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Friday, December 1, 2017 Sources: Yankees tab Boone as new manager

Aaron Boone has already helped the Yankees advance to one World Series. Now they want him to lead the franchise to its next one.

Boone has been selected as the 35th manager in franchise history, two sources confirmed to on Friday evening, concluding a managerial search that began on October 26 and spanned five weeks. The Yankees have not made an official announcement.

The author of one of the most memorable moments in Yankees postseason history, a deciding home run off Tim Wakefield that defeated the Red Sox in Game 7 of the 2003 American League Championship Series, Boone will assume the prestigious position without any previous coaching or managerial experience.

Boone was low on my list of possible Yankee managers, but at least he was ahead of Rob Thomson and Eric Wedge in my book, so I guess that’s something.

Clearly, this says a couple things to me…...

1. Cashman really hated how Girardi talked to the media (and possibly, the players, as well)


2. Cashman really doesn’t think that much of managers in general, since he didn’t even get a guy who had ever coached before in his career. Cash seems to be looking for a guy to be the “face” of the organization more than anything else.

Luckily, I trust Cash pretty much implicitly, so if this is the kind of guy he wants to manage the team, so long as Cashman provides him with enough good players, the Yankees should be okay.

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So, the winning scenario here is as follows:

1) Boone is an amiable idiot who won’t rub anyone the wrong way
(2) He is either self aware enough to just do whatever Cash wants
3) He is so reality-detached that Cash can run things through/without him even knowing its happening anyway)
4) Boone is a savant who has been hiding his superior intellect and baseball IQ in order to maintain his position within ESPN and is now able to unleash hell on the league

I agree that managers aren’t all that important.  The major league roster and the minor league system are so good that I admire Boone for acing the interview.  This is a great time to be the NYY manager.

Why didn’t Bob Dylan get an interview?

I presume the interview went something like this.

One of the most opaque things about baseball is what managers do, or don’t do.  In theory the people who know best are the front office people.  The public will never know as much about manager evaluation as we will about like spin rate.  And I was not entirely opposed to a Girardi exit.

Nevertheless this feels like a disappointing and inexplicable choice.  I don’t expect an explanation because upper management never offers one—if they are wrong it’s the hire’s fault, if they are right then they can take credit. 

But hell, I was upset about replacing Showalter with Torre and was pretty meh on Girardi.  And Boone gets a pretty good team to play with.  If Cashman told Boone he just has to blow every player under 25 daily and Boone agreed, great hire.

[5] ok, but how many frankfurters will he eat?

I trust Cash pretty much implicitly

I see this alot, and I like Cashman, but I’ll say two things

1) Given we can’t change the ownership, the recent “rebuilding years” are more Cashman’s fault than anyone else.  Yes he adjusted and this look better now but it’s still true.

2) The rebuilding years would have been worse if not for Girardi. 

Cashman deserves heat for all of this.  Maybe it will work out and he should get credit for that down the line, but right now, he deserves the criticism.

The most important question rights now is does Ohtani want to play for Boone, or perhaps more importantly, not want to play for Boone.

Like most of us, I wanted Hensley. I think it makes way more sense- but we weren’t in the interview.

So it’s funny to me Boone is being criticized already. ESPECIALLY because he hasn’t managed before. If they brought in someone we can point to who has a bad track record, fine. But we don’t know how Boone will do so how can we complain about something we don’t know?

I hate to bring this up, since it isn’t entirely apples to apple, but the team hired “Clueless Joe” going into 1996 and by the end of the decade they had 4 World Series.

Torre managed fo 15 seasons over the course of the prior 18 years with three different teams before the Yankees. I don’t know how much more experienced a manager could be.

[5] I respect your judgment, but anyone who brought Jack McDowell into Game 5 of the ALDS should have been sent to Fishkill before the Mariners completed that rally.

And the “Clueless” part was not a knock on Joe’s managerial talent, but the idea that he was coming into a shitty situation, where Buck had just been fired after winning Manager of the Year in 1994 and then the team making the playoffs for the first time in years. So he was “clueless” for taking the job, not for any other reason.

