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Friday, September 15, 2017 Judge’s 2 HRs fuel power show, rout of O’s

The Yankees settled back in at home Thursday night. With 14 of their final 17 regular-season games set to be played at Yankee Stadium, it was time to get comfortable. It was time, as manager Joe Girardi said, to take advantage of the schedule.

“It starts tonight,” Girardi said before the game.

It certainly did. The Yankees scored six times in the first inning and coasted past the Orioles, 13-5, to remain three games behind the Red Sox in the American League East. The Yankees continue to lead the AL Wild Card standings as well.

Huge win. The Yankees now have a SIX game lead over the Los Angeles Angels for the 2nd Wild Card. That’s pretty good. 14 games over .500. Not too shabby.

Let’s hope they keep it up tomorrow.

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It was definitely a thumbs down worthy performance by Todd Frazier and Co..  Obviously, an effective Tanaka made it a lot easier.

Right.  Todd Frazier 2 for 3 with 2 doubles, and homer, 2 walks and 3 RBI. Why do they keep this guy hanging around, clogging up the lineup ? The guy stinks.

We gotta move Headley back to 3B so we can get Bird and his .514 OPS into these critical games !

Are you from Tom’s River?

Do you want to resign Todd? Todd, Els and Head all with similar OPS 750/780 and they’ve all received plenty of written abuse here.  Ask UJD about Head and one of them has a nickname that begins with Smell even after he got concussed.

2 for 3 with 2 doubles and a homer?  Which hit didn’t get counted?

Uh, yeah. A double and a homer and 2 WALKS.

Bop, the main thing about Elsberry is his contract is way too expensive and we have lots of OF. Since it’s not my money, the only cause for regret is that it cuts off other signings, maybe.

I think the question on re-signing Todd depends on what you think you can put together from the infield. It may well be a decision between Headley and Frazier.

I’m just railing against this constant whining about Frazier - he’s not a bad player, it’s not a bad contract, he’s not blocking anyone legit, why target him ? Because his BA is low ? Pffft. It’s asinine.

I’ll go so far as to say I’ve turned around on CC. I’d go year by year, or even 1 plus option (team) or maybe even 2 years if I have a gun to my head.

Because his BA is low ? Pffft. It’s asinine.

Why do you hate baseball??!?!?!

It will probably be tough to trade Headley, so pass on the Toddfather.

Yeah his contract sucks but his nickname is far more personal and Head has received as much abuse as Todd. I agree one of them may be back but not both and I doubt they get much for Head.

You guys, don’t get me started on Headley.

Todd Frazier has gone slightly beast mode.  But the Yanks have Torres AND Andujar waiting in the wings, though there does seem to be some weird antipathy to Andujar.

10 Get started, tell us what you really think about Headley.

some weird antipathy to Andujar.

They did bring him up for one game…

[12]  And now he’s got a pension and free healthcare for life, so there’s that.

Headley has been one of the Yankees’ best hitters in every month outside of May. Honestly, he should be the starting 1B-man next year, with Bird competing for a spot on the bench. And I say this as a huge Bird fan.

sOPS+ per month (from B-Ref):
April: 148
May: 20 (!?)
June: 111
July: 128
August: 121
September: 124

Funnily enough, he had more RBI in May (13) than any other month. If you needed any more proof of the utter uselessness of the stat.

Funnily enough, he had more RBI in May (13) than any other month. If you needed any more proof of the utter uselessness of the stat.

You hate baseball too?!?!?!???

It is to say that the Yankees have hit the stuffing out of the ball and pitched the snot out of it. In fact, by those measures—if not by record, or even runs—they have been something very close to elite. Baseball Prospectus uses a method of team evaluation called third-order winning percentage, which estimates how many wins a team “should” have based on its underlying offensive and defensive performances. The Yankees’ third-order winning percentage through Sept. 12 was .637. That’s better than every Yankees club since 1950 except the 1961 and 1998 squads; it’s better than 13 Yankees teams that won the World Series in that time. This year’s Yankees, according to third-order winning percentage, are closer to a 104-win team than an 88-win one. But they are among the 10 unluckiest/unclutchest teams in the past 68 years.

