The Curse of Jerry Hairston, Jr./Eric Hinske:

Sunday, July 2, 2017 Didi’s slam, Frazier’s big debut go for naught

With an #ASGWorthy relay throw by Carlos Correa, the Astros held on for a 7-6 comeback victory over the Yankees at Minute Maid Park on Saturday, overcoming Didi Gregorius’ first career grand slam and a strong debut by touted rookie Clint Frazier.

Brett Gardner appeared to keep the Yankees’ hopes alive in the ninth, as he lined a two-out single to left field off Ken Giles, but he rounded first base aggressively. Josh Reddick alertly fired the ball back to the infield, where Correa’s relay throw arrived in time to nail Gardner for the final out of the game.

“This game will show you something crazy every day,” Astros manager A.J. Hinch said.

They seriously worked a HASHTAG into the story? Seriously?

Anyhow, Dellin Betances has lost the ability to locate his breaking ball and without it, he sucks. Presumably he’ll figure his shit out, but until then, the Yankees are pretty much fucked in any close game, since you can’t trust most of the set-up guys, you can’t bring Chapman into the middle of an inning and you can’t rely on Betances. These last few weeks have been some of the most frustrating weeks in decades for the team.

On the bright side, Jordan Montgomery was decent once again and, of course, Clint Frazier was awesome. I’d love to see Frazier bat higher in the lineup tomorrow.

Hopefully Luis Severino pitches well and hopefully the Yankees score enough runs where they can win even with the bullpen giving up 4-5 runs.

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By the way, let me just reiterate - Dellin Betances cannot currently locate his breaking ball. What kind of fucking pitcher just abruptly loses the ability to locate his breaking ball?!

What kind of crazy nonsense is this? The Yankees have now lost at LEAST two games because Dellin Betances just forgot how to pitch! How freaking insane is this?! A guy gets knocked around a couple of games, you get it. Heck, the Astros’ closer has had a NUMBER of bad games this season. But that’s from people just hitting him. This is Betances just forgetting how to pitch. It’s madness.

I thought this was a family restaurant.

Rick Ankiel, can Betances hit?. Former Yankee Steve Trout walked 37 batters and threw 9 wild pitches in 46 innings and lasted an average of only four innings a start in his nine starts Yankee starts.

That’s what happens when you barely pitch for a month.

Gardy, Judge, Gary, Didi, TRO, Chaste, our former and current 1B, Tyler, future star.

I’m very disappointed in Betances the last couple of weeks.  When his stuff isn’t on, he looks like he just gives up.

Terrible body language.  Wandering around the mound taking forever to throw a pitch.

The dude’s still throwing 99 but is afraid to throw a strike.  He just nibbles with a breaking pitch he has no control of.

Serious lack of mental toughness, IMHO.

NYT with an article about how the Dodgers are thriving with a staff of 6 inning pitchers Kershaw exempted. Of course their relievers are how do you say it good.

6. He has a great breaking ball but the over fifty percent usage is ridiculous when you throw 99 MPH. He needs to “get back to basics,” ironically the same sentiment applied to Tanaka as the guys the Yankees were counting on this season continue to surprisingly suck. (though Tanaka has been better lately)

7. But of course their pen could be toasted by August. One too many “hey, the bullpen was great today for four innings,” games inevitably result in some major suckage at a later date. Its like bullpen karma.

If that’s true isn’t it as much on Binder, Rothschild and whoever’s catching?

I’ll have two eggs over easy and three strips of bacon with that toast.

And Chapman is a prima donna for not wanting to enter an inning someone else started.

God forbid the Townies ever lose another fucking game

The lineup makes it almost seem like the Yankees are trying to win this game.  Guaranteed loss.

Way to strand those runners.

First and second 1 out nothing.

Why isn’t Frazier hitting in front of K Karter and T Wade?

Frazier’s not that ugly, unless you just don’t like redheads.

Whoa.  Nerves of steel by Frazier.

K Karter should lead off so he doesn’t come to bat with RISP.

Four men left, 2 innings.

Yeah but you can’t say Gardner didn’t do his job.  He hit the hell out of the ball.

Carter hot streak any day now.

Clint Frazier is the Clint Howard of baseball.  Not a handsome man.

You can, however, say Severino didn’t do his.

We’ll always have April and May 2017. Now we just have to accept the Bosox as overlords again.

This team will be lucky to even make the playoffs.  As now constituted they’re just not good and not that it’s really matters just so I get less annoyed why isn’t K Karter batting 9th permanently.

Hey SicSemper, if you’re around—what’s the deal with the Pacquiao fight?  Rigged?

ETA I see you are around.  Well?

Not rigged, just horrendous judging. A total robbery.

[26] Basically a .500 team. Unless they start showing something soon, time to start tuning them out little by little.

[28]  How can a “sport” get away with that?  I mean, one round going for the guy, okay, umps blow calls.  But the whole fight?  That’s like four Don Denkingers blowing every single call for a whole game.  You don’t think that suggests a rig?

Boxing has been dead to me for many, many years. Hey, the basic purpose is to concuss your opponent.

[30] Well, typically fights with guys of this caliber are, these days, harder to rig due to increased scrutiny. And the fact that one of the cards was so wide (117-111), you’d have to be just openly flaunting investigators if you’re corrupt AND that obvious about it.

