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Thursday, August 3, 2017 Yanks’ bats go quiet for Tanaka in rainy finale

A Tigers starter kept the Yankees’ lineup quiet for the second game in a row as Jordan Zimmermann tossed seven shutdown innings in Detroit’s 2-0 win on Wednesday at Yankee Stadium.

Zimmermann was hitting his spots for much of the afternoon, and the Yankees’ only real scoring chances came in the third and in the sixth innings. He was removed after the seventh inning due to the second rain delay of the day. Play resumed at 8:01 p.m. ET after a three-hour and 11-minute delay, which Yankees right-hander Dellin Betances followed with the sixth immaculate inning in franchise history.

You know things are bad when even the headlines can’t find a way to spin it into a good result. Like, no “Valiant Yankees come up just a little bit short” or anything like that.

By the way, it was good to see Betances pitch very well last night, but the idea of an Immaculate inning is way overblown when Ivan Nova and Brendan McCarthy both have one, as well.

Sonny Gray is going to be shocked tonight when he sees how little run support he will have against Corey Kluber.

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What the hell is an Immaculate inning?

Also, they can’t score off of bad pitchers so they will surely get to Kluber by the 5th inning tonight.

I think its got something to do with Franco Harris.


Post ASB Yankees hitting 248/313/408 722 and rank 17th in OPS averaging slightly over 4 runs a game, pre ASB 264/344/450 794 and ranked 3rd.  What does the future hold Aaron, Matt?

I don’t think Judge was going to OPS 1200 for the entire year.  I think most expected a correction and it wasn’t going to be pretty. 

I think he recovers to not horrible and finishes out the season with top-5 offensive year.  Though beating out one of Houston’s three legit MVP candidates plus Trout will take some doing…

I don’t know. There was a lot of talk about him being an unusual physical case and maybe that was just who he is. Maybe he gets back to that and this slump is just a blip on the radar behind us.

6 Wow what a great article and so very sad.  Many don’t remember that at his best he was terrific and overall no worse than average. I didn’t know that he was a pioneer in allowing Japanese players to play here.  George’s sliming of him and others was unforgivable. The pressure to succeed is intense and failure can weigh heavily. For every Ralph Branca and Buckner I wonder how many Donnie Moore’s there are.  Wikipedia has a page of 82 who have committed suicide and for every one of those there are probably many whose life devolved into a downward spiral of alcoholism.

Eh. Was Fat Pussy Toad worse than Mr. May? Worse than apologizing for the ‘81 series? George was an entertaining blowhard, but players and coaches knew what came with the territory.

I said sliming of him and others. And I don’t think George was very entertaining except on Seinfeld.

[5] I am in the camp that thinks Judge will resume mashing HRs more regularly.  I see him right now as kind of “in between” at the plate, where he is taking pitches he should crush and chasing more than he should.  Just a mental thing right now, and because he has shown the ability to control the strike zone pretty well for the first half of the season I imagine he can get his head straight at some point this month.  Every ML player goes through slumps, and its just something he will learn to cope with. 

[7] IIRC, Irabu was the best pitcher in the AL in May of 1998.  I also recall seeing him pitch against the Orioles later that season after the Benetiz brawl and he was definitely buzzing some of the O’s batters, both up & in and making them dance in the box by throwing at their knees.  I certainly did not dislike him at all and I think other pitchers got less scrutiny for subpar performances on those late 90’s teams.

Irabu’s story is a tragic one.  The best game I’ve ever seen pitched live was a four-inning rained-out start by Irabu against the Tigers.  He struck out eight in four innings and was throwing gas and Detroit couldn’t touch him.

NY Times: BASEBALL; Rain Knocks Out Fine Start by Irabu

He had the talent to be one of the best pitchers in baseball, but it wasn’t meant to be.  I’ll always remember him as part of the best baseball team I’ll ever see, the 1998 Yankees.

I remember that. I have seen two perfect games, though…

Not related to Irabu, I think this is one of the best games of that 98 season:

I was watching it in a bar and the bartender was arguing the Yankees had to come back down to earth at some point, while my friends & I were suggesting that maybe this 98 team is just really fucking good.  (This particular bar used to stay open on any given night until 4 am for the locals only… those were the days)

Clemens game against Seattle was offhand the best I can remember.

No Holliday, no Todd tonight, Gary DH.

Sounds promising, actually

So Romine is healthy enough to play? Neat! I wonder what the Yankees are going to do with their open 40-man spot?

I was hoping they would call up McKinney to take some of Holliday’s AB’s. Why not? He’s on fire down at Scranton and could probably even fake a couple starts at first base until the calvary comes back.

Oops no Judge also missed that. Didi hitting 3rd.

Going house money vs. Kluber? Welcome to your run support, Sonny.

Judge, support? Where have you been? wink

Hey, he’s due. Just like I’m due to cash a ticket on a horse race or win a hand at poker.

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