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Saturday, August 5, 2017 Stifled by Salazar, Yanks beat Tribe on late HR

The Yankees needed to get Indians right-hander Danny Salazar off the mound on Saturday night. Once his overpowering outing came to a close, Chase Headley delivered a go-ahead home run for New York, paving the way for a 2-1 win at Progressive Field that halted Cleveland’s nine-game home winning streak.

The decisive blow arrived in the eighth inning, when Zach McAllister took over for Salazar and then yielded the one-out solo shot to Headley to put the Indians behind, 2-1. Salazar was hung with a no-decision after notching a career high in strikeouts (12) and a season high in pitches (112) over his seven dominant frames.
“It was big. We haven’t been swinging the bats great,” Headley said. “Part of that is us and part of that is their starting pitching. It was a big swing. I wasn’t sure when I hit it, but it had enough and fortunately it carried out. It was enough to get us a win.”

With the Royals-Mariners game postponed, the loss trimmed the Tribe’s lead atop the American League Central to three games over Kansas City. The Yankees held firm to the AL’s top Wild Card spot and remained three games back of the Red Sox in the AL East.

Talk about a needed victory! The Yankees’ offense has been completely inept the last week or so, and they continued their poor play tonight, but luckily their pitching and defense was excellent.

Chase Headley, moved into the #2 spot with Clint Frazier replaced by Jacoby Ellsbury (it looks like Frazier’s time in the Majors this season might be coming to an end, although I’d like to keep running him out there and see if he can recover) and responded with a huge home run to put the Yankees up 2-1 in the 8th inning. Delln Betances pitched a stellar eighth inning and then a rusty Aroldis Chapman got bailed out by his fielders in the ninth. With no outs and a runner on first, Brett Gardner made a leaping catch at the wall on a Jose Ramirez drive. It probably wasn’t going to be a home run, but it very likely could have been a game-tying double. Edwin Encarnacion then followed with a flare to center that Starlin Castro never would have caught, but luckily Ronald Torreyes was there to make the play (it likely would have been first and third with one out). Then, with two outs, Chapman took nine pitches, but he finally struck out Carlos Santana on a beautiful pitch that Austin Romine framed beautifully.

With Matt Holliday looking like he’ll be headed back to the disabled list, the Yankees will hopefully call up Miguel Andujar, but I suspect it will instead be Tyler Austin or Aaron Hicks, even though they’re both early in their respective rehabs (maybe Andujar for a game and then Hicks or Austin?).

Huge game tomorrow with Luis Severino pitching - they had a rare one-run win tonight and some GOOD luck for a change. Let’s hope that they can continue it and avoid losing this series and falling four games behind the Red Sox (as you know the ChiSox sure ain’t beating the BoSox tomorrow).

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Austin’s only had two rehab games and was 0/3 tonight so he makes NO sense, Hixie has had 4 games and was 2/4 tonight with a triple so he makes more sense but Binder said he wasn’t ready. Andujar seems like the logical choice and DH him until Hixie is ready or more likely reinjures himself and is through for the year.

Moncada hitting 146

Austin has played the field, Hicks has been DH’ing.

1. Geeze, don’t say Hicks will get hurt again… the Yankees need him healthy and playing like he did before getting hurt. He was not only productive but having great AB’s. I’m really liking the pitching staff right now. Dellin has been back in 2014 form lately and the bullpen has insane depth. If the offense can recover slightly before the infirmed recover, we may have something.

Btw, I saw Detroit tonight. Intense film. Excellent film. Dunkirk was quite good too.

Yeah, the bullpen is INSANE right now. David Robertson came in in the 6th inning like it was no big deal. The Yankees had the White Sox closer from earlier this year come in in the 6th inning of a tie game and pitch two innings and that was just the regular course of business. That’s insane.

If only they could freaking HIT.

4 Both on my list as is Windy River by the writer of Hell Or High Water. Just finished Deutschland 83 one of the best series I’ve seen on TV this year.

