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Wednesday, September 13, 2017 Stellar ‘pen work preserves lead in Yanks’ win

With the effects of Hurricane Irma forcing the series between the Yankees and Rays to Citi Field in Queens, the Yankees had a prime opportunity to capitalize on playing road games in their home city. They did just that, taking two of three from the Rays with a 3-2 win on Wednesday.

A three-run second inning, highlighted by Brett Gardner’s two-run single, and another strong showing from one of baseball’s best bullpens paved the way for the win.
The Yankees now trail Boston by 3 1/2 games in the American League East race and increased their lead over the Twins to 3 1/2 for the top Wild Card spot. Both Boston and Minnesota are scheduled to play later on Wednesday.

Huge win considering the matchup on the day, as Chris Archer had some ridiculous numbers against the Yankees coming into day (including going at least 6 innings in a whole bunch of games in a row) and the Yankees had Jaime Garcia, but they pulled it off.

It was clear in the fifth inning, with Chad Green available, Garcia was going to be going batter-to-batter, even with a rwo-run lead, but Garcia was still pissed off when he was removed after giving up a two-out single in front of Evan Longoria. Even when Girardi came to talk to Garcia later, Garcia wasn’t having it.

Green was amazing, as always, and Tommy Kahnle pitched in and out of trouble, but then Dellin Betances was wild again, so Girardi pulled him with two outs in the 8th inning and brought in Chapman, who quickly walked his first batter and then gave up an RBI single to Adeiny Hechavarria (who won the game last night for the Rays), who was 6-10 in this series. Wow. Chapman then struck out pinch-hitter Wilson Ramos. Then, in the ninth, Chapman led off the inning with a walk to the #9 hitter, but then struck out the next three batters to earn the save.

The Yankee offense was awfully anemic tonight, including some very poor hitting with runners in scoring position late (bases loaded and 1 out - no runs, first and third and no outs - no runs) but they got enough runs to pull out the series win. Back to 13 games over .500. Not too shabby.

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4 series wins in a row. Not bad.

And I think in all 4 they won the rubber game, right?

The Red Sox was a 3-1 series win. But yes on the other 3. They had lost 11 rubber games in a row if I did the look up correctly

They’re right around 500 last 115/120 games.

By the way, I didn’t know that the Rays’ win last night only got them within TWO games of being .500. Now it REALLY seems weird that Cishek was talking about how big last night’s win was.

Man the games ag citi were awesome. Field boxes for $25! Free parking! I’ve never been so close to a Yankee Game before! Also, let’s face it, Citi is just better than NYS. Except for the drive.

I’m at a bar/restaurant in Seattle right now. They’re playing the Red Sox on the TV. Fuck the heck?

(6) so another fan who agrees with me that Citi is better than YS.  We need a poll since it seems we have at least one dissenter.

Changing the name from Shea to Citi disqualifies it.

[7] The place is full of anarchists and pot heads. What do you expect ?

I’m confused. Are you for or against it?

I recommend ignoring their ideas on the names of stadiums. They can sell facade space, but not what we call it.

[1, 4]
They’ve been better than they were after the ASB, but so often this team seems to be failing to live up to potential. They lose when they should win. That’s a mixed bag, of course; when they were winning when they should win, they were winning all the time.

By the way, remember that? That was fun.

[11] I don’t judge. I just report.

Holding off Minnesota is going to be tough. Their schedule is SO crazy easy. They get the Tigers for literally 7 of their last 10 games. Plus the Blue Jays for four starting tonight.

Watching the video highlights, Todd Fraziers thumb down seems like a fun thing.

[6] I don’t get how people feel Citi is a whole lot better. I can see someone thinking it’s better, but not another tier better. The parks are very similar to me.

[13] Playing Minnesota at home is going to help. Plus ending 14/17 in NY without many good teams in those 17 games is pretty nice too.

The food is much better in Citi

[13] I don’t see anything daunting about the Yankees’ remaining schedule either.

Townies are sending Price to the pen.

He was good for the Rays in the pen when he first came up, that’s got to help them.

A lot of money left on that contract - good thing we didn’t sign him

Why does Girardi hate Austin and an 1100 split against LHPs doesn’t get you much any more.

Ellsbury CF
Judge RF
Sanchez C
Holliday DH
Headley 1B
Gregorius SS
T. Frazier 3B
Torreyes 2B
C. Frazier LF
Tanaka P

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