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Friday, June 16, 2017 Khris clutch as A’s sink Yanks in wild walk-off

A back-and-forth affair at the Coliseum went in favor of the A’s, who staved off the Yankees with a walk-off, two-run single from Khris Davis in the 10th inning to claim an 8-7 series-opening victory on Thursday night.

The rally against Yankees right-hander Giovanny Gallegos began with two outs, when Rajai Davis singled and Chad Pinder followed with a double. New York elected to intentionally walk Jed Lowrie, who stepped to the plate a double shy of hitting for the cycle, and instead faced Khris Davis, who sent a flare over shortstop Didi Gregorius for the game-winning hit.
This, after the Yankees had erased four A’s leads, with Gary Sanchez and Chris Carter each recording a pair of game-tying hits, and Starlin Castro recording a go-ahead sacrifice fly against Liam Hendriks in the 10th.

Not even did its job right tonight, as they still don’t have a game wrap up, so I had to use the A’s one.

Anyhow, there have been few days in recent memory that went worse for the Yankees than today. The day opened with CC Sabathia going on the disabled list. It followed by the news before the game that Greg Bird’s rehab is going to basically be shut down for a while as he has had a setback, making it a wonder when we’ll ever see him this season. Then tonight’s game, where the Yankees were playing without Adam Warren, Jonathan Holder or Chasen Shreve being available, so of course they went to extra innings. They came back to tie the game every inning from the 5th through the 9th inning, but the A’s answered each time until the ninth. Then, in the 10th, the Yankees took the lead but had Gio Gallegos in to close since Dellin Betances threw 25 pitches. Gallegos got the first two batters and then gave up a single to Rajai Davis and then a single to Clay Pinder that Aaron Judge played into a double (Davis could have easily scored had he known how poorly Judge played it). Jed Lowrie was having a monster game, so they intentionally walked him and then Khris Davis hit a pop up that a good second baseman catches, but Starlin Castro is not a good second baseman and so the game was over.

Okay, so we’ve already got CC going on the DL, Bird having a setback and the game being an agonizing loss. Let’s add to that! So Gary Sanchez hurt himself in the 9th inning and Aaron Hicks hurt himself earlier. They both left the game. So…well…fuck.

Luis Severino, dude, we seriously need some good times going again on Friday.

By the way, silver lining time - they battled back like a mofo tonight. Good for them.

EDITED TO ADD: Trap muscle injury for Adam Warren, Abductor muscle injury for Sanchez and Achilles injury for Hicks. Those last two do not sound good.

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Did Judge’s at bats seem different last night?  It seemed like the bat was glued to his shoulder.  Maybe the plan was that he would get that reputation that he will take strikes while they are playing sucky teams, so that he gets good pitches when they are playing an actual major league ball club?

I’m grasping at straws here.

I hate this team right now.

He took SO many good pitches. Like strikes right down the middle. I really dunno what was up with him last night.

They all need some days off. A 4th OF like Ellsbury would have been nice.
Good season while it lasted. 2018 is promising!

Judge turned into a pumpkin on this roadtrip.


Is there a way to track time spent on the DL by year? I feel pretty confident that the medical staff has gotten worse the last couple years. I’ll never get over how badly they handled Bird, in ways that we all predicted.

Neither Hicks nor Sanchez sounded worried, so hopefully it is just a matter of them both missing a game or two. But yeesh, the lineup today and tomorrow is going to SUCK.


Wow, even their shitty lineups aren’t awful.

So, what, this moves Gardy back to CF with Ref in LF ?

Gotta bring up Higgy, right ?

[4] He hit a laser in the first inning, and he won the only game in LAAAA with a 400’+ HR. 

If anything, he may have tweaked something when he made an ill-advised dive for a ball in the middle of the game.  He was limping a little bit afterward.

Watching the early part of the game last night, it really seems like the line up is much thinner without Holliday in the middle.

From previous thread they used Gallegos over Cessa because Cessa is slated to start.  I hate that decision, take a chance rather than go with a proving mediocrity.  Gallegos is last man on the staff IMO.  And BTW if I knew Warren and Holder weren’t available I would have stuck with Clippard in the 7th. Was Shreve available and if so he was the best option.  And where was the crack Yankee research team to inform us that Warren and Holder weren’t available?

Did the broadcasters ever mention Holder and Warren weren’t available or even raise the question of why no Warren? Bad job there. For me Shreve first choice, then Cessa then maybe even German over Gallegos.

RAB “Aaron Hicks (Achilles) and Sanchez (abductor) left with injuries, though Girardi said after the game neither seems serious … Adam Warren has a trap issue and wasn’t available”

The one positive is the team is NEVER out of it, it seems.

The bad news: everything else.

If Castro would have caught the ball we would all be happy today…the injuries are temporary, etc. instead…sigh. I need a chill pill

Oh, we just call them quaaludes now.

15 I want!

16 Sounds like from Francessa that Mason is coming up even though Fowler is better.

Higgy and Mason with the team unofficially. More moves to come.

Shreve was also unavailable last night.

Silver lining? The TWNs pitchers are literally limping to Houston today. OK, they might have gotten rides. But I have zero good feelings about this weekend’s matchups.

Once again and I didn’t watch the whole game were Ken or Flash aware of this and if not why not?

They were not. It seems that the West Coast games get much lax coverage. They had no idea why Hicks was out of the game either.

MLB has a thing about the players most likely to move at the deadline. As for starters, they’re listing Sonny Gray, Cueto, Vargas and Hellickson. And all I see is Denny Neagle, Denny Neagle, Denny Neagle and Denny Neagle.