Pac had already been the victim of terrible judging in a more significant fight, his first tilt with Timothy Bradley.

In talking to judges, on thing they all say is that sitting ringside and watching a fight gives you a very different view of the action than watching on TV, and that can account for discrepancies between the home audience and the judges. Which is true. But I’ve also sat ringside, and clear wins are still clear wins.

Boxing, ultimately, isn’t judged on objective criteria. There are four criteria to judge a fight on (effective aggression, defense, “ring generalship” and clean punches). Some judges weigh certain categories heavier than others. (Though to most people, clean and hard punches tell the story.) So it makes for a bit of a stew. It makes close fights something of a tossup at times, but for the most part, the one-sided affairs get judged correctly. And then there are the ones like last night where no one knows what in the hell happened.

[32]  Thanks, Sic, very informative.

Same boring team with RISP. Holliday was doing really well with RISP, now he’s the walking dead.

3 innings 6 LOB

‘Ring general ship’ sounds like a stock image the artists on Star Trek use.

The fact that the ref warned Horn he was going to stop the fight after the 9th if he didn’t see Horn do more makes it all the more ridiculous. I can absolutely see why shit like this turns off the general public.

“Red Thunder” ????


[38] It also costs a lot of money to watch. No one is a casual fan of boxing (or MMA) because it’s pretty expensive to just see the fights.

And on top of that, as Don rightly points out, given what we now know about concussions and head trauma, it’s pretty fucking barbaric.

[40] In this case, the fight was free on ESPN. There’s been quite a bit more free boxing of late, though the biggest bouts (Golovkin-Canelo, etc.) remain PPV. So do the biggest circus shows (Mayweather-McGregor).

Two people choosing to engage in violence at the real risk of lasting potential harm doesn’t bother me. We still have test pilots, too.

Has Carter gotten a single hit this season?  I think no, right?

[41] But watching it encourages it, free or not. The funny thing is how certain segments in society went after football, when soccer and ice hockey have worse concussion problems, and boxing is all about concussing someone.

[42] Hot streak any day now.

It’s these fucking Mets shirts they got them wearing…

One thing you have to admire about K Karter his consistency, if only he could cut down on those pop ups.

Blugh. That’s enough of that. From the penthouse to the outhouse with no part of the game working.

After this game Yankees will be 6 over 500 or exactly where they ended up last year.  Want to lay odds which year will be better?

This year will still be better. Once they start getting players back, a bounceback is inevitable. The injuries and inconsistent pitching and suddenly inept bullpen have all hit at once in a perfect storm of suckitude.

If they don’t get Holliday back I think this offense continues to struggle. Sure, they’ll have big outbursts, but this game shows what it means for guys who can come through in RISP situations. Could still have been a game, even with Sevy Suckitude.

49 Who knows if Bird or Holliday will ever return, their fates are still unlearned and I doubt either Hixie or Castro will repeat their early season numbers.

[51] I hear Ian Ziering is available.

K Karter defines a foolish, extremely foolish consistency. But is J Choi OPS 834 at Scranton actually worse? If they give Choi a contract it’ll cost them 700K, that can’t matter or can it.

The key for me regarding their comptence is whether they’re having Andujar get reps at first in the minors. If not, they’re not reaching even basic levels of competence.

[55] Eh. They see Andujar as a 3B long term and he still needs work defensively there. He’s better off sticking at 3B.

55,56 between the minors and majors the Yankees have a lot more depth at 2b, ss, 3B than 1B. Let him pick up another position and increase his value.

Nice outing by Dillon Tate in A+, 7 IP 6 H 0 R 0 BB’s 11 K’s.

[57] Yep.

Feed the Pythag

Yeah, for his long term value, sure, let him work on his third base value, but for now, there is a much greater need at first and his bat could play NOW while the difference between headley and carter is huge.

Why did K Karter and the 3B coach low 5 each other down 8-1.

61 let him work on both maybe 2-1 3B-1B

You know KKarter only gets the hit because it is 8-0. If it was a one run game he Ks.

64 It was a random ass luck hit at that.

Binder wondering if Gardy’s hit had gone out if the result would’ve been different. Fat chance.

So July will be worse than June. Astros undermanned and still take 2 of 3.

Betances mostly but also Binder and Chapman gave away last night’s game one of about a half dozen or more the Yankees coughed up late leads that should’ve been routine wins.

J Choi 2/2 with 2 home runs just saying.

Judge, Gary, Sevvy, Castro and Betances??? make AS team.

//between tears and snot// at least Dillon Tate pitched great today and Gary rightfully made the All-Star team!

Mateo is tearing up AA a home run and a triple and 5 RBIs in the first game hitting 524. Was he just bored which is good news and bad news, maybe he’s actually got potential but maybe he’s a total head case.

Saturday was the 35th anniversary of Lawn Chair Larry’s Epic Adventure.

We need Mateo to keep building his value up and trade him. I just don’t think he is going to be an average hitter

Per RAB:

The Yankees have traded RHP Matt Wotherspoon to the Orioles for an undisclosed sum of international bonus pool money, the team announced.

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