I get that Boone must’ve had a good interview but what I don’t get is what he did to earn a look in the first place. Sure the interview counts but what should’ve counted more was on the job achievement and presumably both Bam Bam and Woodward were on the fast track because of what they’d shown on the job. I don’t recall a lot of buzz about Boone’s keen analytical skill at ESPN.

NYT “he (Cash) chose a candidate who has long been known as a skilled communicator. Boone has more than 123,000 followers on Twitter.” What neither Katy Perry or Kim Kardashian were available?

I was watching the PAC12 Championship football game (USC-Stanford) from Santa Clara last night on ESPN.  Late in the game they mentioned in passing that “Yankee manager” Aaron Boone was at the game.  I didn’t see an interview, not even a shot of him sitting and watching the game.  That seemed a little unusual.

I disagree that managers aren’t important.  Game tactics aren’t that important.

But, they have to manage a set of very large egos, assemble and manage a coaching staff that can develop young players, and help all players adjust, assemble and manage a bullpen, etc.  All that stuff is really important.

If Boone is just a rubber stamp for Cashman, he’ll have no authority in the clubhouse, and things won’t go well.

I’d set the chances of awful performance and firing within 2 years quite high, maybe 20-25%.

A bad rookie manager could easily cost this team 5 wins and the division next year.  I’m pissed.

I guess we’re all going to find out how important a manager really is in the dugout. I wonder if Girardi’s downfall didn’t start around 2014 and the second base situation. Given how much ABs Joe insisted on wasting on Roberts that year, and Stephen Drew the next year with Refsnyder sitting in the minors, maybe the FO just didn’t think Joe was on board with 100% of what the team wanted to do. That and the escalation of salary and contractual commitment made it easier long term to go with someone like Boone.

[17]  Getting rid of Girardi is one thing.  But, why not hire someone like Meulens or Thompson who has some actual relevant experience?

Going with a total unknown quantity for a team that intends to win its division seems ridiculously reckless.

I’m disappointed that the Yankees are still among the organizations who insist that the best qualified people to run their ballclub are all white.

I second that emotion.

19 Especially considering their shameful past.  Even if Boone had a better interview Bam Bam’s resume was SO much better it shouldn’t have even been close.

I’m not sure where the idea that in-game managerial tactics and decision-making aren’t important, but I see it a lot. When to use a challenge, bunt, steal, change pitchers, warm up and use relievers, assess injuries… this isn’t important? Are we saying this can all be done by a front office eye in the sky or something?

Ah, had to drag race into this as well. Sigh.

[11]  Well, sure.  I think you mean Fresh Kills though?

No, I mean the medium security prison. Attica is reserved for people who don’t challenge foul tipped strike 3s that turn into grand slams.

[22] In think that these decisions are pretty rote. In most cases it doesn’t have a huge impact whether you steal or pinch hit, especially with the Yankees roster. And then you have strategic “geniuses” Like Buck sitting Britton for 13 innings in a winner-take-all that really make the difference between best and worst seem irrelevant.

All of you complaining: what the hell do you know? Nobody knows shit about this guy. So stop bitching. Maybe he’ll suck. But do you really think Cash would hire him just because he liked his face? Or that he wouldn’t care about whether he’s interested in analytics? Why would any of you know the reasons he was called in to interview?

It’s simple: we know nothing about what he’ll be like. The braintrust thinks the info they have is enough to trust him. There’s really nothing to say about it. Which is probably why you’re all saying so much - I get it. And then I don’t.

Cashman has been good at serving himself. Knowing when and how to applease the steins and how to set up others to take the fall for him on various mess ups.

A lackee manager works dual purposes for him (1) solidify power (2) a fall guy

Let’s face it, the Yankees are a douchebag organization.  Lonn Trost and Randy Levine are giant assholes, and the fact that they exist tells you something about the Steinbros.  The stupid hair policy is just one tiny example of the douchebaggery.  Cashman’s probably a douche too, how else do you survive in that atmosphere?  I guarantee when Boone walked out of the room everyone looked at each other and said “What a nice clean cut young man.  Played the game the right way.  Looks good in a uniform.”  Et voila.

