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Monday, October 9, 2017 Big Bird! Solo homer, 5-out save lift Yankees

With the season on the line, Masahiro Tanaka delivered what he called his most important win as a Major Leaguer and Greg Bird cracked a majestic home run off Andrew Miller, extending the Yankees’ hopes for another day with a 1-0 victory over the Indians in Sunday’s Game 3 of the American League Division Series presented by Doosan.

Bird’s second homer of the series, a towering drive into the second deck in right field, provided some desperately needed support behind Tanaka’s dominant outing. With the Indians flailing regularly at his lethal splitter, Tanaka blanked Cleveland’s formidable offense on three hits through seven frames, issuing one walk with seven strikeouts over a 92-pitch effort.

Man, Tanaka is a riddle wrapped up in a mystery, hidden in an enigma, but he certainly came through big time tonight.

Greg Bird supplied the big home run, Aaron Judge took a home run away and Aroldis Chapman had a huge five-out save.

Now the Yankees just have to beat Trevor Bauer on short rest. It could happen!

Let’s hope that the Yankees get to take their chances with Corey Kluber in Game 5.

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A riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a wonton skin.

Harold Reynolds is convinced Bauer won’t have the same stuff tomorrow that he did on Thursday.

So, uh. We got HR in our court.

[1] Aren’t wontons Chinese?

I thought Tomlin was pitching today.  I guess Tito changed that?

I’m sure it has been said already, but it sure would be nice to be up 2-1 like we are supposed to be, Girardi.

1. Ruth
2. Gehrig
3. Bird
4. Mantle
5. DiMaggio

Man, they should be up 2-1 at home with their ace going on full rest.

[1,3] Gyoza.

Harold Reynolds on Bird: “He’s started really hammering the ball, particularly lefties and righties.” Is there a third option?

[7] Undecided voters.

[7] Bird really struggles against switch pitchers.

Breaking News: The Indians have signed Pat Venditte for Game 4.

Thinking ahead - say they have a lead tonight and need the bullpen for a few innings - kahnle, green, betances…in that order? Not sure I want a head case like betances closing with no safety net.

I don’t think Judge was so bad last night - he would have walked three times with robot umps. You can’t ask a guy to swing at those pitches that the ump called strikes as if it was Toe at the plate instead of Judge. And it was great that it was judge in RF instead of Toe or we would have lost 2-1.

[11] You’ve got Warren out there as well.

Who closes tonight? I assume after 1.2 innings that Chapman is unavailable.

Is Robertson an option at all tonight? He only threw 9 pitches last night.

Tanaka gave them some much needed length last night, hopefully Severino can do the same.

Hopefully Bird smacks a few grand slams and Garcia can close.

Think Bird will get a promotion to 5 at least tonight?

Sure would be nice to be up 2-1 and we should be up 2-1 Joe with Kluber waiting to snuff out any hopes we might still have at say 11 tonight.

I turned down a ticket to the game because there’s no way I would have made it back to PA in time for work today. Wasn’t going to fake a sick day. But now I actually do feel sick from regret.

And if we’re allowed a complaint after that awesome game, was that bad pen management by Joe? Start Dellin in the 8th and use D-Rob if runners get on. You can’t bring Dellin in mid-inning because he’ll give up the SB. I’m sure Chapman will throw if needed but he ended up throwing so many pitches he should be unavailable. Or heck, go Kahnle/Green in the 8th instead of Chapman.

There’s no way Betances is back to “Oh, don’t worry about it, just use him” status, so that’s why they didn’t use him. He was going to trust two guys in that situation, D-Rob and Chapman.

Tonight, though, he might be forced into using Betances. But you worry about tonight tonight.

Under no circumstances
Would I use betances
For an inning of clean
I go to green

Chapman should not be available in order to keep him fresh and effective. Robertson and Green look tired from the WC game. I think they could use Robertson and Green for around 20 pitches. I’d also trust Kahnle and Betances.

What if they win tonight? who pitches G5? CC? Bullpen game?

I’d take the risk that Gray can deliver. He was pitching legitimately excellent before falling apart in his last few outings. I’d gamble on the good Gray finally showing up again.

