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Monday, July 17, 2017 Tanaka, CC step up in doubleheader

Aaron Judge’s deep fly ball landed shy of putting two runs on Fenway Park’s ancient hand-operated scoreboard, making the Yankees the last team in the Majors to be shut out this season, but they were still able to appreciate a pair of strong pitching performances from CC Sabathia and Masahiro Tanaka.

With Jackie Bradley Jr. bringing Judge’s deep eighth-inning drive back, New York took a 3-0 loss and settled for a split of Sunday’s day-night doubleheader and the four-game set with the Red Sox. They posted a 3-0 victory behind Sabathia’s six sharp innings in the afternoon contest before falling in the nightcap, with David Price outdueling Tanaka.

There’s no room for moral victories with this team, but at the same time, I don’t think splitting with the Red Sox really IS a moral victory. I think it’s a decent result to open the second half of the season with. Now they just have to start winning series again after this, starting with this three-game set in Minnesota.

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Splitting* a road series against the greatest team in the AL (non-Astros division) and preseason world series favorite, is a good thing. Split the roadseries, win the home ones.  Playoffs.


*they really won the series, that 9th inning Friday night didn’t happen.

I generally agree. I think it was an okay start to the second half. The real key will be how well Mitchell and Cessa pitch in this series. The Yankees need at least one of them to not suck.

Wasn’t one of these four a makeup of a rainout ? Maybe we won this series.

But they really lost Saturday, Kimbrel does not give up home runs. The ball slipped out of his hand. Quite possibly it was Arods fault.

What’s the deal with Kimbrel and his copycat bulldog trance? Is he a big admirer of Papelbon? is this a psyche yourself up deal or meant to intimidate?

DEVGRU is here?

[5] He has always done it as far as I know.  Boston just seems to like douchey players.

[6]  Is this some new in-joke I don’t get?

I was thinking we should develop a glossary of our weird in jokes for newcomers—Just Me remarked the other day that he didn’t get some of our shorthand.

All you gotta do is read through the last 9 years of threads and everything becomes obvious.

[9] Yeah, it’s really not a big deal (at least name changes are retro-active, otherwise it would be really confusing).

Eh, seemed like a fun project which I would undertake with crowdsourcing.  If fun projects aren’t our thing, I bow to the will of the joyless majority.

[11] Absolutely, spin up a google doc or something and drop the link here. It shouldn’t be too much to either get it linked on the site.


Sorry all, someone with that username asked at another site if I was the person who posts here.  I prefer to respond affirmatively here.  Don’t go down the rabbit hole of 9 years of threads!

Every time I see that doucher doing his thing I think of Snoopy and his “Here’s the fierce vulture…” routine.

[11] That’s not the preferred nomenclature, dude. We like “Euphoria-Challenged Americans”

[15] Fierce Vulture sounds like a bad native American name from a John Wayne western.

[17] I guess it is still an improvement over the “Anus Mouth” who used to occupy the 9th inning in Townville.  Would you rather be seen as a vulture or as a Pink Floyd cartoon character?

Pineda going under the knife tomorrow.

Tigers reportedly willing to eat cash in a Verlander deal. Or howsabout a good ol’ fashioned bad contract swap there, Det?

[19] Don’t see why they’d want Elfsberry.

#Yankees 1B Greg Bird will have surgery on his right ankle. They’re expecting a six-week recovery, according to Joe Girardi.

At this point they HAVE to make a trade for a 1B, right?

[21] Fucking hell. At least it sounds relatively minor.

21. They have to remove that unnecessary bone. It was going to cause problems even if he managed to have a few healthy weeks. A cursed season for Bird. I’m not giving up on him. I hope the Yankees don’t either. Usually to acquire impact corner-infield offense, it is really costly, in terms of cash or prospects. Developing one of these dudes is like gold. Greg Bird: 2018. (and maybe he can even have a big hit in late September)

So Bird losses two straight seasons to injuries. Now the real question is, can he ever stay healthy.

It really does sound like a fluke injury, but, well, I dunno…it seems like there are certain guys who are just prone to “fluke” injuries. I think his body just might not be cut out for professional sports.

But hopefully I’m way off base and this is truly just a fluke injury that will get settled and he’ll be fine going forward. At least this explains why he never healed from the ankle bruise.

Hey, by the way, I keep seeing the “nutcracker effect” in regards to Bird’s condition - anyone know what that means in this context?

[24] From what I read, they were hoping cortisone could get him through the season and he could have the surgery in the offseason. Apparently that was a no-go.

[26] It sounded like a condition that affects athletes more than regular folk. The nutcracker effect was because ballerinas were also prone to this. Basically, there’s an outgrowth on the back of the ankle bone and through wear and use, it can start to affect the rest of the ankle. This is the syndrome Bird has. What’s nuts is that it took THIS long to figure it out, when it seems like a rare, but not CRAZY rare thing.

I don’t want to overpay for a 1B at least so far Choi has been fine.  RAB was intimating that Yanks were looking at Todd Frazier, maybe to drive the price up for the townies.  Bour will be pricey and Alonso is a buy high situation.

Alonso is “buy high” but he’s also a rental.  Ref + two low-A arms will do it.

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