’t help thinking his arm will explode like Pineda and Eovaldi, who I barely remember at this point.  Probably a sort of defense mechanism.

Well I’ve been saying he would opt-out forever and I really believed it. But I’m glad right now to be wrong. I LOVE Masahiro and can’t wait to spend the next three years sweating over every report of forearm discomfort.

[5, 6] I imagine there is one good team Asian players might pass on over the next year or two… even though that teams is really good and just won a WS title, and despite the words of a magnanimous Yu Darvish.

On top of that, if you want money and access to a sizeable Asian community, from shops to friends to food, there are really only a few cities to consider, NY being near the top of that list.  And the Yankees were a great home for one of Japan’s national heroes, Matsui.  He is known to have loved NYC and all it had to offer… I am sure, or at least I hope, this is common knowledge among young impressionable baseballers in Japan and other Asian countries.

[10] I am not a Jets fan but they could provide a little fun around here over the next two months.

If the Yankees won’t swing a trade for Stanton, and they don’t land Otani, then just sign CC and pick up a real DH. Duda? 

The rest of the offseason can be filled with unfounded rumors of trading Ellsbury.

The cost of getting Stanton seems just not worth it.  The Yankees are fairly loaded with guys who can mash, and they have more power coming up.  So you eat all his contract for fake prospects—which, actually, I might do but the Steins won’t.  Or, you take on part of a massive contract and send away some of the kids who can mash.  That seems like a classic George move.  I just don’t see how this nets out well for the Yankees.  Not to mention that dealing with Jeter is going to be fraught.  Let the Red Sox deal away their young core for Stanton—that seems like something Dombrowski would do.

How about Gardner plus a fringe prospect or two?

Trading for Stanton would make no sense. Anyone remember his deal being considered an albatross not long ago? A career year does not make that contract good unless you think that is his new normal which I really doubt. I’m all for him being Boston’s next mistake.

I can’t imagine if Stanton were a free agnet people would be running to sign him to that deal so I have no idea why people want to trade anything for him.  I’d bet he’d clear through waivers.  If he doesn’t, the Marlins should let him go.

[20] Stop trying to trade Gardner dammit.

MLBTR predicted the Yankees would sign CC for 2yr/24M. Having Tanaka back makes it easier for Cashman to offer CC a 1 year deal and say take it or leave it. I like CC for all he brings on and off the field, but I don’t want him blocking a better pitcher in 2019.

What is the case for signing C.C. now?  He’s a 5 inning pitcher on a team with health problems at the top of their rotation.  They need an innings eater if they sign another SP at all plus it takes them out of the Otani sweepstakes. 

Just let him walk…

and trade Gardner.

Otani with ankle surgery last month but ankles ten to heal well with;few lingering effects sad no one.

Saw this in an RAB list of top 20 prospects quoting from BA “ “Medina’s upside is enormous. He attacks hitters with a true 80-grade fastball on the 20-80 scouting scale and sits anywhere from 96-100 mph … Medina pairs his heater with two potentially above-average secondaries. His curveball works in an 11-to-5 arc and is his preferred knockout pitch, whereas his changeup lags a little behind.” An 80 grade fast ball but only the #6 prospect in the Appalachian League.

[16] Houston is the 4th largest city in the US, with a sizable Asian population (9% vs. 12% for NYC).

(23) So SG doesn’t stand for Sayonara Gardy?

[27] Asian, but what percent is Japanese/Japanese American. I hate to break it to people, but Asian nations are very much into themselves, their own people, their own culture, call it what you want.

Well dammit… Does this mean I was mistaken when I talked my college friend from France into moving to Germany? But they all look and sound alike.

[30]  I have to admit I just can’t tell Europeans apart.  They all have those weird round eyes.

They should probably just sign Otani, if they can and if not CC for one year, and hold steady otherwise.


Smells, one lottery ticket prospect in low A, and two fake prospects who are rule V eligible for Stanton? (He has an opt out after 2020…)

I think an angle we’re missing is that if Jeter trades the best player on the team, it’s not a good look if he trades him to the Yankees.

[27] I know, I was just making a crack about the Darvish mocking incident from the WS.

That’s amazing. Actually shocked. And the consensus here was clearly “it’s every last dollar, that’s the only consideration.”

Glad that’s sometimes wrong.

Also, Houston was the right choice. So there’s another team with one WS. Best to keep St. Louis and LA WS winless while NYY racks up a few more.

We all know the right thing to do now.  Though no one wants to say it.

Trade Tanaka now since he agreed to that undervalued contract. Haha. Sucka!

Sic do you know or know of tthis Molly Bloom the poker queen they’re making a movie about?

Good day at BC 4th race ran 2nd at 9-1, no exacta ran 2-4. Next race had win bet on $64 winner, 1st and 3rd in exacta just missing a huge score.  Then after losing the next 3 or 4 decided in the Juvenille the favorite was too short even tho the best horse in the race and there were only 3 other horses that had a shot so:I boxed those 3 and hit $135 exacta.  The chalk had a brutal ground losing trip, I wonder if Nakatani could’ve done anything.

[25] Why would any Yankees fan want to trade Gardner?

He just put up 4-5 WAR (3.8 fWar, 4.9 bWAR) for $11M.  He was the 2nd best player on the team.

And he only costs $11M next year, with a $12.5M option if he’s great again. Gardner is a huge bargain.

If you absolutely have to clear an extra $10M, don’t resign CC and give his spot to Adams.  Hell, I’d trade Gregorius and give SS to Torres before I traded Gardner.  The drop from Gregorius to Torres is likly far smaller than that from Gardner to Ellsbury or Frazier.

