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Wednesday, October 18, 2017 Judge & fury: Yankees erupt late, tie ALCS!

There is no quit in these “Baby Bombers,” and as their youthful exuberance fuels an incredible postseason run, they have summoned the excitement of Bronx Octobers past. The triple decks of Yankee Stadium are being transformed into a deafening, swaying party zone on a nightly basis.

Aaron Judge homered and delivered a game-tying hit, while Gary Sanchez crushed the go-ahead double in a decisive four-run eighth as the Yankees stunned the Astros with a 6-4 victory in Game 4 on Tuesday to even the American League Championship Series at two games apiece.

“That ballpark is alive. It was unbelievable,” Judge said. “That stadium was rocking, the fans were going crazy. I didn’t know what to do after I touched home plate. That’s why we play this game, for a moment like that.”
Nine outs away from having to face Dallas Keuchel with their season on the line, Judge sparked the Yankees’ comeback from a four-run deficit with his third homer of the postseason, a solo drive to Monument Park that chased starter Lance McCullers Jr. The Yanks rallied for six unanswered runs, ensuring the ALCS presented by Camping World will be completed in Houston. In best-of-seven LCS, teams that win Game 5 to go ahead 3-2 have gone on to win 13 of 16 times.

Yes, they did, indeed, put an exclamation mark in their headlines. headlines are so weird. First CC-sick and now an exclamation mark in a headline.

Anyhow, that, of course, was just incredible. Down 4-0 after six and a half innings (Sonny Gray battled like crazy - good for him), the Yankees then scored 6 unanswered runs to win the ballgame. Excellent.

Not only that, but D-Rob and Chapman barely pitched and Tommy Kahnle did not pitch at all, so all three pitchers should be available to pitch multiple innings, if need be, in Wednesday’s Game 5. Hopefully Tanaka can pitch like he did against the Indians in Game 3 of the ALDS.

An underrated aspect of Game 4? The asshole fan who did not just reach over the fence on Judge’s game-tying double, but made a huge effort to reach over the fence on the hit. What a selfish asshole. There is a possibility that they could have ruled that fan interference. Just inexplicably terrible behavior from that fan.

Judge is hot right now and when Judge is hot, well, that’s a good thing. Let’s just hope that a hot Judge can actually do something against Keuchel. And, of course, let’s hope that Tanaka pitches well.

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As expected, McCullers made the Yankees hitters look silly. That was all too predictable (see #1 previous thread). But McCullers allowed the Judge HR, the Astros went to their bullpen, all went right with the world for one night after that.

I was hoping the police would escort the fan out of the park and they’d show it on TV. Had the OF been anywhere near the wall they could have called Judge out. Idiot.

Hopefully, the Austin Romaine Lettuce Starting Experiment is over.  Even, A-Rod suggested on the post-game that maybe not having to catch made Gary more relaxed as a hitter.  I hope Girardi didn’t see that.

Joe keeping it real:

During Tuesday’s pregame press conference Girardi was informed that the Astros are a team that heavily uses analytics. Then the Yankees manager was told his team didn’t seem to be as committed to analytics and was asked whether it should be?

Since the Yankees have a very large analytical department that they lean heavily on Girardi’s answer was blunt.

“Well, then you don’t pay attention to our team. Our analytical department is probably bigger than any analytical department in baseball,’’ Girardi said. “And we use it a lot. So, obviously we take the information they give us and we decipher it. So, it’s really important to us, too.’’

Lots of great reports about how loud the stadium was last night

Look, it’s an open stadium and the fans are farther from the field than they used to be. It’s never going to get as loud as the old Stadium was.

Of course that doesn’t mean that if you pack it with fans for a great post-season comeback it won’t get loud.

I recall it being loud for the Shock Master’s big moments in 2012. 5PM start does stink though because the stadium didn’t get full until the later innings.

Also, can we DH for Frazier?

Yeah, the Yankees and Dodgers famously have the largest analytics departments in baseball (as well they should, since they have the most money), so it’s a really stupid question.

[8] If you don’t actually pay attention to that it sort of makes sense. The Astros were outspoken and aggressive about being on the cutting edge a few years back. The Yankees have been relatively quiet about their analytics department.

Still a pretty embarrassing question given the complete lack of research.

I haven’t watched ESPN in ages, so I just found out that the Shock Master is on TV. Is he any good as an analyst?

You know who has an incredibly small analytics department? Boston. Even before Dombrowksi. Just cheap fucks.

And when people questioned them about the small analytics department, they explained that analytics were taking drugs and cheating on their wives so that’s why they don’t have a bigger department.

Shockmaster is good on TV, but he really should be coaching.

[8] [9] Apparently the question was about whether the Yankees should be recognized as a team that leans heavily on analytics, not if they should rely more on analytics:

[13] Yeah, I feel like he’d make a great coach. Didn’t he interview for a position at one point? But I don’t think it was the Yankees?

