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Saturday, July 15, 2017 Sanchez homers, but lead slips at Fenway

A zany bottom of the ninth inning on Friday night at Fenway Park left the Red Sox celebrating a 5-4 walk-off win over the Yankees without a hit leaving the infield at any point during the unlikely rally.

Perhaps, then, it was only fitting that the winning run came courtesy of a walk by Andrew Benintendi against Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman, who blew the save.
It was quite a dramatic way for the rivals to open the second half. It was the first time the Red Sox defeated the Yankees on a walk-off walk since Aug. 7, 1956, when Ted Williams worked an 11th inning free pass against New York’s Tommy Byrne. It was the first walk-off walk for the Red Sox against any opponent since Trot Nixon on Sept. 23, 2000, against the Orioles.

“That 3-1 pitch, I was 90 percent take,” said Benintendi. “It was going to take a perfect pitch to swing at with how he was throwing.”

Of Chapman’s 23 pitches, just 11 were for strikes—only one a swinging strike. He didn’t record any outs as the Yankees were handed their Major League-leading 18th blown save of the season.

“Lead slips”? has the shittiest headlines.

Anyhow, the only thing positive I can say about the way that the Yankees manage to pull defeat from the jaws of victory constantly this past month is that at least all of these brutal losses have been piled together so that none of them really hurt that much anymore. It’s pretty much EXPECTED at this point.

Plus, come on, 9-18 in one-run losses. Even with a shitty bullpen, that’s a ridiculous number. That can’t continue like that. So there ya go, that’s the silver lining - things can’t possibly remain quite THIS shitty. It will still probably remain pretty shitty, though. Tomorrow’s an automatic loss and then Mitchell/Tanaka could be a shit show of epic proportions on Sunday, so…we could be looking at a .500 team by the end of play on Sunday. At least it will be broadcast on ESPN!

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Your 2017 New York Yankees. Or: The Os Trigonum Syndrome, soon to be a major motion picture.

They came back and had a lead in the ninth thanks to their all world 24 year old catcher. Girardi is still clinging to the pre season formula of Clippard-Betances-Chapman because of misplaced loyalty and lack of imagination. If he and their HOF fame pitching coach can ever figure out their bullpen, there’a a run in them yet.

The 3-4-5-6-7 hitters went 0-17 with 8 Ks.

Castro’s return is pretty huge. Holliday “returning” would be nice. smile

And yeah, fine, let Ellsbury play the first game back, but now Ells should go back to the bench and Frazier should be the everyday center fielder (or I guess Gardy can play center).

3 And none of those ABs were against Sale or Kimbrel.

4 I can live with some kind of a platoon but not with Frazier sitting last night against Pomeranz at Fenway. That was nuts.

We’ll see what Castro can produce after only two rehab games but they have no choice the alternatives are not good. OTOH Thursday was an off day for the NYY but not Scranton and I don’t understand why they didn’t give Holliday in essence a free rehab game.

Yankees 18 blown saves leads the majors so kudos to whole relief staff on a job well done.

This was the game where Benintendi passed Judge in the RoY and MVP balloting.

Also, 9-18 in one-run losses? That’s actually pretty impressive…

I predict the Chapman contract will look as bad as the Ellsbury contract by…the end of July.

Chapman’s contract is great! So is Ellsbury’s. Judge has the worst contract on the Yankees.

Honestly, a sweep is in the cards. June and July is payback for April and May. Any regression by Judge and this is a .500 team at best.

1. Brett Gardner (L) CF
2. Gary Sanchez (R) C
3. Aaron Judge (R) RF
4. Matt Holliday (R) DH
5. Starlin Castro (R) 2B
6. Chase Headley (S) 3B
7. Clint Frazier (R) LF
8. Garrett Cooper (R) 1B
9. Ronald Torreyes (R) SS

Sure this is a good day to give DiDi off following 5 days off because TOE had such a sensational game yesterday. I’m shocked Binder didn’t give Gary the day off also.

It’s not a rest day. It’s loading the lineup with righties for Sale.

12. Toe-clank

11. Yup

13 I get that but I’d much rather take my chances with Didi.

Anyone think Castro and Hicks will come back strong right away is likely to be dissapointef

For the year LHBs actually have a 75 point higher OPS against Sale but for his career RHBs have 110 point higher OPS.  Basically no one can hit him which is why I could almost see using Mitchell today for the sacrifice.

I have a very ‘ominous synthesizers’ feeling about this game. (or season?)

For this game a dirge, for the season an ‘ominous synthesizer.’

1st inning leadoff walks score never.
2nd inning leadoff double NP.

1st inning leadoff walks score never.
2nd inning leadoff double NP.

We talkin’ X-Files theme level of ominous synthesizers, or are we going full-on Tubular Bells?