CC just pitched well against the Indians evilly while Gray did not. So I’d stick with CC.

Have to assume Joe goes to Gray with CC riding shotgun.

How about letting each pitch 3 innings all-out?

Is CC’s all-out any better than CC conserving energy? He’s not exactly turning the four-seamer loose anymore.

CC normal rest after throwing only 77 pitches has to get the call over Sonny. Maybe that trust will help convince him to stay one more season. Of course if he stinks I will say it was a stupid move and tell him to go away.

I was under the impression that any starter could be more effective for 3 innings than if expected to go 6 or 7.

After all, it was true for Richard Pryor.

The Astros sure love scoring in the first inning.

The wonton skin thing is an old joke I always thought was funny.  I didn’t stop to think about the cross-ethnic element and I’m sorry if I offended anyone.

Pretty wild that we won a game on a left handed batter hitting a home run off Andrew Miller.

Check out the Red Sox game. Need robot umps badly

Missed the first few innings. Sale coming in is an interesting wrinkle, but ... why not start him in the first place?

For those at work - you just missed the best innings of the season if you hate the Red Sox.

2nd inning - bases loaded no outs; next two guys called out on strikes on pitches that were balls. (Manager tossed) Followed by a fly out.

3rd inning - hard hit single; line out DP; double; foul HR followed by a single with runner at 2nd thrown out at the plate.

So far - 17 hitters, 10 have reached base, and 1 run!

I would like the Red Sox to lose… to the Yankees.

Weather report is kind of up-and-down. How’s it look on the ground for anyone in the city?

[28] Thank you. No offense taken on my part.

And now Houston is going to verlander? Why not start him?

Was wrong on first 17; meant first 15. Only got 7 of them out and yet only 1 run.
Go astros!

Yeah, this starting pitching plan was weird for both teams.

That wasn’t a LHB that was Greg Effing Bird!

Hmmm; they’re warming V but he isnt in.

[37] The starting pitching this ALDS has just been all around weird.

Sale was available for relief this game, for reasons?

Effing townies are a lock to go all the way any team that can win 83% of their xtra inning games having played 18 is clearly a team that has a pact with the devil.

And here comes Verlander. I am perplexed. I realize you want to lock it down here and you’re comfortable with Keuchel but ... wouldn’t you rather bring Keuchel in here and save your best starter for a potential Game 5 at home when Boston just surrendered Sale for that game?

No words here. Sale will pitch 6 hitless and the Sox will win

Better for Cleveland if it rains, right? I know the pen can use the day off, but I imagine it’d be less beneficial than facing a short-rest Bauer.

Seems like it. Bauer hasn’t ever gone on 3 days. Anything to get him out of his comfort zone.

33 You mean you want the townies to win this series so on the off chance the Yankees win the next two they might be an easier opponent?  Its not possible to beat the townies unless you have a lead greater than 3, that’s just math.

I can’t believe how well this is working out for the Sox.

48 What hasn’t all season for instance winning games after third strike two out ninth inning wild pitches and going 83% in xtra inning games. They are team of unlimited ass and will go all the way.  How do you beat a team that wins virtually every close game?


It means I don’t care about Houston and I don’t care about Cleveland and I don’t really care about Boston, except that it’s nice when the Yankees beat them.

In fact, I’d like the Yankees to win the next two games and then beat Boston in three straight tenth-inning, one-run games.

Second guess leaving Sale in?

Line up shuffle. Gary and Didi swapped, Castro and bird swapped.

catching up on trevor bauer’s twitter, i hate this guy!

It’s always nice to see Kimbrell cough it up.

Thinking the same thing. But if score stands Sale gets the loss and Kimberl isn’t even charged with a blown save.

Why not Hixie ahead of Todd and Head?

55 You don’t seriously think that has a prayer of happening?

[55] Ok, Kimbrell is definitely on the hook for that one.

From Hoch: “If the Yankees get to ALDS Game 5, CC Sabathia will probably be on the mound, Joe Girardi said.”

I really dislike this Devers kid.

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox on being the first team eliminated from Division Series play.

I can’t believe how well this is working out for the Indians.

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