So the reporter is questioning the analytics of a team that has finished over 500 for 25 straight years, made the playoffs 7 times in the last 10 years And is in the ALCS now by comparing them to a team that has lost 100 games in the not so distant past , has made the playoffs twice in 10 years and is in the ALCS.

Fake news?

[14] I think we’re talking about two different questions. One was asked to Cashman about if they should be better recognized. The other was to Girardi asking if the Yankees used/why they didnt use analytics like the Astros did.

[15] The Yankees wanted him to be their hitting coach, but then the Rays decided to interview him for their MANAGING gig, so he naturally stopped taking hitting coach interviews (this was when he was STILL playing!). When he lost out on the managing gig (he was one of their three finalists - Kevin Cash ended up getting the job), he just took a part-time TV gig for a year and then took a cushy adviser gig from the Dodgers the next year followed quickly by a permanent TV gig.

Current prices:

Astros -110 on the road! Yankees +100. Total 7 1/2, over is -130.

For the series, Astros -150 favorites, Yankees +130.

(Cubs//Dodgers series price is currently off the board, surprisingly. To win all, Cubs are +3000. Astros are +220, Yanks +300 and the Dodgers are your -150 favorite)

[17] The Girardi part was further down:

“Joe Girardi doesn’t disagree. As a a matter of fact, the Yankees skipper seemed almost taken aback when I asked the following question at Tuesday’s pre-game press conference:

The Astros are known as a team that incorporates analytics in their decision-making process pretty heavily. Your team isn’t really seen that way. Should you be?

The phrasing is a bit confusing, but I’m pretty sure he was asking if Girardi thought the perception that the Yankees aren’t as analytically inclined as the Astros was fair, not why the Yankees aren’t as analytically inclined as the Astros.

If I were friends with Frazier I would be merciless about the “it’s my time” thing.

Who’s the shock master?

Raul Ibanez.

Same lineup, no Romine, Todd 8/Chase 9

[21] See, when I did my Ibanez season preview in 2012 I said the following:

I would be shocked if he’s a Yankee at the All Star Break.

I ended up being shocked.

Man, whatever happened to Rilkefan, that guy was great.

That 2012 Orioles team was ridiculously weird. They had, like, ZERO pitching.

Kinda been the theme for the O’s for a while now.

[26] Wow. I’d deleted Andruw Jones from my memory. Sort of like Hawthorne Street in Portland OR and the cap for the small pusher on my food processor.

[27] I miss rilkefan and Mike K. among others.  I’m guessing the tone/content of the blog changing along with the team being less compelling drove a lot of the old regulars away.  At least Ivy’s back.  Where are yankeemonkey and old thurman fan though?

otf made a recent cameo appearance.

[32] Gotta be team performance. I started visiting here in college when I got into advanced metrics, around 2008ish. This was just about the only Yankees site that fed my appetite on that front. Regular season game threads had 200+ comments. Now regular season games get 50. So with life getting in the way for some people and a worse team the past few years, not a surprise some would “tune out”.

I’ll never forget the “Liveblog Era” when SG, Brian and Keith R.A. DeCandido did some serious heavy lifting on a nightly basis.

Good times.

There was also that guy—“something” in VA was his username.  Had a kid who played advanced little league/travel ball.  And though he’s a particular taste, Mel Hall.

Pin is in touch with yankeemonkey, maybe he can drag her back.

At some point we gained john halfz though, he’s good.  And colin.  Also Wombat Pete made a triumphant return.  Apologies to any other more recent joiners I’m forgetting.  Isn’t Andrew relatively new?

Oh and dapuj has been back.  Good to see.

[36] MC in VA.  Formerly Mike C.

[37] Sorry, didn’t see that you beat me to it.

[36] I think Andrew is from way back but was absent for a while.

Mel Hall’s absence is relatively recent compared to many.

The playoffs have been weird for me. I don’t have TV at all, so I have to go out to watch. Unfortunately, that means I don’t really get to be part of the game threads.

[27], [32], & [36]:  downer

42. You too! Your user name always reminded me of a Mega Man character

[42]  But you never left, did you?  I know you’ve been around at least 7-8 years and I don’t ever recall thinking “where did villain go”?

Also you had one of my favorite posts of all time about the Taylor Swift song.

The gap between bebop and the #2 poster is crazy (9 thousand comments)

You know the CMS this site is built on has been around for a while when your contact options include AIM and ICQ.

Old Thurman Fan is pretty active on facebook, I see him there all the time. Yankeemonkey is there too, though a bit less active.

So….Keuchel. The Yanks are due against him, right? I mean, one of these times?

I am also back to pester you all with my socialist rants. To paraphrase Dorothy, I miss Thurm most of all.

The grand irony of the socialist Yankee fan.

Come back, OTF.  Facebook? Yuck.

[49] Oh being socialist and rooting for any professional sports franchise is ironic. At leats I wear it on my sleeve.

Bubba is married and doing well, still a fan.

Life has a habit of getting in the way of things.

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