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Thursday, June 8, 2017 CC, Yanks dominate Sox with their bare hands

CC Sabathia continued his resurgence with his best start of the season while Didi Gregorius and Chris Carter homered off reigning American League Cy Young Award winner Rick Porcello, leading the Yankees to an 8-0 victory over the Red Sox on Wednesday at Yankee Stadium.

Sabathia picked up the victory for his fifth consecutive start, permitting just five hits over eight scoreless innings, a 95-pitch gem that restored New York’s lead in the AL East to two games over Boston.
“There’s a long way to go, but it feels good to be contributing,” Sabathia said. “That’s the biggest thing. These guys have been playing well. It’s a young team, we’ve been playing really good. You just want to be a part of it.”

If you’re going to use a reference in your headline, you have to work that reference into one of your first couple of paragraphs. Come on, dudes! It was late in the article before they finally got to discussing CC’s great barehanded play. Meanwhile, continues to call the Chris Carter home run that the umpires blew (it hit off of a fan in the seats and then went into Mookie Betts’ glove) as Betts “robbing” Chris Carter. It was a fine play by Betts, but it should have been a home run!

Anyhow, this was a great win. It was a much better win than Tuesday’s loss was a bad loss. It still galls the hell out of me, though, that the Orioles made an even BIGGER comeback on the Pirates last night. This goddamn evil, evil division.

Let’s hope that Michael Pineda can keep the good times going tonight!

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If the fan clearly touched the Carter hit, what was rationale with replay review?  Or there was no review?

No review. The umps said Girardi didn’t ask for a review within 30 seconds. He disputes that.

The ball seemed to drop through the fan’s hands into Betts’ glove, which means the fan was reaching over the wall and interfering with a ball in play. That should be an out. To me, it didn’t seem as though the ball bounced off the fan back into the field of play. Maybe I just saw it differently.

I saw it the same way.  The fan (in a red shirt) reached over the fence, the ball went through his hands and ended up Bett’s glove.  It looked to me like Betts would probably have missed it without the assist, but its a stretch to believe that the replay officials would have reversed and given Carter a double.

There is no way that the fan’s hands were in fair territory. Thus, as soon as the ball hits the fan’s hands over the fence, it’s a home run.

It’s still a hell of a play by Betts, but it should have been a home run.

[2] Oh, that’s right, you or someone mentioned that during the game thread.  Thankfully, except for Carter’s stats, no harm.

“And as the union and MLB exchange ideas in the months ahead, some players privately hope that part of the solution is the advent of an electronic strike zone, which they believe could serve to move the games along as much as a time limit between pitches.”

The robot umps are coming. God help us all when they become self-aware.

The way I saw it, the ball was coming just about straight down.  Had the fan not touched it, it would not have reached the seats, and Betts would have caught it. In fact, it would have been an easier catch if the fan hadn’t touched the ball.

Cronin, who were the ten Yankee all-star catchers please?  Did you already post it?

I don’t think it was a HR. It’s possible that the fan deflected the ball into Betts’ glove though. I think Betts probably had it either way, but it might have been a double off the wall without the fan interference.

[9] Sal Fasano.

Yankee All Star Catchers:

Bill Dickey a bunch of times
Then Buddy Rosar, Dickey’s backup, was having such a great year that he made the All-Star team along with Dickey in 1942. Rosar was set to take over as the starter from Dickey, but then he pissed the Yankees off by taking a leave of absence without permission (they were douchey to turn him down, but he still shouldn’t have left when they told him no), so in 1943, he became the third-string catcher behind Dickey and Rollie Hemsley. He was not happy about that, so they traded him before the season began and he was an All-Star right away for his new team. The new backup, Hemsley, made the All-Star Game in 1944 when Dickey was away for World War II.

Then, when Dickey retired, Aaron Robinson made the All-Star team in 1947, one year before Yogi Berra made his first All-Star team. Robinson was actually the starter in 1946, as well, but Dickey made it over him in his final season.

You guys already knew Berra, Howard and Munson, who made it a ton of times between them.

Then Mike Stanley in 1995, Posada a bunch of times and most recently, Russell Martin made it in 2011, before they let him go because they are cheap fucks.



And hopefully Sanchez someday soon!

Here’s another All Star related question. Only four times in All Star history has there only been a single Yankee on the team - 1972, 1990, 1991 and 1992. Can you name the four players who represented the Yankees in those four years (each year had a different guy)?

Hint: Donnie Baseball was in the midst of his back problems era, so he did not make the team after 1989 (the last of his six straight All Star appearances).

[12] Pretty sure you missed one.

Fasano’s appearance was implied.

1992—Melido Perez?

And wow that is some list.

I can’t believe what a shitty attempt it was by that fan to catch the Carter ball in question.  On the replay last night, you can see that instead of watching that ball all the way into his hands, his eyes stayed focused on the sky.  Also, I am not sure why any of you are saying that the guy reached over the stands and into the field of play.  Maybe you should look at it again.

Yeah, A. the fan did a terrible job all around and B. he didn’t go over the fence, so it couldn’t have been anything but a home run if it hit his hands, and it hit his hands.

1992—Melido Perez?

Great guess, as he was one of the few bright spots for the Yankees of that era (and it is a shame that he got hurt before the team got good again) but no.

By the way, did you know that Perez had a freaking bWAR of SIX that year?! Holy shit!

I don’t know how thick the padding is, but he certainly reached over the railing and was above the padding. Is that padding 3” thick ? 6? 15 ? I don’t think he reached clean over the wall.

So the ball, after being touched, comes down in the glove which itself is on the top of the wall. So…what is the ground rule here ? Top of the wall = home run ? Meaning, if it wasn’t touched or caught, and hits the top of the wall and bounces back inside the park, is that a HR ? Different parks this rule is different, I think.

Oh, and that was a red shirt wearing Townie fan. Fuckers. Doesn’t actually look like his name would be Sully, but you never know these days.

A ball is dead as soon as it touches a fan, right? And once ruled dead, the umpires can rule three ways: home run, an out, or use their discretion to put the batter at an appropriate base. So even if the result of the play was correct, they missed the fact that the fan touched the ball, and failed to evaluate the play on that basis.

But it sounds like their issue was that Girardi didn’t protest in time, which is fair.

A ball is dead as soon as it touches a fan, right? And once ruled dead, the umpires can rule three ways: home run, an out, or use their discretion to put the batter at an appropriate base. So even if the result of the play was correct, they missed the fact that the fan touched the ball, and failed to evaluate the play on that basis.

But it sounds like their issue was that Girardi didn’t protest in time, which is fair.

Contrary to predictions here Binder is starting Chase Headley and his 153/167/237 404 batting against LHP tonight against David Price.  Those two hits could cost us dearly.

[21] The top of the wall counts as “over the wall”.  Betts is free to reach in the stands there, which he did, and fans are allowed to go after balls that are over the wall in any part of the ballpark, as this moronic, ham-fisted fan did.

If the fan knocked the ball out of Betts’s glove there, it would be at worst a double and not fan interference.  As long as the umpires saw it correctly, and if there had been a replay, I believe they would have ruled properly.  But stranger things have happened.

(11)  The question was asking for the ten Yankees catchers who made the all-star team, not the ten sexiest men who ever existed.

BTW, Fasano is the progenitor of the “o” meme.

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