We lose 2-1, 3-2 or 8-1?

OTOH 1-0 with Chapman striking out the side in the 8th would be kind of cool.

I would hit Didi or even TRO, at least El would take some pitches.

I mean Binder how could you let TOE hit there?  Is it now the COToe.

Girardo needs to go, a few years ago already. What manager, who wasn’t also the team owner, gets to manage a team for 10 seasons when they don’t make the playoffs? And I do not mean a wild card play in, I mean getting into the ALCS. Time to move on already.

Not sure what would’ve been worse an out or a home run and a blown save.  Binder has less imagination than an average toadstool. Not hat it would be mattered but did he really think TOE had a better chance of getting on base than either Didi or Els??

Now he brings in Clippard instead of Warren or Betances or Chapman ruining the 1-0 scenario.

Whatta tag Starlin.

Still alive for 1-0 and 9-19 and why it might’ve been right to serve Mitchell up to the baseball Gods for a sacrifice.

[30] Well, he did say that for the time being that Clippard wasn’t the 7th inning guy.

Happy Holliday!

Yay Holliday. Boo delaying the inevitable.

I haven’t been watching and I feel like tuning in now will put the immediate jinx on.

RISP fail, a new Yankees tradition.

Inevitable fail ahead. Maybe they’ll lose by 2+?

Clutch home run, stolen base, triple RISP fail. Damn you Holliday.

Shrevie for the loss.

No home run please, just a single.

Someone will have to explain why they’re playing small ball with Sanchez and Judge?

GD just opened this inning and shows a HR for Holliday. Then it showed a walk. Now it shows him getting out. I suppose a line-up where only Holliday hits might be pretty good, but I’ll be sorry not to see Judge hit anymore. Or perhaps now one hitter will get all the at bats each game and they’ll rotate?

Now Holliday’s on either on a single or an error.

The ecstasy and the agony and the agony and the agony, etc.

Ok, who is DEVGRU?

What a weird play.  Holliday thought the first baseman touched first before throwing.  He didn’t.

That play reminded me of the top of the ninth in game seven the 1960 World Series.  Mick made an amazing slide back into first.  Except,  Pirates first baseman Rocky Nelson did touch first before throwing to second.  ...and McDougal scored to tie the game.

So, the HR contest did break Judge.

Leadoff walks score NEVER.

If the Yankees win in the 12th or later and the protest is upheld, they’ll have to replay the game starting in the 11th.  If the Red Sox win, they’ll drop the protest.

Holder has been lights in in these situations.

Warren can only go an inning?

Romine pinch hitting, no like.

Seriously Binder? Seriously TOE? Two strike bunting., just give the effing game away.

TOE hitting 059 with a 118 OPS for July and a light hitting, no power, never walking utility infielder who can’t even bunt is a pedazo de mierda.

When managers overuse players like Romine, GMs should just move said players to avoid the problem.

I did have plans to watch a movie instead watching Yankee half only on mute and listening to My Morning Jacket concert live.

57 It made no sense especially with a RHP on the mound.  Choi was so much more likely to go deep than Romine.

Well that worked out well. Leadoff walk in the 11th,  leadoff walks never score, one out walk in the 12th.

[59] And they have no other 1B on the bench since Mitchell won’t be back up until tomorrow.

I hate when every time I go to the game the other team is batting.

Caught stealing or bad bunt?

Smoked it. Here comes the bad bunt.

1st and second one out Romine and TOE coming up. What’s the odds?


[66] About 99.68949843 percent?

Last night 3 weak ass ground balls for the win, today a soft liner Pedroia can just reach and a lliner right at the right fielder.

Hack away TOE 053 for the month.

Leadoff walks never score.

I blame Matt Holliday for this ridiculous loss.

71 Good point.

WTH, they are still playing?  Lose already FFS.

One ain’t nearly enough. Nice hitting DiDi.

CC for the 16th?

Two won’t do it either

Break it open Gary

How many runs do the Yankees have to score here for you to feel comfortable?

Me? Around 20.

Almost there.

79 Considering recent history at least 5.  Frrom here the game is pickem.

Worst loss of the season coming when they hold on here, but MLB upholds Boston protest and Boston wins the replay.

Heller has some movement.

Never a doubt

Heller the winning pitcher.  Games ends on a fly ball to Ellsbury.  Catch-22.

Pitchers down, pitchers up. Gentlemen, start your shuttle.

At this point I believe there’s a good chance they won that game.

An excellent win. Severino. Holder.

Heller and Holder, who knew, let’s holler.

Heller of a win, and they Holdered it somehow.

86 Good one. Beats skeet shooting anyhow.

[86] First time I have typed “face palm” and meant it.

Face palm.

CC now slated for game 1 tomorrow, Mitchell Monday then Cessa.

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