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Friday, April 7, 2017 Holliday, Sanchez homer, but Yanks falter late

Seth Smith delivered a memorable first homer with the Orioles, as the right fielder’s two-run blast in the seventh inning was the difference in Baltimore’s 6-5 series-opening win over the Yankees on Friday night.

The victory improved the O’s to 3-0 to start the season, while dropping New York to 1-3.

Smith sent a 2-1 pitch from Yankees reliever Tyler Clippard over the out-of-town scoreboard in right field for a one-out homer that also scored Jonathan Schoop. The inning got started when Yankees third baseman Chase Headley threw away Schoop’s routine ground ball, accounting for a key two-out error.

The inning didn’t get started with a two-out error, right?

Anyhow, this was obviously a terrible loss, especially because it makes you start to feel like a “Murphy’s Law” type of feeling about the team. You know, when they don’t need the relief pitching to be good, it’s stellar. When you need it to be good, it blows the game (after a key error, but still).

This really is very reminiscent of their last few years of this team, where Cashman is allowed just enough money where he can put a competitive team out there, so they’ll generally keep games close, but they need some luck (or some great high leverage relief pitching) to stay above .500. They’ve managed to do so the last few seasons, but this year might be the bridge too far. This might be the time where their inability to get hits with RISP will really haunt them. Or maybe not, as it is still ridiculously early in the season.

Good to see Gary Sanchez with the home run!

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This is probably the fastest a season has been written off on RLYW, though I’m sure nobody was excited about the Ben Franciso Bombers of 2013. I do think this team will contend, and have a way better run differential than last season.that being said, I understand the apathy. These have been shitty games to start. The starting pitching, which everyone was worried about, has been lackluster. The bats have been soggy. Tonight was a buzzkill: Severino looked way more polished, but gives up a deflating three run homer with two outs in the fifth. Bird took some long swings. Weird to see him so lost after being locked-in a week ago. This had the makings of a ice game with Sanchez homering and Severino impressing, and instead it turns into another Camden choke-job. The Yankees are 7-20 at Camden Yards since 2013. Wow. The O’s have had good, but hardly dominant teams in that time span. (Aside from ‘14. That was an excellent team) If it feels like the Yankees keep falling on their faces in Baltimore like Mickey Mantle on a bender : it’s because they do. Add on the fact I’m concerned about “fans” at Opening Day who will boo Greg Bird if the team is 1-5 and he goes 0-3, and this was a bit rougher than your usual April loss. Of course there’s a chance Tanaka bounces back and they beat Miley on Sunday. Something needs to turn for the Yankees in Baltimore.

So much for the easy schedule to start the season.

I was honestly surprised to wake up today and not read a bunch of “Trade Sanchez now while his value is high !!11!1!” posts after his first HR.

I do think maybe you rethink the plan for 3B and 2B. Headley had a decent spring, but he and Castro have put together quite the highlight reel of errors.

The SP’s have all shown ability to throw, but not pitch. That’s gotta be coaching. They have the stuff.

Everybody just chill.

EDIT: Wow. Just saw that they have Ref listed at 1B. That’s a total fold on him for anything other than trade bait. Oy.

I blame post 38, last thread.

[2] Headley’s errors have been super weird. I’m not too worried about that. Castro just looks terrible though.

Castro’s just not all that good.  Can’t get on base enough, can’t field.

Maybe if Gleyber has a hot start we’ll see him at second this year.  A boy can dream.

I think its definitely possible. If Gleyber can actually get to AAA this season, he may not be there for long.

Of course Trenton has to actually play some games.

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