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Friday, May 19, 2017 Moose mashes, Duffy dominates vs. Yankees

Mike Moustakas clubbed a three-run homer, left-hander Danny Duffy tossed seven shutout innings and the Royals avoided a three-game sweep by the Yankees with a 5-1 win on Thursday night at Kauffman Stadium.

Moustakas, who missed most of 2016 with a torn ACL, now has 32 home runs in his last 133 games. He leads the Royals in homers, with 10.
“That was a huge home run for us,” Duffy said. “Going from a two-run lead to a five-run lead, that just made it so much more comfortable.”

Duffy carried a no-hitter into the fourth inning, when Jacoby Ellsbury bunted for a single. Duffy gave up two more hits while walking two and striking out 10.

Oh, that was a huge home run? Really? That’s some tight analysis there.

Jordan Montgomery really needs to cut down on his home runs.

The Yankees travel to Tampa Bay for a three-game series in that awful shithole they call a stadium. Let’s hope that Severino can move on from his last awful outing!

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Montgomery is fine for now.  How much better do you want out of a rookie?  He’s better than Severino last year.

The HR are bad.  But it’s not his fault the Yanks didn’t beat Duffy the way Duffy beats his wife.

How much more out of a rookie? Fernando in ‘81 comes to mind. And also for him to bring me some cannoli from Caffe Palermo on his bullpen days. Maybe a 10% cut of earnings, too. But I’m not a dick; I’ll hold off til after arbitration.  Those rookie salaries don’t stretch.

All valid points.

“Girardi said GREG BIRD had jogged figure eights at Yankee Stadium on Thursday,” the new flat ground figure skating squad in action.

Man, if Bird returned to this lineup healthy? How insane would that be?

If/when Bird returns, who goes? I hope it’s Tommy Layne, as that would also open up a 40-man spot for Austin when he got back.

Re-posting, stick with Montgomery for now.

Binder hopes Bird can resume baseball activities next week.  Heard it all before.

[5] I am really looking forward to him hitting 4th or 5th, between Sanchez & Judge.  He may even be best suited to hit 3rd, and his swing is perfect for DNYS.

Which current Yankee would make the most awkward small talk at a cocktail party?

[9] I feel like Holliday would want to talk about Jesus or lifting weights. Which is fine if you are into either one, but significantly less so if you’re not.

Which current Yankee would make the most awkward small talk at a cocktail party?

It’s got to be Gardner. He and Holliday are a lot alike, but Gardner seems even duller.

I could see the Yankees who don’t speak English very well being a bit hesitant to talk due to their language barriers, as well.

Bird will be back for two weeks before they announce his season-ending surgery.

[11] Apparently, Gardner is quite the prankster.

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