The Curse of Jerry Hairston, Jr./Eric Hinske:

Saturday, August 12, 2017 Yanks’ rally snaps Sox’s 8-winning streak

Silenced through seven innings in their most important game of the season, Aaron Hicks homered to spark a five-run rally that featured big hits by Didi Gregorius and Todd Frazier, stunning the Red Sox with a 5-4 victory on Friday that snapped Boston’s eight-game winning streak.

As the sellout Yankee Stadium crowd roared with playoff-level enthusiasm, Hicks drove a 3-2 Addison Reed pitch over the right-field wall to begin the comeback. Gregorius greeted Joe Kelly with a game-tying RBI single and Frazier blooped a run-scoring single that gave New York its first lead of the evening.
Ronald Torreyes added a sacrifice fly and Aroldis Chapman recorded his 15th save despite walking the bases loaded in the ninth as the Yankees (61-53) trimmed their deficit in the American League East to 3 1/2 games behind the Red Sox (64-50).

I know that every single one of us presumed that what happened was what was going to happen in this game. None of us had ANY doubts whatsoever.

What a freakin’ win. They really need to get Chapman some work. Rusty Chapman suuuuuuuuucks.

Huge game tomorrow with Sale looming on Sunday night. Let’s hope that Sevy comes through.

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Watching the replay of the game and seeing Didi celebrate with Tony Pena, how in the fuck does NO ONE ever give Tony Pena a job?!!?

In a league filled with Hispanic players, one of the most respected Hispanic coaches, who earlier was not only a Manager but a MANAGER OF THE YEAR award-winning manager, and who is the top coach for one of the most famous teams in baseball (who win every year) can’t get a job? It’s not cool.

Anthony Marchand had some douchey tweet like, “Oh, so NOW people like Aaron Hicks. A far cry from last year.” What the fuck does that even mean? “Oh man, it’s so lame when people like a player better when he plays really well as opposed to when he played terribly.”

1. Discrimination in MLB hiring is an immense problem, but Pena resigned from the Royals under vague circumstances during a terrible season. (And they were always terrible back then) That always seemed to be the mark against him. I think the lack of mimorities in front offices is just as significant a problem. As enthusiastic as baseball gets over youth programs to groom players, I wonder if they are as excited to develop scouting and analytical talent with internship programs. These changes are possible. Pena not being given a second chance to manage is noticeable. But Kim Ng not getting a GM job is equally if not more so indicative of the issue.

2. Off Twitter for now. Couldn’t take it anymore for reasons like that. So many trolls, professional and freelance.

They had a flukey winning season in Pena’s first full year there (when he won the Manager of the Year Award) but yeah, then they lost over 100 games the next year and when it looked like they were going to do it again the following year, he quit when they were 8-25. So yeah, I guess I can see the argument that you don’t want a guy who quits on a team like that.

I still think he should get another shot and if he were white, he probably WOULD have, but it’s a fair point nonetheless.

The Yankees currently have an 8 man bullpen. Chapman’s ERA ranks 7th, only ahead of Bryan Mitchell.

Going to the game tonight.  Only my second time at DNYS, this time in the “cheap” seats.  Wish me luck!

4. I could see him managing the Yankees in a pinch as a transition guy if Girardi ever unexpectedly left (which would probably only happen if the Cubs job unexpectedly was available)

6. Godspeed. The game is at 4 not at 7 though, in case you weren’t being facetious by saying tonight.

[7]  Thanks, I should have said “afternoon.”

2 Any other outfielders fit the bill?

From RAB
Red Sox win probability if Nunez is safe: 31.3%
Red Sox win probability if Nunez doesn’t tag up and stays at second: 28.1%
Red Sox win probability when Nunez was thrown out: 6.4%

So NuneEE was laying over 4-1

Tanaka to the DL with a sore shoulder. Not great.

Yankees are not allowed to feel good about the season for even 24 hours.

[11] efffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Yep, Tanaka with shoulder “inflammation”.

[1] Why doesn’t Willie Randolph get another job?

Gallegos up for the moment. Probably see Chance Adams taking the Tanaka spot though.

16 Betting is Mitchell and/or Cessa unless desperation sets in.

[6] I have a friend who’s going to today’s game too. If you see her, say hi.

Stop pitching this guy low and in. OK ?

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