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Saturday, September 2, 2017 Homers back Tanaka as Yanks trim Sox’s lead

Masahiro Tanaka doffed his cap as he walked off the mound to a standing ovation in the eighth inning, a well-deserved reward after helping his Yankees keep their division dreams alive with a 5-1 victory on Saturday afternoon at Yankee Stadium.

Tanaka limited Boston to a run and five hits over seven-plus innings to win his third consecutive start and Matt Holliday cracked a three-run homer in his return from the disabled list, trimming Boston’s lead in the American League East back to 4 1/2 games. Chase Headley also homered in support of Tanaka, who is 4-1 with a 2.08 ERA in his last six starts.

Brian Cashman had an interesting point the other day, where he basically said that if Tanaka wanted to opt out, the Yankees would not offer more than what they currently owe him if he opted in. They will not “chase” him if he opts out. The thing is that he’s looking more and more likely to opt out, with the way that he has been pitching lately. Wouldn’t it just be the shittiest thing ever if Tanaka pitches great for the rest of the season but the Yankees don’t hit at all and still miss the playoffs and then lose Tanaka? If he’s going to do well and opt out, hopefully it will be for a winning team.

Anyhow, today was a good day, but even in that good day, the Twins destroyed the Royals and the Angels had a dramatic comeback win over the Rangers, so the Yankees didn’t gain any ground in the Wild Card chase. The Twins and the Angels are the anti-Yankees. They never give up, no matter their deficit, unlike the Yankees, who flop at the first sign of adversity. Luckily, today they were only tied when Matt Holliday hit a huge three-run home run.

Of course, Aaron Hicks got hurt again, as the Yankees can never run out their “main” lineup ever.

Sale vs. Severino on Sunday. Remember when we thought Severino might hang with Corey Kluber last Monday? Well, I assume we all know now that he won’t hang with Chris Sale. Hopefully the Angels, Orioles and Twins lose.

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Watching an old Carson episode with Lou Brock on after Brock set the new record for the most career stolen bases and it made me think after Carson noted that Brock will obviously be a Hall of Famer (which he was, of course). Outside of stuff like Bonds not getting in because of steroids, what is the most impressive lifetime record that a player could own and NOT make it into the Hall of Fame?

Not hits, not homers, not K’s…it has to be something lesser. What do you think?

The all time leader in games played for pitchers is Jesse Orosco.

That’s a good one. And #2 and #3 are Mike Stanton and John Franco, who also won’t make the Hall of Fame (#4-6, though, ARE Hall of Famers. Mo, Eck and Wilhelm).

Wow. The all-time caught stealing leader for catchers is Deacon Maguire. Here’s a hint about the list of the twenty leaders: only one has a color picture. Not likely to be challenged.

You’re just inviting us to waste our lives on BB-ref.

[1] Most times reaching on catcher’s interference.

Sale vs. Severino on Sunday. Remember when we thought Severino might hang with Corey Kluber last Monday?

Severino was outpitching Kluber, right up until he wasn’t.

(1)   so the Yankees didn’t gain any ground in the Wild Card chase

They are leading the wild card standings - who would they be gaining ground on?

I’m fine with Tanaka leaving. They should have traded him this winter.

Worst case scenario for the Yankees is Tanaka not opting out and blowing out his elbow next April.

[9]  While lifting a cotton puff to his face to apply moisturizing lotion.

Yankees PR Dept. @YankeesPR
Roster Moves: Placed OF Aaron Hicks on the 10-day DL with a left oblique strain, recalled LHP Caleb Smith (#41) from @swbrailriders.

Not sure what Caleb Smith adds to the team, personally I’d prefer bring back Austin and letting him play 1B tonight and giving Bird the day off against Sale.

Doubt Smith pitches in anything besides a blow out.

Austin will never see playing time on this roster. Headley, Bird, Holliday, Frazier are all better options.

I’d play Austin against certain tough lefties and let Bird have an occasional day off after his long DL with Holliday at DH and no I’d MUCH rather see Austin hitting tonight against Sale than Todd. Austin did have a rather good game last time against Sale.

When you beat Sale because Austin hits a HR one would think you would let Austin hit the next time you face Sale. Yes a very small sample size, but it’s not like we are that sure the other options are better. Maybe some players just see the ball better against some pitchers…and maybe this is one such case. The only way to find out is to play him. Instead we will get the same boring non contacts veterans flailing away…

A home run, a double and robbed of another double. In 19 MLB games he has an 1185 ops against LHPs.

9/3 @Yankees lineup vs BOS
Gardner LF
Headley 1B
Sanchez C
Castro 2B
Judge RF
Gregorius SS
Holliday DH
T. Frazier 3B
Ellsbury CF
Severino P

No Bird, no Austin who can play the OF but TRO and Todd.

Els vs Sale 0/9 with 7 Ks, Judge 0/10 with 8 Ks.

[1] Catchers interference. Sorry, Elfsberry.

