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Tuesday, September 12, 2017 Big 4th powers Yanks to win over TB at Citi

Evan Longoria had joked that there is no such thing as a “neutral site” when playing against the Yankees, whose followers always seem to travel quite well. Todd Frazier’s three-run homer highlighted a five-run fourth inning as the Bombers made the interborough trip a memorable one, powering a 5-1 victory over the Rays on Monday evening at Citi Field.

In the first of three games relocated to Queens by Hurricane Irma, right-hander Jake Odorizzi held New York hitless through the first three innings before requiring 51 pitches to record two outs in the fourth, a barrage highlighted by Frazier’s 24th homer of the season and his eighth since being traded to the Yankees.

“It just seems like when you come to the ballpark right now, something good is going to happen,” Frazier said. “It could be any guy, and it has been. The pitching has been there, the hitting has been there, and we’re clicking right now at the right time.”

With their eighth victory in 11 games, the Yankees moved within three games of the idle Red Sox in the American League East race. Tampa Bay fell four games behind the Twins for the second AL Wild Card; the Yankees hold the first AL Wild Card spot.

This was a big time win. CC didn’t look great and Odorizzi was dominating and the Yankees still ended up getting the big victory. This was one of those rare occasions when the Yankee bullpen came in early and did not give up a run. Joe Girardi boldly went to David Robertson in the fifth inning when the leverage was at its highest and it worked out great. It was nice to see him willing to pull CC in a tough spot and deprive CC from a win. CC seemed to take it in stride. In a funny bit, apparently CC found out that Todd Frazier has a web site where he sells merchandise based on himself (you know, towels, blankets, etc) and CC was so amused that he bought a Todd Frazier blanket for everyone on the team. Good stuff.

This win allowed me to avoid having to say “in the loss column” now, and I can just say that the Yankees are three back of the Red Sox in the AL East race,four ahead of Minnesota in the Wild Card race and five ahead of the Angels, six ahead of the Rangers and seven ahead of the Royals (eight ahead of the Orioles and Mariners). So long as the Yankees keep on winning, they will be in good shape. 13 games over .500 is very impressive.

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Dodgers are down 2-0 to the Giants. I think if Harper gets back, they go down to the Nationals in the post-season. (if they even make it to the NLCS)

The AB of the player who calls himself the Toddfather can be frustrating to maddening, but he came through last night. And if you watched the game, who would have thought there is a market for all the branded merchandise he sells…or maybe there isn’t because CC was able to purchase a lot of it.

I am not a scout but it seems that TF has a huge upper cut when he swings. Anyone here see that? It’s like he is just trying too hard to get the ball in the air. Helps explain why he hits more infield pop ups than anyone else in baseball (I think I saw that somewhere).

Between bird, Holliday, headley and TF, I go with the first 3 in a one game playoff, unless Bird is hurt or some other data based reason.

[3] No way. Bird is not a much better hitter than TF and the defense is at it best with Frazier at 3rd and Headley at 1st.

[3] Frazier’s issue is that he casts his front arm and it creates a timing issue.

The dynamics of a batted ball are not as simple as upper cut swing = pop ups. The normal force in a batted ball collision is extremely complex because of the shape of the ball and the shape of the bat.

When you watch Judge or Sanchez, you can see that ~130 degree angle with their elbow. It shows that they’re powering their swing with their lower half, and their arms are in this structure which allows for variability to adjust to off speed pitches.  They launch their lower half to match what they think is the right timing, and they use the play in that structure they’ve created with their elbows to make an adjustment.

Frazier instead has his arms completely straight (that angle is 180 degrees - his elbow is basically straight) and he’s just pulling them with his lower half - there is no built in adjustability for timing. So, if his lower half timing is wrong, he’s stuck with it. Result is a pop up if he’s late, a waive at pitch with no chance to hit it if he’s early, or he absolutely crushes it if the timing is perfect. 

Mostly every guy who is that .200, 30 HR, 150 K guy has the same type of problem (Chris Carter, Adam Dunn, Mark Reynolds - although Reynolds made an adjustment last year). They get that feeling of using their lower half to pull their front half and they exaggerate it. The better hitters include the adjustability.

Frazier is definitely your starting 3B in a playoff game. His arm strength and defense is too good to keep on the bench. And Headley more than likely is your starting 1B. I could see leaving off Holliday, putting Headley at DH and starting Bird, if the Yanks still believe in him enough.

I don’t think Frazier is necessarily a better defender than Headley, but now that I think about it, I guess Headley not playing third for so long this season probably does make it too risky of a bet to play Headley there in the theoretically possible playoffs. We already saw him be rusty when he played there for the first time after the trade.

The A’s are playing great right now with the Matt’s (Chapman and Olsen) looking like cornerstone players. Hopefully they can keep it going at Fenway.

For NOW I platoon Bird and Austin(1.185 MLB OPS against LHP in 43 PAs, 1.173 2017 at Scranton vs LHP) at 1B.

(5) thanks. I was a softball player years ago and a very poor hitting one at that. So thanks for the education. All I know is he looks worse than everybody else - at least to me.

Hey SicSemper, are you going against the Indians today?

[10] Part of that is just that his clothes don’t fit. He looks like he’s wearing his dad’s uni.

[11] The line moved from Detroit +400 to Detroit +325, unfortunately. It went from automatic profit to a closer case. Gonna keep an eye on it and see if the line shifts back.

One of my favorite dates of the year: the release of next year’s schedule.

As favorable as September is this season (end with something like 14/17 in NY) next September is not. End with 7 on the road, including @Boston to cap it.

Also, season starts on a Thursday, not Sunday/Monday. Which I don’t like it, but makes sense from a business stand point- start the season going into the weekend so more people can attend and tune in between work and school.

No more 2-2 home/away with the Mets. 3 at the Stadium and that’s it.

If anybody still thinks Todd Frazier “stinks” based on his BA, better not look too closely at Bird.

[15]. Sample size, stage of development, hitting mechanics suggest that is a ridiculously premature point.

it is ridiculous in both cases, is the point.

They’re not comparable. That’s the point

Sure you can compare and contrast them.

A: 296 AB .216/.307/.425
B: 181 AB .216/.354/.405

Which one “stinks” ? Bird’s MLB career, or Frazier’s 2 months with the Yankees ?

Of course it is ridiculously unfair and premature to label Bird, he has so little service time he still should be looked at as a prospect who may or may not stick. Health is certainly a concern, though.

But it is also ridiculously unfair to run Frazier down - a guy with 21+ WAR over 7 seasons, who is a good defender and perfectly cromulent, except that he doesn’t match up with some people’s inflated wishcasting.

Of the two, one is a bonafide mlb player, they other is still a hopeful with what should be a very much higher upside.

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