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Friday, January 18, 2013

USA Today: Yankees’ A-Rod cartilage damage minimal

NEW YORK (AP) — A person familiar with the diagnosis says Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez was found to have relatively minimal cartilage damage in his left hip during surgery this week.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity Thursday because the team did not make that detail public.

Dr. Bryan Kelly of the Hospital for Special Surgery, who operated on A-Rod on Wednesday, said last week the extent of cartilage damage was a concern and could not be determined before the operation.

From what I’ve read, this was a major concern with Rodriguez’s injury so it’s good to see that the damage was not severe. 

In other news, Chamberlain, Yankees agree to one-year deal

NEW YORK (AP)—Reliever Joba Chamberlain and the New York Yankees have agreed to a one-year contract worth $1,875,000, avoiding salary arbitration.
Chamberlain returned Aug. 1 after being sidelined for 14 months by elbow and ankle injuries. The 27-year-old right-hander went 1-0 with a 4.35 ERA in 22 games, striking out 22 in 20 2-3 innings.

His deal, which is not guaranteed, gives Chamberlain a raise of $200,000 and contains performance bonuses for games finished.

Joba doesn’t have to do much to be worth that contract.  With free agency looming after this season, a big year probably lands him elsewhere in 2014.  Actually, any year probably does unless he’ll take the MLB minimum.

This leaves David Robertson and Boone Logan as the only unsigned arbitration-eligible guys.  I think they’ll sign both before going to arbitration, which they haven’t done since 2008.

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I am bored and dyspeptic.

The Chamberlain deal isn’t guaranteed?

I don’t think that’s unusual for pre-free agency deals.  Arbitration awarded contracts aren’t guaranteed either, I don’t think.  If a player gets cut in spring training he only gets some pro-rated amount.

[1] Take ganja with bismuth subsalicylate.  Print off this page and give it to the nurse at the desk on the way out.  Sorry, we don’t take credit cards.  Have a great day!  Don’t forget your hat.

I’m glad Colin is my doctor.

Great game (bulls/celtics.) can’t stand KG.

I can guarantee one thing about Joba. He will disappoint us, and I will over-react. That might be two guarantees, but still. The former is debatable, the latter is a lock.

Also, I’m a well documented sucker for novelty coins, and would totally buy one of these if it added to our clickcount here.

[8] Aye aye. A larger than life enemy during my childhood (for a pretty wee fella) His O’s really put a hurting on the Yanks back in the 70’s.

Enemy, but I couldn’t help liking the guy.

Agreed.  I liked Weaver and those Orioles teams, even if they did put a hurtin on us.  Weaver invented the three-run homer and the managerial ejection, the latter of which he excelled at.

Damn, now - Stan the Man!
What the hell is going on?
RIP, Stan, you truly were the Man.

I’m thinking: get Yogi to a hospital now, just in case.
Just in case.

RIP Stan the Man.

Don Stanhouse died?

Mr. 1 for 3. Almost every day, for 20+ years. That is amazing.

[15] Too soon?

Looking through Musial’s BR page, I only have one question: How did Jim Konstanty win an MVP award?

[18] Joe Poz mentioned that in one of his posts the other day. The beginning of the true closer era I guess.

In memory of the Earl of Ballamore, I give you this:
Have you guys heard this? I’ve managed to miss it until now. Described here:,0,2772232.column

[7]  Pin, SG’s mathematical analysis and your irrational Joba hate are what keeps me going.

[21] Just wait til I get my cracks at Pineda…

I’m still traumatized by the future vision of seeing Youkilis in stripes.

You know it’s bad when Pin has developed pretraumatic stress syndrome.

I thought Pineda already had plenty cracks?

[25] I’m very fragile.

I had the pleasure of being at the Pats game tonight. An altercation broke out in the bathroom between a Ravens fan and a Pats fan which I immediately (no idea why) got in the middle of. I escorted the Ravens fan out assured him that not everyone is an asshole. I have no idea what happened and I don’t care. As I returned to my place in line, several Pats fans were jabbing back and forth about the situation and I tried to alleviate the stress. When I finally got back in line, several “Pats fans” assured me that I was the asshole and that I needed to shut the fuck up.

#1 This would not happen in Yankee stadium. I know it is a horrible place and exists only for profit, but I have never had multiple “fans” tell me I’m an asshole for breaking up a fight between opposing factions.
#2 I was there for the Patriots, but SSS and alcohol be damned, fuck all of that. I’m not upset that they lost. I know why I hate that state and all I’ve learned is to embrace the hate. We tailgated with some really nice people and it was basically what you’d expect, but inside the stadium was a different story. The sense of entitlement to being a fan of that team is just uncanny.

I hate the Ravens and I won’t even get into the ridiculousness that is Ray Lewis when it comes to being a hero when Michael Vick is a villain, but I’m going with the Giants from here on out. At least New York assholes are respectable. I hope.

tldr: Fuck the Pats. Go Eli. Ray Lewis is still a murdering asshole.

[28] Excellent comment, even though I haven’t followed football since the I guess 1970s.

[28] I am a Giants fan, but I’ve been to maybe six or so Pats games, for business reasons.  At a couple of them, the “Yankees suck” cheer broke out.  Need I say more?

[28 & 30] My fiancee has the weird distinction of being both a Patriots and Yankees fan.  I (a Giants fan) try hard to root for the Patriots for her.  It’s VERY hard.  Especially when she tells me the refs have it out for them (Brady’s leg-kick is a 15 yeard penalty for any other QB in the league).  But even she admits that for the most part, Boston fans are 2nd worst in the world.

Fortunately rooting for the Patriots the other day was easy, as I hate Baltimore.

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