To the extent there was any deeper thinking, it was Cashman concluding that Boone would do what he wanted.

Remember when Cashman cheated on his wife with that weird lady who was busted for extortion or something?

Hal McCoy Dayton Daily News

“Back in 2003, due to strokes in both my optic nerves, I became legally blind and considered retiring for good. It happened just before spring training and I went to my sports editor, Frank Corsoe, intending to quit.
Corsoe instead convinced me to give spring training a try and I agreed. The first day I walked into the Reds clubhouse in Sarasota, I stood at the door and looked around.
Everything was dark and fuzzy. Faces were blurred. I didn’t recognize players who I had known for years. Boone noticed me standing at the door with a perplexed look on my face.
He approached me and asked, “What’s wrong?” I told him what had happened, that I was legally blind, and that he probably wouldn’t see me again, that I was going home, I was about to quit.
He grabbed me by my elbow and led me to his locker stool, pointed to it and said, “Sit down.” I sat. And Boone said, “I don’t ever want to hear you saw the word quit again. You love what you do and you are good at it. Everybody in this room will help you when you need it.”
Boone turned me around that day. There were tough times and there are still tough times, but Boone gave me the impetus and the confidence to plod on. Because of him I am still doing this 14 years later.
He did make me pay for it though, with locker room humor. He would tell people he caught me talking to a Coke machine. He might have been right.
That’s the kind of communicator he is, the kind of passionate and compassionate person he is. Writers and players are water and oil. They don’t often mix. And I wrote my share of critical things about Boone. But he took the time to change a writer’s life, to save my career.”

A lot of managing these days is not even in the game. I heard Arod talk about how the coaches used to put tape on the grass before the game telling the fielders where to stand during shifts and whatnot. If Boone sucks at that stuff it won’t even be obvious to us.

(12) i recall “clueless joe” in referring to his career as a manager which before 1996 was simply terrible.

I continue to believe that there needs to be two managers - one for ego-stroking/talking to the press/ face of the franchise things, and one for in game management (“now is a good time to use ONE of your challenges, Moron!”). A good bench coach serves that purpose. I often think about how much stupider Torre got after Zimmer left.

31 That’s for the coaches.
32 Me too.

[32] No, it was a reference to him having no idea what he had gotten himself into.

The other tabloid described Torre’s hiring as ‘The Crowning of a Puppet.’

For some reason I feel that might be appropriate for Boone now but I am willing to wait and see how he does before excoriating this move.

I do think it would be smart to get him a former manager as bench coach. Not sure who would be available and willing.  Wedge?

[17] Do you have evidence to back that up?

No, it was a reference to him having no idea what he had gotten himself into.

Yeah, precisely. It was considered a shitty job since Steinbrenner kept firing managers willy nilly. It’s stunning for fans of the Yankees pre-Torre to realize that Boone is just their third manager in TWENTY-TWO YEARS. That would have been insane to think of back in 1992.

My bias against Boone is because he was a shitty TV guy.

Give the girl a chance !!

Pick one who knows what she’s talking about, throw her into the system at AA or something, put her into the pipeline.

Would be WAY more interesting than seeing replays or the Aaron Boone HR before every game.

[27],[28] These are cynical takes, but they ring of just enough truth to keep me from having complete faith in Cashman’s decisions.

[38]  Pin, I never expected you to beat this particular drum, but as it happens I agree.  I’d start her lower though where the players are much more likely to shut up and do what they’re told, even if it’s by a girl—GCL or a rookie league.  If she works out, great, now she has a resume to move her up the ladder.  I’m guessing AA players might be a little more sure of themselves and more likely to revolt against a girl manager without experience (I mean, those that would think that way, I’m sure some would be open to it).

[40] (1) What ?