Robertson is owed $13 million and somehow I think they could get a better return for him, if they had to clear around $10 million.

I get not trading Gardy tho considering his age never say never but under NO reasonable circumstance would I trade Didi before Gardy. None. The scout, who wished to stay anonymous, says the Yanks like Ausmus because of the level of managing experience he brings from outside the organization — and at 48, would still be able to relate to players in their mid to late-20s.

“He could be a real good one for them,” the scout said. “He’s a smart guy plus he’s a no-nonsense guy. He’ll rip you when you need to be ripped, but he’ll also pat you on the butt when you’re doing good. He’s got his players’ backs.”

If the Yankees absolutely MUST clear $10M, why wouldn’t they just trade Ellsbury and $58M of his remaining $68M guaranteed with the other team agreeing to pay $10M of his contract in 2018? It’s all sunk cost anyways. His roster spot would be better spent protecting someone from the Rule V draft than on him and there has to be some team that would take him if it meant only paying him $10M for 2018 and getting two entirely free years after.

Edit - I see he has a full NTC clause but I am guessing he would rather go to somewhere where he could get playing time.

NTC, big deal. I’m sure we could find some unpleasant things for him to do, if he were to stay.

Make him a gameday staple in the Grand Hall Dunk Tank, wearing his Townie uni for it.

Then there’s always a need for a bullpen catcher.

And finally, I understand they didn’t provide toilets in the visitor’s clubhouse, and they have to use porta-potty’s out on River Ave. Those don’t clean themselves, you know.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I could make him accept a trade.

42 In this scenario, they need to clear $10m of AAV.  The other team paying $10m clears only 3.3m (he’s got 3 years left right?)

[41] Ugh, no please.

[40]  Why?  Gardner is the better player, and they only control Gregorius for one year longer.

It would make far more sense to trade Gregorius for a solid return, than get a meh return for Gardner.

I know everyone’s in love with Didi b/c of the post-season heroics, but he never posted a wRC+ above 100 before this season, and is still at 94 for his career.

If they think Torres has the glove for SS, it might be a good time to sell high on Didi.

46 6 1/2 years younger, a position it’s harder to find equal offense, ideally Gleyber will supplant Castro or Headley rather than Didi. I don’t want to trade Gardy but he’s more expendable to me than Didi.Gardy’s OPS+ at age 27 was 92 and Didi’s OPS+ the last two years was higher than Gardy’s each year.

[44] Fine. Smells + $38M of his $68M and a lottery ticket prospect for a AAAA prospect. Yes, I would pay another team to get Smells off the roster. If this were the NBA, I would attach a first round pick to move him. He is going to cost them a real prospect in the Rule V.

In a vacuum I wouldn’t want to trade Gardner, but that is missing an important piece of information. Context. Would you trade Gardner for Jason Heyward? How about for Mike Trout?  How about for some tall guy in Miami?

Ausmus.  Pray Jesus no.

Going from Girardi to Ausmus would be cuckoo bananas crazy.

[49]  I want no part of Stanton’s contract.  Unless Miami eats $75M+, he has negative value.  So, no, I wouldn’t trade Garner straight up for Styanton.

[47]  If Gleyber is the player he’s supposed to be, he takes SS and Didi moves to 2B.  Ideally 3B will be Machado grin

Gregorius is average defensively, and offensively.  He’s a nice 3 WAR player, but let’s not get carried away.  If Torres first 5 seasons look like Didi’s first 5 we’ll all be hugely disappointed.

[37] yeah, she ran a hugh stakes hollywood home game. Affleck was a big customer. A rod too, iirc.

Got slaughtered atthe BC. took the collar. And got slaughtered again with the $19 cocktails and $12 beers. Coming and going

(33)  That’s a good point re: Jeter trading with the Yankees.  Though maybe Jeter is terrible at this job?  The qualities that make you good at being a SS and talking to reporters (debatable) don’t seem to intersect too much with running a billion dollar organization. 

Also, it’s entirely possible that Jeter is an embedded Yankee and the Steinbros are silent partners in the new ownership team.

I see a lot of people saying ‘trade Ellsbury and pay for everything but $10MM-$12MM’

Who would sign Ellsbury to a three year contract for ages 34-36 for $10MM?  I don’t think even at that price he’s movable.

The Yankees have 30 million to spend this offseason and have 2 big needs, one spot in the rotation and the DH spot. If they trade one of Ellsbury or Castro, asuming they eat 75% of Ellsbury’s contract they will have around 40 million to spend which is enough to sign Santana and CC easily with room to add at the deadline.

I’d give up a percentage of my income to live in New York if I could already live in New York comfortably. Glad he agrees!

[56] Santana?  Carlos Santana?  You want the Yankees to sign a 32 year old DH?  Why?

[56/58] Yeah with a team struggling to find playing time for young players, I’m not sure bringing in an aging slugger is the right choice.

[58] Because I think this team needs a solid DH and I think the DH values are underrated. Having a solid DH will make this lineup much more consistent. He will also serve as a backup 1B for the injury prone Greg Bird.

[60] Why would you eat money to move Ellsbury, and then spend more money on a DH?

Just use 5 OFs (Judge, Gardner, Hicks, Ellsbury, Frazier) for the 3 OF spots and DH.  Hicks can sit against tough RHPs.  Ellsbury or Gardner sit against LHP.  And everyone needs 10 days off a season.

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