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Monday, November 6, 2017 Judge up for ROY & MVP; Sevy for Cy Young

The beginning of baseball’s awards season could see some serious hardware delivered to the Bronx. Aaron Judge’s historic season has placed the Yankees slugger as a finalist for both the American League Most Valuable Player Award and the AL’s Jackie Robinson Rookie of the Year Award, while Luis Severino stands as a finalist for the AL Cy Young Award.

Good for Severino!

Judge is up against Trey Mancini and Andrew Benintendi for the Rookie of the Year, Sevy is up against Corey Kluber and Chris Sale for Cy Young and Judge is up against Jose Altuve and Jose Ramirez for MVP.

Hey, one out of three won’t be bad!

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On the Girardi MOY “snub” it’s kind of Molitor’s by a landslide isn’t it?

Probably, and that’s the thing - it typically goes to whichever team most surprised people, which leads to some weird choices winning it. The Twins were basically forced to re-sign Molitor and now he’s going to be Manager of the Year.

Yup, they were 59-103 last year and came back this year and made the playoffs.  I mean that is an extreme example of the type of thing they look for when voting for MOY.  The fact that Girardi isn’t in the top 3 is kind of like… okay, so he isn’t 2 or 3 but 2 and 3 aren’t going to be close anyway so…

Joe last year got so much out of such a mediocre team. He led a surprising squad this year but got the benefit of Judge doing Judge things. How that all shakes out in quantifying MoY ... I have no idea. it’s some Magic 8-ball shit.

We may have a clearer picture of Girardi’s managerial skill once the Yanks are managed by someone else for a year.  E.g., if the next manager doesn’t use the bull pen wisely and the team does poorly in 2018, we will know that Girardi deserved a lot of credit for his management of the bull pen.  OTOH if the Yanks win the WS in 2018, we’ll think less well of Girardi.

(5) “We” may think that.  I won’t think that.  He got to one game of the WS.  That’s pretty good.  The postseason is in large part random. 

At the same time, I think it was time to move on.  I would prefer a well programmed computer to make in game decisions rather than the best tactical manager ever.  Part of the decision factor should be who is tired, who is hungover, who is ready to go, etc.  Only a good manager who truly knows their players can have the full information to make those decisions.

LOL MLB has been pushing Ramirez for MVP so hard. How Trout isn’t top 3 IDK. He honestly could and even should win (again) despite missing 2 months.

I really don’t want Judge to win the MVP.  ROY fine, and he should win it.  He may have been the MVP of the Yankees, but not MLB.


fWAR 8.2 (#1 in baseball, 0.7 wins ahead of Altuve, 0.5 wins ahead of Sale and 0.9 wins ahead of Kluber)
rWAR 8.1 (#2 in baseball, behind Altuve by 0.2 and tied with Kluber)
ESPN 8.75 (#3 in baseball, behind 2 NL players, ahead of Kluber by .75 and Altuve by .81)

I’m not saying he should definitely win the MVP, but he has a great argument for it, one might even say he has the best argument for the MVP when it comes to quantifying his contributions.

As long as the postseason doesn’t count Judge deserves to be in the photo, but I’m fine with Altuve winning.

[10] Yeah, I think it’s close enough between Judge, Altuve and Kluber that I would be fine with any of them winning.

Trout had a great year, but he missed two months. Ramirez had a great year, but not as good as those three.

[10] He had a fine, but low average post season: .188/.316/.500

He was TERRIBLE against Cleveland but great against Houston (and Minnesota).

12 More how great Altuve’s was.

Otani signs with CAA who represent Jamie Foxx, Annette Bening and Jennifer Anniston as well as Junichi Tazawa to name a few.

The Red Sox went 17-10 in September.  If they had gone 14-13, Judge would be the favorite for the MVP.

[14] So Otani is a lock for Django Unchained 2?

I think Altuve would have won the MVP even if the Yankees had won the division. The “slump” narrative was just too strong.

I’m fine with Altuve winning it. When all else is pretty much equal, I think it’s fair to reward the more important defensive position as the tiebreaker.

Makes me think it’s either NY or LA. So 4 teams but realistically only 2. Hope he makes the right decision.

Alex Presley was cut by the Tigers. He’d be a really good fourth outfielder for a team that doesn’t have four regular outfielders on it already (plus Clint Frazier).

