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Thursday, June 15, 2017 Sanchez’s big game not enough as Halos rally

Andrelton Simmons smashed a go-ahead, two-run homer in the bottom of the seventh inning to gift the Angels a 7-5 win and capture a series victory over the Yankees in front of a sellout crowd at Angel Stadium on Wednesday night.

“I’m happy for me and my team that we came back from that early deficit,” Simmons said. “The bullpen kept us in the game, and we put up good at-bats. I’m just glad I got to get the team a go-ahead home run.”

The Yankees took a 4-0 lead in the first inning on a 3-run home run by Gary Sanchez. Basically, so long as Michael Pineda did not pitch like shit, the Yankees were likely going to win the game. Sadly, Michael Pineda pitched like shit, so the Yankees lost a brutal series to the Angels. Due to the Red Sox sweeping the Phillies, the Yankees’ lead in the division is now down to just two games over Boston. I’ve been saying for quite a while now that this is an evil, evil division and recently I saw an article on Ringer that suggested that this year’s AL East is, in fact, one of the four most difficult divisions in divisional history (the other three were all AL East divisions, as well, namely the 2001 AL East, the 2002 AL East and the 2008 AL East, where the Yankees won 89 games and finished third). With CC Sabathia likely out for a couple of months, this is a tenuous point in the season for the Yankees, so hopefully Jordan Montgomery can right the ship and get the good times going again in Oakland. It will be fascinating to see who gets the start on Sunday - do they go with a stopgap fill-in like Chad Green, or do they go for a regular fill-in like calling Chance Adams up and giving him a 40-man spot? We shall see!

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Betances will be fresh!

I think with a 4 week minimum, there’s a good chance the Yankees will go with Adams. That’s a long time to mix and match starters from AAA and their long relievers.

The Yankees are going to play .500 ball for the next few months.  I can feel it. 

If they play .500 for June and July before waking up again in August, I’ll be satisfied.  Hope they still have a shot at the division at that point.

There was enough bad base running in that game to last the rest of the season.  And I am sure it was on the game thread, but WTF was Joe Espada (sp?) thinking sending Judge? Shades of Luis Sojo…

I’ve been skeptical about the pitching all season long, I don’t think the starters are good enough to win the division.

4 in Oakland, need 3 with Boston getting an easy opponent this weekend as well.

4 Homage to Rob Thompson.  When you see where everyone was when Davis fielded the ball,it’s even worse.

Pineda has sandwiched a great start in between two pretty terrible starts. That’s a bit worrisome, but could be a blip. Losing CC hurts, but if Tanaka’s solid start is more than a mirage and he’s starting to fix himself, it won’t hurt too much.

Of course, Pineda could be regressing to his normal frustrating self and Tanaka could remain bad. That would make for a rough ride this summer.

As long as the offense keeps chugging, I’m going to remain optimistic. The Red Sox have plenty of pitching issues too.

Bird is a very big issue also.  He should be if not raking by now at least good. We could be stuck with Carter and a little Ref and/or Austin all season.

Well the Red Sox are back to playing a Major League team on Friday. (Houston) These were two tough losses but it happens on the road. We’ll see what they can do with Oakland. And yes first base is a huge concern. I don’t know what’s wrong with Bird. You want to see him back in the majors, but not if he’s king to keep hitting like Pete Gray.

[9] I would happily take Austin or Ref over Carter right now.  I am sure both of those guys keep their eyes open when catching a ball.

[11] I’m surprised the Yankees didn’t call up Austin to replace Refsnyder when he came off the DL. It’s not like he was hitting poorly like Bird is.

Am I missing something with Bird? He’s had 12 rehab games, right? Are we hitting the panic button on 40 ABs coming off a funky injury and recovery?

[13] I prefer the term “hysterical concern knob.”

The panic button is less that he’s sucked and more that he’s sucked while coming off a bizarrely nagging injury, suggesting that perhaps the injury is causing an issue with him. Remember how Teix would have those seasons where the injury would just fuck him for the whole year, even when he was “technically” eligible to play? That’s the fear with Bird, as well. Remember, he played a whole MONTH with this injury, so it might just be a nagging one.

No home runs in the minors not the Bird we know. Last 21 ABs 3 hits.  Last night 2 ground ball lots and a K. Even upbeat Binder sounds concerned.

And remember that Bird missed all of last year. He’s barely played at all since the end of 2015.

Ok, but that crazy spring didn’t happen by magic, either. “Being slow to round into form after an injury that maybe messed with his mechanics/weight transfer/etc” is in the range of possibilities.

Just like “Chris Carter is actually bad at baseball” is in the range of possibilities.

I’m not knocking the spring, as I think that that spring was legit, I’m just saying that the injury might have fucked him up a lot, like how Teix’s injuries fucked him up a lot. Or remember how Mattingly’s back injury basically fucked him for YEARS?

Bad losses happen, but disappointed to blew a late lead Tuesday and a 4-0 start yesterday.

As for Bird, whatever happens, he probably gave me the best moment of the year with that “Ball Don’t Lie” HR

Yeah it’s wait and hope for Bird, anyhow he still has an option left.

It probably bodes well when your wins are often blow-outs and your losses are often games that could easily have been won.

The annoying part of this weekend is the sense that they didn’t have to lose those games, that the non-players (manager, base coaches) had too much to do with losing them.

[23]  Agreed.  Yet, could Aaron Judge hit a ball 495 feet without Joe Espada’s encouragement?  We’ll never know.

[7] Even würster (Mmmmmm! Würst) when The Sanchez would be hitting with the bases juiced.

Bird, the new Nick Johnson.

DFA Espada.

From RAB:

Fangraphs tracks a stat called Meltdowns, which answers the simple question of whether a reliever hurt his team’s chance of winning, based on changes in win probability during the pitcher’s outing. (To be more specific, he gets a Meltdown if the game’s win probability declines by at least six percent from when he enters and then exits the game.) Clippard has eight Meltdowns this season, tied for the most among American League pitchers and fourth-most in MLB.

Clippard has a shiny 2.00 ERA and .158 batting average allowed, but he’s been horrible in critical at-bats this season. He’s allowed a .304/.375/.682 line in high-leverage plate appearances – that equals a .436 wOBA, which ranked seventh-highest among pitchers that have faced at least 25 batters in those situations.

Girardo, doh.

And this on Pineda:

He is now 1-5 with a 6.25 ERA in six road starts, compared to 6-1 with a 1.96 ERA in seven home starts. That difference of 4.3 runs is the ninth-largest among the 100-plus pitchers that have made at least five starts at home and five starts on the road.

But what would home/road mean with a guy like Pineda? It’s not like he’s pitching in some pitcher’s haven at home, ya know?

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