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Monday, April 17, 2017 Bird, Yanks soar past Cards in 7th straight win

Greg Bird burst out of his 0-for-20 slump, and Michael Pineda handcuffed the Cardinals’ offense on Sunday night to lead the Yankees to a 9-3 victory that sealed a three-game Interleague sweep and extended their winning streak to seven games. With the win, the Yankees have opened the season 6-0 at home for the first time since 1998.

Bird, who had one hit in 30 plate appearances entering the night, reached base four times, most notably with a second-inning blast that put the Yankees ahead, 3-1.

“It’s just nice to be back on the board and back to contributing to the team,” Bird said.

Damn, this team is angering me by making it so difficult to complain about them. Don’t they know that that’s what this blog is here for?

Seriously, though, this was another excellent win, with strong starting pitching from Pineda, timely hitting from the Yankees (especially the tack-on runs) and a complete embarrassment of a team that “plays the game the right way” on national television.

This has been quite an interesting start to the season. Let’s hope that Severino can keep the good times going against Chicago!

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Why haven’t they beaten the Townies yet?

It was quite shocking to see Molina play this badly.

Extend Pineda!

Glad to see Bird finally click.

[2] Turns out paying a 35+ y/o catcher 20MM might not be the best idea. Who knew?

We now have the 1st WC firmly in our grasp with a full game to spare ! None of these pink panty half-games for us, no.

A win tonite moves us into a tie for the division. THE DIVISION!!!1!!!11!

Bwahahahahah !

150 to go, motherfarnsers !

The Mets don’t have a game out of their division until May 8th.  That’s crazy.

Has the phrase “irrational exuberance” occurred to anyone? What happened to the despair I know and love?

The other embarassment last night was the announcers.  They just wouldn’t shut up!  They had prepared lots of things to say, but they didn’t seem to care much about the actual game that was taking place on the field.  The worst was that several times the camera showed us the three announcers, rather than the players.  I often had to lower the volume to make the broadcast bearable.

One of the nice things about SlingTV is that ESPN is an extra package that really doesn’t include anything else of note.  So I’ve had no problem not subscribing.  I listened to part of the game last night on the radio instead.  ESPN is awful.

Guys, ESPN is just having fun, for the kids.

It’s basically the NFL and College football network now.  The top three stories on the front page have to do with NFL offseason player movement.  The NBA and NHL playoffs are underway and baseball just started.  It’s a joke.

It really is clear how much ESPN is trying to make baseball popular with the kids. Which I can respect. But I’m skeptical they can get it to work by having the announcers yap on about it.

[11] Maybe spend more time building up exciting young players instead of Yadier Molina. And stop complaining about players celebrating/having fun.

Well, Yankees have radio commercials featuring Austin Romine.  That should bring the youth through the doors.

My daughter can now sing the Cellino & Barnes theme song thanks to the radio broadcasts.  It’s a start!

It does seem like baseball’s idea of how to get more young fans is basically, like, “Have Buck Showalter give them a lecture on how good sportsmanship is fun.”

Seriously, I don’t think ESPN is going to be a difference maker.  Kids need to be shown why they ought to like baseball, which just on the face is not as exciting moment to moment as the other sports.  I don’t know what the answer to that is—probably MLB needs to do a shit ton of different things.  But I imagine it’s hard to convince 30 owners to spend money that doesn’t impact the bottom line right away.

My daughter is having a hard time with math right now—she can do it, she just thinks it’s boring.  How about free videos for schools that illustrate math concepts with baseball videos by Kershaw, Lindor, Trout, etc etc?  You could even make them local to the team’s market?  That way you make math more fun AND show them the subtlety of the game.

Also, Aaron Judge has a tremendous, Anthony Mason-caliber ass.  That is all.

[15] One area of school where baseball is a natural fit is statistics.  I, like many statistics professionals, first became interested in the field because of baseball statistics.  Maybe Major League Baseball can encourage educators to use more examples based on baseball statistics.

[17]  For sure.  I’m thinking about more basic stuff—my daughter is 9.  Fractions—one out is 1/3 of an inning.  Acute angles, right angles, obtuse angles, using launch angles and the field itself.  Multiplication and division using ERA and BA calculations.