Some potential bad news out there about Roy Halladay—a small plane belonging to him has apparently crashed.

Holy shit, someone died in the crash and it probably IS Halladay. Fuck.

Yeah, it was his plane, and he was fond of flying it low over the water.

Halladay previously posted pictures and videos of himself flying his new ICON A5 light-sport aircraft on his Twitter account.

  I keep telling my dad flying the Icon A5 low over the water is like flying a fighter jet! His response….. I am flying a fighter jet!!

  — Roy Halladay (@RoyHalladay) October 31, 2017

No margin for error. Sad.

[10] Ballots are in before post season play.

It’s super disturbing to look back and see Halladay talking about how happy he is to own the plane that he likely crashed in. Ugh.

Yes, it is. Same with Thurman.

Equipment includes an angle of attack indicator, an unusual feature in general aviation aircraft.


Terrible, both.

The Payne Stewart episode was even, since it was in the air and everyone knew something was wrong.

Terrible news about Halladay.

He was only 40, too. Forgot how early he was forced to retire once his shoulder just completely fell apart.

This sucks. Best pitcher of the 2000s after Kershaw? Consider Pedro, RJ, etc more of the 1990s.

EDIT: 2000-present, minimum 1500 IP.

#2 fWAR, #13 FIP.

I definitely feel like he isn’t remembered as the dominant pitcher he was. Remember that most of his career was in the AL East back when everyone could hit (OK everyone except the Devil Rays). He wasn’t in the mold of modern starters but he was nearly impossible to beat. He never seemed to waste a pitch.

Well, I hope he gets in the HOF, he seems like a clear-cut “yes” to me.

Such a bummer about Halladay. What a pitcher. I loved watching him work against everyone but the Yankees. Sounds like he was a great guy too.

There had been a promo video for the airplane he was flying that was rough watching…in it was an extended “My wife was totally against it, and I finally convinced her, because it’s safe and awesome” take. They took it down.

I feel like the Yankees really have the inside track for signing Ohtani.  They have tied for the most amount of money to give him (3.5 MM along with the Rangers) and there are only 8 teams that can even give him at least $1MM.  The Dodgers can only offer him $300K along with 11 other teams.  I think it’s safe to say those teams are out of the running.  If he prefers a West coast team, the Mariners are the only team that can offer him even a million ($1.056MM) 

I would put the likelihood at Yankees>Rangers>Mariners>Angels>Mets

I would be really surprised if he signed with any other team. 


From Mark Feinsand:

“Eight teams have the ability to pay Ohtani a signing bonus of more than $1 million: the Rangers ($3.535M), Yankees ($3.5M), Pirates ($2.27M), Twins ($1.895M), D-Backs ($1.87M), Marlins ($1.74M), Tigers ($1.072M) and Mariners ($1.056M).

“Conversely, 12 teams are prohibited from giving a signing bonus of more than $300,000 as a penalty for exceeding their bonus pools under the previous Collective Bargaining Agreement: the A’s, Astros, Braves, Cardinals, Cubs, Dodgers, Giants, Nationals, Padres, Reds, Royals and White Sox.”

[32] Yeah that video was an uncomfortable and rather surreal watch. Awful to hear about Halladay.

[33] I have a hard time thinking that the larger bonus the Yankees give him will have that much of an effect. If getting paid was such a concern, he’d wait a couple years and look for 200M. He definitely has other priorities.

Of course, the Yankees could still actually be the likeliest landing spot; they’re still the most prestigious franchise in the sport, NY is often it’s own draw, they look to be a strong team for years with a young and very talented core and a great farm system, plus they play in the AL and have the DH. Hope it works out.

[31] - Halladay for HOF in an interesting case.  He was outstanding for a 10 year stretch but did absolutely nothing before or after it.  I’m a very small hall guy but I’m leaning toward putting him in anyway, but it a much closer case than I expected before looking him up.

The thing that is currently getting me about the Hall is that we had, like, 10 years of debates over Jack Morris, he ultimately didn’t get in and now he’s probably going to go right in as soon as the “Modern Players” Committee votes.

Also, speaking of the Modern Players Committee, it continues to be a travesty of a mockery of a sham that Lou Whitaker is getting completely ignored by the Hall. He has a better case than Don Mattingly. During his career, Whitaker AVERAGED over 4 bWAR! And he played 19 seasons! Dude was dropping a 4.7 bWAR at age 36! All this while playing second base!