Sam Miller, who I find at times a ton of fun or wildly insufferable, with a pretty good one here.

Did you guys realize that Chris Carter is still toiling in the minors?  He’s not even on the A’s 40-man.

[17] I was going to point out something similar recently, but wasn’t logged in. The Yankees are very similar to the Indians (especially after the acquisition of Gray).

They are a very good hitting club. Maybe not quite as uniformly good as the Indians, but still very good. And their pitching, especially in a short series, is very dangerous.

The only reason this team is not handily leading the AL East is their oddly leaky bullpen. Assuming they make the postseason, they are a very dangerous team.

If you assume the BP is going to pitch closer to their average performance than they have so far this year, the Yankees are a team without an obvious weakness.

If they miss the post season it means a total utter collapse. Unless you don’t count the one game playoff as post season. In that case theres about a 45% chance they miss it.

My real problem with TF is that they were talking about picking up a “hitter” for the stretch run. Sorry but despite a good game or 10, he isn’t really very good. I see no reason to think he is better than headley, who as noted, had one horrible month and lots of good ones.

[20] 3 games is not too much to overcome. The Red Sox are a solid team, but I’m pretty confident that the Yankes are better. Even if the Yankees aren’t able to overtake or tie the Sox. I like the Yankees chances in a single game with the ability to throw Severino or Gray.

Tanaka should start the wild card game. Much better at home, and he’d line up to pitch again in Yankee Stadium in Game 3. Severino could go twice vs. the Tribe. And, not that it’s exactly apples to apples with this 2017 Twins squad, but Tanaka has dominated Minnesota in his career.

[22] The Twins are a good hitting team that hit more HRs than average. given Tanaka’s struggles with the HR (and to a lesser extent Gray’s since joining the Yankees). I would go with Severino in the play-in game. Having Severino available to go twice doesn’t mean anything if you don’t make the ALDS.

[23] I would buy an argument for throwing Gray in a must win game (even if he’s been a tad lucky as a Yankee), but in a win or go home game, you don’t pitch your third best pitcher (as excellent as Tanaka can be) to line up better for the next series. The Yankees are lucky enough to have 3 very good pitchers at the front half of their rotation, they should play to win a potential WC game and rely on getting 3-4 good starts out of the other two guys.

[21] I’m convinced the Yankees are a better team than the Red Sox.  I don’t like the Yankees’ chances at beating them out for the division, but a series with Boston wouldn’t scare me.

Cleveland is probably better than the Yankees.  The Astros may be, but I’m not sure about that.  But the Yankees are at worst the third-best team in the AL which makes them the third-best team in MLB.

[25] The Astros are a weird team.  I’m not sure what to think about them either.

I’m not convinced the Yankees can overtake the Red Sox, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

If Judge and Sanchez are both hitting at the same time, the Yankees are a very scary team. If that’s the case, they really only need 2-3 of the remaining 7 guys to be solid to hang with the Astros and Indians offensively.

Have to start Sevvy in a must win game.

25 Their third order win pct has them 12 games better in any case

[17] In other words, if they had a reasonable record in those 1 run games, they’d have 90 wins by now.

Roll the dice with Tanaka. Still a favorite in that game, but maybe -130 instead of -145 with Severino on the hill. With that bullpen they can protect him if he gets homer happy early. Six shutdown innings out of Green/Robertson/Chapman/Betances is not inconceivable.

Give me the -145 with Severino.

I wouldn’t roll any dice in a do-or-die game.

What Would Joe Maddon Do?

[31] Throw Chapman 4 innings to start the game.

[32] THERE’S the gambling spirit that wins championships!

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