I know Alex Belth has been doing stuff for Esquire here or there, but it’s always fucking weird to see a byline of a guy who started a baseball blog around the same time the original RLYW went up cracking major national magazines.

[19]  And all the Deadspin guys who graduated to bigger things.  I like Drew Magary a lot, but you wouldn’t have thought poop jokes would get him so far.

Yeah, games that start after 8PM Eastern on Sunday night will have a lot of kids watching.

And do not forget that Musial, Molina, and Ozzie, are the three greatest Cardinals ever.

This little dance the Sox OF does after a win may be the dopiest thing I’ve ever seen in baseball, and I’ve watched that ball ricochet off Canseco’s dome roughly a trillion and a half times.

[21] Yeah game times are a serious issue. I fully realize that I go to bed earlier than the average person, but I think I stayed up late for every single WS game this year. And I don’t live on the East coast anymore.

Games should definitely start earlier (630 would be great).

[20] I get what you’re saying, but I think Magary has a really strong voice.  It’s casual and simple, but he’s got a really good flow, drops some clever lines and works the self-effacing thing well. He can’t really pull it off when he goes earnest for the most part, though I thought is man-on-the-scene piece from the RNC was surprisingly good.

I never thought Belth, or Jaffee were even THAT caliber of writer, but there they are in Esquire and SI. It is ... vexing. And frustrating.

I don’t remember much about Belth’s writing, which I suppose isn’t such a good sign.  Jaffe I always liked, though he wasn’t (isn’t?) as good a stylist as Magary.

Jaffe is fine, but he’s just kinda there. He could slot in as an AP guy and I don’t think anyone would notice the difference. Which seems like a bad fit for a magazine in this landscape, where the only thing they can use to stand out is first-rate wordsmiths or razor-sharp, deep-dive reporters.

I dated one of Will Leitch’s roommates back in the day

Did Leitch talk about how he really wanted to synthesize Mike Lupica and John Hodgman together into an unholy Frankenstein of traditional sports column writing masquerading as a lofty but ironic takedown of traditional sports column writing one day?

[28] He did not, at least not to me.

Oddly enough, I’m currently dating one of his ex-girlfriends-maybe I’ll ask if he ever spoke to her about that.

[29] I’m hoping there’s a PTBNL rather than just a salary dump.

[30] Is your dating history coincidentally tied to women that orbit Will Leitch, or was that your strategy from the outset?

I don’t like it,1B that is

1. Jacoby Ellsbury (L) CF
2. Aaron Hicks (S) LF
3. Matt Holliday (R) DH
4. Starlin Castro (R) 2B
5. Chase Headley (S) 3B
6. Aaron Judge (R) RF
7. Chris Carter (R) 1B
8. Austin Romine (R) C
9. Pete Kozma (R) SS

[32]  Do one thing and do it well, right?

Is Joe punishing Bird for his good hitting yesterday? No, of course not.

Maybe Joe has been wanting to give Bird a day off, but didn’t want to show a lack of confidence.  Now that the slump is over, Joe can finally let Carter start a game at 1B.  Yes, I think this is it.

I don’t get the idea of starting Kozma.

I do like the idea of resting Gardner.

Girardi is obsessed with giving guys rest (and hey, he might be right), so I imagine that that is most likely, yes. Headley is the only guy to have played every game so far, right?

Torreyes doesn’t look like someone who needs rest and soon he’ll get lots of rest.

Holland is a lefty. Seems like that’s what it comes down to.

38 Yeah I suppose and 2 RHPs next but I hope this does not become a strict platoon situation and I wouldn’t be bothered except now that Greg got his groove back I hate to sit him.

Thing is, the announcers explicitly talked about how exciting it was to see the WBC players get emotional.

I’m guessing Joe doesn’t want Bird facing a lefty right when he starts to get his swing back.

[40] There’s a bit of a changing of the guard happening with announcers now. A lot of the REALLY old guys are retiring and productions are bringing in recently retired players who by and large seem more receptive to the whole “fun” thing.

My guess is that, at least in part, this is being driven by the mlb.

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