22 Then its on the YES staff for doing a piss poor job.

Hopefully Williams and Higgy are just being called up for tonight’s game. With all the injuries, I could see why they wouldn’t want to risk Gardner in center, even for a game. Similarly, obviously you need another catcher, even if Sanchez misses just one or two games. Fingers crossed that there’s no DL time!

[23] Gray is good. I’d stay far away from the others unless Cueto is a salary dump (he’s signed through 2021) and is really cheap - he’s not having a good year, but it’s probably a blip.


even if TEX stays in WC contention, anyone else think LAD will just overwhelm Texas for Darvish? With the Cubs struggles and the Nats pen, LAD definitely has to be thinking this might be the year for them.

(25) Is playing CF more dangerous that LF?  I’ve never heard that.

Even if they do they’re just going to lose back to back 1-0 games with Kershaw and Darvish in the NLDS, because that’s what the Dodgers do.

[28] Center is more physically demanding. So since Gardy isn’t going to be getting any days off anytime soon, I can see why they would prefer to have someone else play center field.

Pujols is 5 GIDPs away from being the all-time leader. 

Also, his name is pronounced identically to Poo Holes.

Should Gardner have caught the pop last night? Looks like he was on it?

Clippards WPA is -.8. Still in girardos COT?

As you can see I haven’t taken the pills…

32 I was wondering that but he didn’t want to run into Castro.
  Binder “WPA” I don’t need no stinking “WPA”

  From Don last night   Fangraphs tracks a stat called Meltdowns, which answers the simple question of whether a reliever hurt his team’s chance of winning, based on changes in win probability during the pitcher’s outing. (To be more specific, he gets a Meltdown if the game’s win probability declines by at least six percent from when he enters and then exits the game.) Clippard has eight Meltdowns this season, tied for the most among American League pitchers and fourth-most in MLB.

  Clippard has a shiny 2.00 ERA and .158 batting average allowed, but he’s been horrible in critical at-bats this season. He’s allowed a .304/.375/.682 line in high-leverage plate appearances – that equals a .436 wOBA, which ranked seventh-highest among pitchers that have faced at least 25 batters in those situations.

Clippard likely HAS been passed by Warren on the pecking order, it just didn’t matter, since Warren was hurt.

Should Gardner have caught the pop last night?

That’s the second baseman’s ball, and since the second baseman is running blind, you’re risking serious injury to yourself AND the second baseman if you go for that ball, so you have to let the second baseman make the play (or, in this case, TRY to make the play).

Judge playing in front of family, friends, and home town folks, typical tightness for a young guy under those circumstances.

I am about ready to tune this team out until The Sanchez is healthy, and all the other injuries. Aargh!

[31]  My wife was astounded to learn this, and still laughs about it when his name is said.

[15] That’s what Cosby says.

Poo Holes, another juicer. And he’ll join two more in the HoF in a few years, Piazza and I Rod.

George A. King III @GeorgeAKingIII

Yankees put Adam Warren on DL
Promote Mason Williams and Kyle Higashioka from Swb
None more move to come

George A. King III @GeorgeAKingIII

Ct-scan and MRI on Greg Bird right ankle negative. He will see specialist on Tuesday in NC. Knee is fine

A specialist now there’s an idea for 6 weeks ago

Gary and Hixie day to day they’ll know more in a day or two.  Day to day the Yankee 💋 of 💀.

I think we just have to hope for the best at the moment. So I guess Higgy gets Warren’s roster spot and Williams gets Ref’s?

EDITED TO ADD: Oddly enough, Cashman says that they’re actually going to remove another reliever instead of Ref. Strange. Especially since Chapman is scheduled to return on Sunday if he doesn’t have a problem tonight. He must be mistaken. How do you lose Warren AND another reliever?

Some strange roster shit going on.  Could it mean a trade is coming?  Though I can’t see how any of this impacts a trade.

I guess a six-man bullpen isn’t crazy. I guess you send Gallegos down now and then send German down when Chapman is activated?

So the bullpen would be:


Bit of a short bullpen, so I still don’t buy that Ref isn’t the one getting sent down.

[40] I believe the initial injury was late March, or very early April, so more than 10 weeks late.

I wouldn’t be shocked if they still missed something. Remember when they missed Teix’s broken leg?

Ref leading off and playing LF. No Gardy, no Didi.  Bottom 4 Carter, Headley, Romine, TOE, Mason.
In other words big time house money lineup. WOW WOE.

I get that Gardy and Didi need rest, but holy shit. So my best guess is that Ref goes down TOMORROW for a reliever then? That explains why Ref is still on the roster. What a hilariously shitty lineup.

So the top four are, what, Ref/Castro/Judge/Holliday?

Four in a row coming up.

West Coast Trip From Hell. WCTFH

Ref, Judge, Holiday, Castro

Huh, fascinating.

Shit, Manaea is the guy who dominated them last time, right? Fuck, he’s been pitching really well since that game (he has really good stuff).

Dominating this lineup doesn’t take great stuff.  Concentrate on the first 4 and then cruise.

Chapman 2/3 inning 1r 0h 2k 2bb.  Stilll don’t understand why when it rained in Tampa on Tuesday they didn’t NFL you him north.

[54] That is one hell of a sentence.  I won’t even pretend I know what it means.

Apple autocorrect is the worst.  How did fly become NFL you? nFLYou seriously Apple.

Acevedo making his AAA debut. Would be a nice arm to add in the bullpen in August.

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