Here’s some more condensed scouting information on the Yankees prospects who were in the AFL (it’s a bunch of tweets):

So apparently now this is a thing…

[38] Sounds like Estrada has to be protected, then.

So apparently now this is a thing…

They did it back in 2007 (Girardi, Mattingly and Pena all met with the media after their interviews), so I don’t know why they’re acting like this is new.

Rob Thompson interviewed today. Flash wants job.

I don’t get the logic of firing Girardi and then giving the gig to someone like Thomson, who seems more of an old fashioned coach than Girardi, so I imagine it’s more of a courtesy interview.

Ausmus, though, seems like a legit candidate and I just don’t get it.

By the way, if Thomson gets the gig, we’ll see his name more, so just noting that it is bizarrely Thomson, with no P after the M.

Tooting my own horn…

A book I ghost-wrote called “Babckbone: Living With Chronic Pain Without Turning Into One” was just published.  I venture to say there’s enough to amuse and entertain in it even if you’re not necessarily raring to read a book about chronic pain.  Available in bricks and mortar stores as well as the usual online sellers:



Barnes and Noble

Weirdly, you can also buy an audiobook version on CD if that’s your steeze.

Thomson was with the Yankees for at least a season before I realized that he wasn’t the same person who played second base for the Giants in the 80s and 90s.  The spelling should have been my first clue.  The former Giant is about a year older than the Yanks’ coach.

Wow, nice! I remember her from her Duff days on the MTV. Congrats on the book, that’s great. How’d you like the ghostwriting process?

I heard described as a straight arrow always wears a suit and tie no matter how hot guy.

Wow, cool idea for a book!

Thanks guys!  This is the second book I’ve done with Duff.  The first one I basically interviewed her and organized and edited the story of her life, and she made suggestions for additional material and helped edit it to sound like herself.  For this one she came in with essays or ideas for essays springboarding off aspects of her life—it was a pretty fun collaboration.

How did you get to know her in the first place, or do you have a lit agent that put you on it?

Or is Clay secretly Duff?

Nevermind. Clay is DEFINITELY secretly Duff.

I had a crush on Duff back in the day when she was on MTV.  Cool gig UJD!

I never watched MTV for more than 30 continuous minutes in my life. I can’t remember what was on, maybe Beaver and Butthead.

My strongest memory of MTV is when they aimed the laser at the Russian missile in Spies Like Us, missed, and hit the MTV satellite instead.

Martha Quinn! Little known fact MTV once played music videos.

(39)  I hope a reporter asked him a question in Spanish.

(40)  Very, very cool.  Congrats!

UJD man of letters, TV, movies books, but can he sing. One question who’s Karen Duffy?  I thought Duff was Hillary Duff

Coney and Flash in the managerial rumor mill:

Can Flash get some kind of coaching job just to get him out of the booth?

Flaherty giving Judge batting tips is truly a disconcerting thought.

Karen Duffy aka Duff was a model who was also a VJ back when MTV played videos.  She has had a varied career as an actress/writer/model/TV personality/etc and was stricken with a debilitating disease in her prime.  I knew her when she was a “correspondent” on the show TV Nation and I was a writer, and we got to be friends, hence the ghostwriting.

If Flaherty gets any job with the Yankees I’m going to vomit.  Actually I just did anyway on principle.

[58] Can you imagine Flash coaching anyone at the ML level?

Flash: “Now, when you are ahead in the count, look for a pitch over the plate to lean on.”

Player: “Hey, I never would have thought of that.  Thanks!”

Nice job on the book!

[50] I’m pretty sure that’s not true. The closest I get to writing these days is lots and lots of scripting.

On the plus side, my company now has 2 slides on campus - we’ve really made it! And I’ve been here long enough to get a email address - I’ve really made it!

I’ve heard Flash and he is a compendium of old school cliches. PLEASE NO! Now Coney that is something all together different. I’m interested.

58 Congratulations and good luck on your gig.  The topic reminds me of a terrific New Yorker article I read on Laura Hillenbrand when she was writing the brilliantly written Seabiscuit and was suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Re: Flaherty - To be fair, people made similar comments about Girardi when he was hired.

Re: Flaherty - To be fair, people made similar comments about Girardi when he was hired.

Girardi had a Manger of the Year award already when he was hired.

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