(2) Please see photos. She’s spectacular when viewed from the side profile (apologies to P.G.Wodehouse)

(3) It’s a chicken/egg thing. I happen to think at some level girls fastpitch kind of equalizes out to some level of minor league baseball, and the managerial ranks are bloated with guys who never played above rookie or short season A ball. So give a highly qualified candidate the opportunity to get some credibility. What do you have to lose ? It’s only A ball or AA. You can always dump them as “prospects” in trades for veterans if your farm system goes to shit.

In other words, I acknowledge the risk, but it is easily mitigated, and the reward goes beyond just having a qualified, competent skipper.

[41]  No insult intended, I just wouldn’t have guessed you had strong feelings about this. And as I said I agree with you.

I still think I’d want someone who never played baseball at any level to start managing lower than AA.  At that level you have real prospects who might go directly to the majors—don’t think you’d want her to start there either for her or the players’ sake.

I still don’t get why Cone did not even get an interview?

What does Boone has that Cone doesn’t? Neither have experience but at least Cone knows the team much better than Boone. Since the first time I listened to Cone as a TV guy I dream for him to be the manager of this team.

43 Too opinionated?

from MLBTR:

All things considered, the Yankees may be the favorites for Ohtani. There’s a general “fear” coming from other franchises regarding the Bronx Bombers, tweets Passan, given the talent on hand, the market they’re in and their strong relationship with CAA Sports. They also have the second-biggest international bonus pool.

NYT “He has a photographic memory of details, of physicality, of mechanics,” said Jim Bowden, who drafted Boone as general manager of the Cincinnati Reds. “It’s a really special trait. If something’s off, even a little bit, he’ll pick up on it immediately because his brain sees stuff that most brains don’t.”

I feel compelled to add that a photographic memory isn’t a real thing that is real. It’s a plot device in terrible CBS dramas and something flim flam artists of yesteryear used to tout.

He’s not that good at seeing basketball injuries before they happen

Well then, how do you explain that guy who we saw breaking the DaVinci Code ?

We saw him do it, and I have it on tape !

Photographic memory isn’t real but eidetic memory is real and and often improperly referred to as photographic memory.

[47/50] I mean, some people can read Shakespeare once and recite lines form it 5 years later and remember what page they were on. So, something’s real.

I would have been excited to have a not-white-guy as manager, and I believe we need more of that in baseball (because there’s like, none of that). But in terms of which of these guys was the best fit for this job I can’t really say. So, obviously hiring a black guy from outside the U.S. wasn’t a priority, but it’s hard to get too upset about it.

But yeah, I mean, this org isn’t exactly socially progressive.

[47/50] I mean, some people can read Shakespeare once and recite lines form it 5 years later and remember what page they were on. So, something’s real.

I would have been excited to have a not-white-guy as manager, and I believe we need more of that in baseball (because there’s like, none of that). But in terms of which of these guys was the best fit for this job I can’t really say. So, obviously hiring a black guy from outside the U.S. wasn’t a priority, but it’s hard to get too upset about it.

But yeah, I mean, this org isn’t exactly socially progressive.

In the 1950s Teddy Nadler won a quarter million on TV quiz shows after supposedly reading and memorizing the Encyclopdeia.  If the phrase photographic memory is scientifically incorrect I think we all knows what it means in practice. Isn’t there a former politician who purportedly has total recall?

A 37 year-old woman is a “girl” now. Did the Yankees just hire a little boy for manager?

Woah, seriously ? We call them “Boys of Summer”. We talk about the Good Old Boy’s Club. How old before a woman can’t go out on a “girls night out” or be/have a “girlfriend” ?

The last dozen or so posts (including my own) should be exhibit A in why baseball needs to make some news real soon.

I’ve been trying to piece together the starting lineups for the minor league teams for next season. Does anyone know where to find that, or does anyone want to try?

C Higashioka
1B Ford
2B Wade
SS Torres
3B Andujar
LF Frazier
RF McKinney

[58] McKinney is 1B now. Cave will probably have RF, maybe CF in Scranton. Estrada will also probably be at Scranton. Mark Payton will probably round out the OF.

Is he really full time 1B or is that just an attempt to get him some positional flexibility?

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