5. Hopefully Andujar can provide a jolt. The current cast of characters couldn’t swing their way out of a paper bag right now. It just so happens that Ellsbury’s concussion turned out to be a huge deal, thanks to Hicks’ injury and Holliday’s series of maladies. The fact is crappy ole’ .715 having .OPS Ellsbury would have been a huge asset, especially considering he’s still a great outfielder. But unfortunately he’s hitting like Jason Tyner. And yeah regarding the pen, look who *didnt* pitch tonight. Those guys (Tommy K., Chad Green, Warren, even Shreve) would by themselves comprise a more than respectable pen on a contender.

6. There’s nothing like a good movie in an air conditioned theater in summer in New York.


(4) I saw The Accountant. It is unwatchable.

Garret Cooper is up for Holliday

Terrible choice, maybe if a LHP was going but not otherwise. In 25 ABs he had an OBP of 269 and against RHP 100.

Highly creative lineup getting Romine’s all important bat into the lineup for a 2nd straight day with an off day tomorrow.
Gardner DH
C. Frazier LF
Gregorius SS
Judge RF
Headley 1B
T. Frazier 3B
Ellsbury CF
Torreyes 2B
Romine C
Severino P

Meredith: Greg Bird will hit in cage today. Expects to hit on field next week & start defensive drills/running bases… Rehab assignment thereafter

I’ve seen way too many Romine AB’s this season. Ugh.

Don’t understand playing Clint over Gary either. Clint is talented but I’ll probably be one of the least upset people to see him go back to Scranton to work on hitting the cut-off man and drawing a walk when Hicks is ready.

15 His OBP is down to 269 and worse over the last few weeks 256/623 OPS last 28 days and even his Scranton manager says a demotion will do him good.

16. The weird way his back-leg gets completely off-balance is a serious mechanical flaw. But man can he hit a baseball hard when he’s in-sync.

I wonder if they’re punishing Gary, who has had attitude problems in the past

18 Girardi was very unhappy with his defense Friday and Cash says the extra weight he put on has hurt his flexibility but why are they punishing us given the sad state of Yankee hitting with more Romine.

Binder “The start is not the message. The message came from us verbally that, ‘Your defense needs to improve. That you need to get better. You need to work at it.’ We have stressed how important it is. There are certain situations that some people may not think that something that happens in the game effects the next game. It could if it leads to 10 extra pitches for a reliever.”

Except by benching Gary today the Yankees have made this a much bigger story than it should be and considering the mountain of Yankee hitting problems Gary’s defense doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

Benching Gary for passed balls is silly. Pretty tired of Girardi at this point.

How do you know it’s about passed balls?

None of this makes any sense. The team desperately needs a bat and Andujar offers some upside at DH until Hixie returns. Cooper really does not. Sitting Sanchez and inserting no hit Romine into the lineup while simultaneously taking Gardy’s glove out of left field and playing both Clint and TRO with a day off tomorrow is nuts. Cash and Binder are acting as if we’ve got the AL East practically sewn up instead of fighting for a spot in the WC.

[4] Dunkirk is tremendous. Never quite seen a movie that convinces you you’re drowing or about to drown quite so deftly.

Andujar with a first inning home run now hitting 336 with an OPS over 920 but the FO thinks they have better options to help out this offense.

24 That doesn’t sound like fun.

I’m not being fair Im sure Casey or Earl Weaver would’ve been the first to bench one of their few power bats when the team is struggling for runs and what GM wouldn’t keep one of the few hitters that MIGHT help their team in the minors when they can bring up someone who can’t and keep two awful hitters Clint and El in the lineup in addition to Romine.

This team has gone from like the 80th percentile outcome to
the 20th.

Tomorrow’s headline Yankees stifled by Sanchez and Zimmerman and Kluber and Bauer and Salazar and Carrasco.

Wow Judge was not close to making contact.

What fresh hell is this? Sac fly with less than two outs and a man on third? Frazier not fanning embarrassingly? ELLSBURY DOING SOMETHING?

Mitch Kramer just doesn’t have it today.

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