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Sunday, February 24, 2013 Grandy out 10 weeks after pitch breaks forearm

Yankees outfielder Curtis Granderson sustained a fractured right forearm in his first plate appearance of the Grapefruit League season and is expected to be sidelined from action for approximately 10 weeks, the team said.

Granderson was drilled by a pitch from Blue Jays left-hander J.A. Happ while batting in the bottom of the first inning on Sunday. X-rays taken by Dr. Daniel Murphy in Tampa revealed the fracture.

“My body was feeling good, my arm was feeling good, ready to go,” Granderson said. “Five pitches in, we’ve got a little setback. It could be worse, but now we rest, recover, get it back and get ready to play whenever that day comes.”

The Yankees said that the 10-week estimate is for Granderson to return to being Major League ready, so he is expected to return to the lineup in early May. Granderson returned to George M. Steinbrenner Field on Sunday wearing a soft form-fitting brace on his forearm.

Yeah, so that sucks.

Oh well, if you’re going to have a major injury, it might as well be the first game of Spring Training.

Man, I really don’t even know who will be the Yankees’ starting left fielder this season now. I guess Matt Diaz or Juan Rivera, right? I could also see Ichiro moving to left and those two playing right instead. Either way, it should be a total blast. Oh boy!

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We have home run hitters up the wazoo so he’ll scarcely be missed.  Guess Ichiro will just have to hit the 40 home runs urban legend says he’s capable of.

Sucks for him to have this happen in his walk year. Not that it will be a lingering injury or anything that teams would necessarily be afraid of, but it will drive down his counting stats

Before the injury was confirmed Serling with his usual perception was going on about how relieved he was that Granderson was hit in the forearm instead of the top of the hand.

I guess we did just get the banana in the tailpipe.

[3] Not that I know anything, but it probably is better to break your forearm than your hand or wrist, since it is a simpler structure.

We’re so gonna suck this year aren’t we

[6] I only hope we can sustain this .500 record pace and break 80 wins.

So Ichiro in left and Hafner in right?

You know who would look good on this team right now? Chris Dickerson.

“Guess Ichiro will just have to hit the 40 home runs urban legend says he’s capable of.”

As long as it isn’t Cano hitting 40 home runs we should be ok.

If only Granderson had been traded, it would have been some lesser player breaking his arm.

Trading Cano never made more sense than right now.

I think this definitely opens the door for Melky Mesa to make the team out of ST.  So that isn’t a bad thing.  Whether he’s the 4th OF or has a shot at beating out the others for starting OF, IDK.  Given that his defense and baserunning are pretty far ahead of the others, I think he has a shot.  In the long run, if he’s out a month, that projects to what, 3-5 runs lost?  That’s not nothing, but seems a lot bigger than it is.

[13] That’s just insane.

[15] Why is it insane?

The Yankees are in the best position to be sellers in the last 20 years. Cano will hit FA and in case the team wants to sign him they will sign him next offseason. The Yankees already have very good talent in the minors and they can be a top 10 farm system if they trade Cano for prospects, plus they will have some high picks in the draft they could move in to the top 5 farm system in baseball. The Yankees have a big chance to rebuild right now rather than have a mediocre team for the next 5 years at least.

This team is too good to be one of the 10 worst teams in baseball, even if they lost Cano, therefore they’d lose their draft pick if they signed Cano.

So it would not benefit them to trade him for a prospect and then give up a first round pick getting him back.

I would not expect to get Cano back after such a trade.

[16] What others have said.  Plus they’ve lost at most 1 win for this season, so they’re right in competition OR they trade Cano and are completely out of it.  On top of that how do you figure they’ll get enough talent from Cano to go from mediocre for at least the next 5 years, to instant rebuild and they’ll be contenders soon?  And, if they go to trade Cano now after Granderson is lost, wouldn’t that be reeking of panic?  Why would they get a good deal when the other 29 teams just finished building their rosters and the Yankees are in panic mode.  Even IF it makes sense to trade Cano this year, do so later on when more teams need something.

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