[17] Just bad managing. Make that, just more bad managing. As I said on another thread, the way the Twins and Angels battle games is a tribute to their managers, as well as players. There is a dynamic at work that the Yankees don’t have.

19 They have nobody else,  if the FO had decided to bring up Austin then Joe could’ve replaced one of those outfielders or Todd with Austin but instead they brought up Caleb Smith who has no role. Do they even have a reserve outfielder now or is it Toe? That makes no sense.

Anyone see the end of Angel game? They almost pulled it out down 7-3. Scored 3 and had bases loaded.

The Royals and Rangers sure had some crapolas closing out their games. And the Os tied it in the 9th and won it in the 12th, other teams seem much more competitive while trailing than the NYY. Jose Martinez 5/5 3 doubles and 2 home runs.

Did Binder really need to lead the lamb (Judge) to the slaughterer (Sale), this might’ve been an excellent game for him to sit 0/10 8Ks. His confidence is low enough.  And looking at the numbers why the hell wasn’t Austin called up to play over Judge or El 0/9 7Ks???

No worse than letting him go, signing someone else, and having that person get injured.

Injuries can happen to anyone, it’s not an opt-out-related issue.

Shocked that Yankees have left guys on 3rd two innings in a row.

TRO has been swinging the bat well. With Sale at 45 pitches having walked Holliday and getting to a 3-2 count on El might’ve been a good time for Gardy to take a pitch

Headley justifying our unwavering confidence!

I presume Judge hasn’t had a strikeout-less game since the streak was broken - is that so? What’s the new streak at?

Amazing Holliday. Who’d a thunk it. And TFS!

Todd…forgive me…sob…PLEASE forgive me…

Apparently not hitting in Tampa during rehab doesn’t mean all that much.

Thank God the team’s main offensive weapons have come to play today.

Need one more inning from Sevy and then the greatest bullpen ever takes over

31 Or not hitting for the previous month. I presume the Yankees have a new cleanup hitter. I am more than happy to be dead wrong.  They really worked the count on Sale, 109 pitches in 5.1.

Fangraphs has us 32.7% to hold on and win the game.
33 Bite your tongue.
That was a productive hour of Netflix.

TFS comes thru

Tough play both ends but botched both ends.  The kind of play that needed to be made. How many times have teams made those plays against us recently.

So they’re gonna lose this one, amirite.

2 errors and a passed ball. Great defense Yankees

Solo HR’s, the Yankees specialty.

More of that RISP Fail.


Mr. Passed Ball with more RISP Fail.

This team is easy to dislike.

Super close but still 3 solo home runs and abject failure with RISP.

OTOH! Damn but Gary’s AB was luck the likes of which we haven’t seen in a while.

No warning track power there.

You see Judge hit a HR like that and think the slump is over, until the next at bat. Sigh

[38] No.

I’m legit still surprised every time he doesn’t strike out.

[42] No.

8 run lead can’t throw strikes.

The centerpiece.

[48] No.

It is the new meme.

The Yankees really do remarkably well on challenges. It’s strange.
I went away thinking that inning was over. Was it really luck, as bebop suggests, or did the umps get the call right in overturning the field call?

They got the call right, the challenge was legit, but anytime it’s that close luck is involved. Also ball 3 to Gary could’ve gone the other way.

TPRO looking good lately.

Thought he might go Warren and Chapman to give them the work.

Very good series for the Yankees. The race is on. Either way, 17-9 for ninety wins, which would be tremendous for this team, especially given the injuries. Severino = superb. Youngest pitcher to have 200 K’s since Felix Hernandez.

Bill Simmons the other day noted that Sale this year is the second-best Red Sox pitcher he has ever seen (with Pedro being #1). How in the fuck do you pick 2017 Chris Sale over peak Clemens? That’s just douchey. And 2017 Sale is AWEsome, but come the fuck on.

58. Who cares what he thinks about anything? He should be rotting in a Rikers Island Prison cell for the bullshit he has said about Patrick Ewing and his HBO show wouldn’t have hacked it on Public Access cable.

[56]  Chapman was warming at one point.

On the replay, it was close so you can’t really criticize the call on the field, but he was clearly safe on the replay.

I was a my FIL’s house for a barbecue and he marked the occasion by reminding me of the 2007 Angels-Yankees game we attended which featured a 10-RBI night by Garret F. Anderson.  Thank G-d the Yankees won tonight.

Also, what about the UCLA game?  Craaaazy.

60. I’m hoping the Jets wind up with Josh Rosen. Love his cockiness. That’s what you need to make it happen when its all on the line.

Wait, are you a Knicks fan AND a Jets fan? How is your morning breakfast not a big bowl of bullets?

[62]  How do you know it isn’t?

62. Ask UJD, this guy wishes me a happy birthday on Facebook every year like I’m pacing a rooftop. What if I’m a joyous artist UJD? A joyous Knicks and Jets fan? A joyous New Yorker? A big ole bowl of joy. Btw Frank was at the game tonight! Our future point guard stud!

I pretty much root against all NY teams especially the NY Giants other than of course the NY Yankees.

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